Golden Crude Vermiculite Unexpanded Vermiculite

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1000 m.t./month
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Jumbo bag or depending on clent's requirements
Delivery Detail:After received deposit with in 15 days


1.Gold vermiculite raw 
3. Gold color 
4.Expansion rate:5.5-10times 
5.Own mine

Gold crude vermiculite



Expansion ratios:5.5-10times

Size:0.3-0.6mm, 0.65-1mm, 0.1-0.5mm, 0.3-1mm, 0.5-1.4mm, 1.5-2.5mm 1-2mm, 1.2-3.5mm, 2-4mm,4-8mm,etc





2.Delivery time ?

a)Within 7 days after receive your deposit

b)Samples prepared with in 2days after receive your express charges


As usual MOQ : one 20ft container

Sure if you have small require for MOQ, then we can send to you by air or by LCL ,then the MOQ no limit

4. Payment terms?

T/T:50% deposit and the balance by the Copy of B/L.

Irrevocable L/C also accept.

5. How is the charge for samples ?

We can send free samples to you,but you pay the express fee, but we will return to you when the first order.

6.Our advantage

Professional vermiculite manufacturer/own vermiculite mine /Advanced equipment/High qualityflexible/Competitive price/Professional sales team

Q:When i was a freshman in college we used to play volleyball in our room knocking the cottage cheese asbestos off of the ceiling. Sometimes the floor would be littered with it. Unfortunately at the time i did not know this was asbestos. We used to do this maybe 3 times a week or so. Id say about half the time our room was ventilated with windows open. I was in this room for 7 months.So im wondering how concerned should i be about getting lung cancer or Mesothamlimia. Ive read a bunch over the last week that you can get mesothalimia(sry spelling may be wrong) from 1-3 months exposure but theres not figures on how likely you are to get it. Does anyone have any thoughts on my chances of getting Mesothalimia or lung cancer? Thanks
youll be fine, it takes years of working around it everyday for you to have a problem
Q:She is gravid but she is not close to laying her next clutch of eggs yet. I have an egg laying box with vermiculite in the vivermiam. Her poop had shiny stuff from the vermiculite and then white stuff on the poop has yellow spots on it. Can she be constipated if she at the vermiculite? But why is she not eating her shed skin? SHE USED TO EAT IT BEFOREI also got a 5-6 year old male who also does not eat his skin but i helpe him shed. Why doesnt he eat it as well?
So long as she is shedding fine (there are no bits left on her face,vent or toes.) it's nothing to worry about. Some of my leopard geckos don't eat their shed. Or some leave some of it on the floor for me to clean up. Why not come join a small community of reptile and pet hobbyists where you can chat to like minded people, show off your pets, ask for advice or help regarding your pets, join in the competitions or just generally chat? www.petsandexotics .uk
Q:Vermiculite holds water very wellpeat holds water very wellDoes peat contain nutrients?if not, why is this mixture used, i mean i thought this medium is used because some seeds may develop during stratification but if these soilless medium doesnt contain nutrients why are they used?
Pink Buffalo is good. Inoculate rye and allow it to fully colonize. Then spawn to horse manure. If rye isn't available use wild birdseed with a high millet content. If manure isn't available then fruit from your substrate directly. Rye will work better than wbs though. Vermiculite will help make a casing layer but isn't necessary for a substrate because it has no nutritional value. The flushes will be good as long as they fruit in high humidity with plenty of fresh air.
Q:Not sure how long they‘ve been in there. She burried them quite well. My son was cleaning the cage and found them. Just wondering if there‘s even a chance of hatching. We‘ve had her for nearly a month now.she‘s been kept alone and we were told it was malelol
If you turned them, then they could be dead. Unlike bird eggs, reptile eggs cannot be rotated or they will die. There is no way to tell if they are alive. You can try incubating them. Get a small plastic container, fill it half way with vermiculite (available at garder department of many department stores or nurseries), and add distilled water or bottled drinking water until it is moist. Do not use tap water. Create a small depression on the vermiculate and put the eggs there. The depression will keep the egg from rotating. Put the cover on the plastic container and keep it on to keep out flies or ants. Keep the container at a rather constant 80-85 degrees. If the egg shell dents, then it needs more water. Add a little more water. One way to construct an incubation chamber is to fill half an aquarium with water, and keep it warm with a thermostatically controlled underwater heater and then float the egg container on the water. The eggs of many reptiles take about 2-3 months to hatch after being laid. Keep an eye on the eggs. If it starts to rot then it is dead. If it is dented again, add some more distilled or bottled drinking water.
Q:Which is good for insulation and sound insulation of glass wool and expanded vermiculite?
The insulation is currently promoting the building wall insulation technology, insulation package on the inner side of the main structure of the main structure to protect and extend the life of the building, effectively reduce the thermal bridge building structure, increase the effective space, improve the living comfort.
Q:Any suggestions or experiences?
Vermiculite is best for small fine seeds but yes it can be used for any seed but i wouldn't use it for say a sweetpea sized seed. I would stick to using it for small seeds (any) and seed compost for the bigger ones.
Q:how do you clone house plants?
Most plants, all you do is cut off a leaf and put it in some rooting media (Rootone, vermiculite, etc) and keep it warm and watered until roots appear, then plant it. Most of the time, you don't refer to this method of propogation for house plants, its commonly just called taking a cutting. When I hear 'cloning', its generally somebody trying to start a grow op for cannabis.
Q:we have lived here 9 years before they started ,my husband has been sick since they started
garden dirt, and a variety of flowers. You can buy garden dirt at Lowes.
Q:practice question from my textbook cant figure out when there is a lot of unknowns help pleaseA potting mixture contains 12.0% peat moss and 6.00% vermiculite. How much peat and how much vermiculite must be added to kg of this mixture to produce a new mixture having 15.0% peat and 15.0% vermiculite?
we have 0.12kg of P 0.06 kg of V in 1 kg of mixture firstly equalise the two by adding 0.06 kg of V we now have 1.06 kg of mixture with 0.12 kg of each let x kg more of each be needed, then (x+0.12)/(1.06+2x) 0.15 x+0.12 0.3x+0.159 0.7x 0.039 x .39/7 kg , x+0.06 .81/7 kg ans: .39/7 kg of P, .81/7 kg of V ------
Q:What dirt to use for bearded dragons eggs?
A combination of each of the soil types is the foremost way to prepare your soil. The best mixture is 40% sand, 20% clay, and 40% silt. However I think that the easiest way to do this is to buy the soil at your local hardware store or nursery. Walmart carries soil in the lawn and garden area. If you use your local nursery just let them know what you are doing and they will steer you in the right direction.

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