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1.no--toxic ,breathable ,mothproof ,anti-bacteria ,eco-friendly .

2.original manufacturer with good quality and cheaper price .

3.many colors and function product for you choose .

4.good service and timely delivery .


Medical supplies(15-80g/square meters)

Agricultural harvest fabric(15-70g/square meters)

Rice seedlings floppy disk(30-40g/square meters)

Agriculture wood greenhouses(100-160g/square meters)

Car interior materials(80-100g/square meters)

Geotechnical fabric(150-200g/square meters)

Waterproof material(40-85g/square meters)

Industrial fabric(40-85g/square meters)

Tourism products(90-150g/square meters)

Daily civil products(90-150g/square meters)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

rolls with paper tube and pack with polybag

Delivery Detail:

Within 15 days


1.100% polypropylene
2.Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Anti-Static, Anti-Bacteria
3.Good quality,avaliable price

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Q:Carpet Burn?
Yes there is a solution~Buy an area rug and cover it! Or if your really brave and have some extra carpet left over, take a utility knife and cut the area of material out that was burned. Use the area of carpet you cut out as your 'template to cut the new piece of rug out. Hot glue the new piece in place. Purchase a good quality glue stick at your local hardware store (not the craft quality glue sticks). Also check with your carpet installer, they will also do the repair by removing the spot and bond it in place.
Q:Why so many Americans use carpets instead of hardwood floors ?
Hardwood floors are more common in houses and building built I'd say around 50 years ago. A lot of the housing and apartments are fairly newer so they just put down carpet. My guess is because when they build an apartment complex it's much cheaper. The smell that you're not used to may be the shampoo or cleaner they used to clean the carpet. I'd think the smell will go away after a while.
Q:how do u remove crazy glue on carpet?
i know you can use paint thinner when it gets on you and other surfaces. so you could possibly use it on carpet too.
Q:Carpet cleaning systems?
I think both are ok but You need best suggestion so Click on www.okorder.com. This is one of the best site of carpets.
Q:How to clean up the rubbish in the long haired carpet
After heavy snow, put blanket on clean snowfield, and beat both sides with s stick, then you are able to remove most of the dirts.
Q:Lakeville Carpet Cleaner?
Custom okorder.com
Q:Stain in carpet?
I'm sorry that I do not have personal insite into helping you! Good luck! 030408 3:19
Q:my puppy is allergic to our rug and my parents wont remove the rug what should i do?
Clean the rug, ask your local Pet Marts for the best cleaner, it also helps with allergies, I have seen them in the store, sorry, don't remember the brand name right off. Then ask your vet for allergy pills for her....your parents should not have to remove their carpet, there are other solutions, and you could keep her in another room, but that would be said to shut her up alone.. but, when you all are gone, put her in your bedroom, so she won't be on the rug...this will help. good luck
Q:Carpet Fresh?
He may be allergic to it or it may be too strong for him to breathe. I use clorex wipes and then spray lysol. Does great with mine. Just make sure you wait a little bit after you spray, before putting the dog in.
Q:How much would it cost to redo my carpet?
The most you will probably pay if you can find a decent sale is 2-3 dollars per square foot materials and installed. This is a high estimate in my opinion, but and estimate nonetheless. 11*12=132*2=264 (132*3=396). I agree with trying to carpet shampoo first. Kind of pointless to replace carpet in only one room if you can shampoo it to a decent state.

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