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Product Description:

1.H.S code:2530102000


2.Size:0.3-8mm 20-325mesh


3.Technique:raw and expanded


4.Golden or silver color





*Chemical formula M g × (H2O) [Mg3 × (AlSiO3O10) (H2O)]


*Technique :raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite


*H.S code of raw vermiculite:2530102000


*H.S code of expanded vermiculite :6806200000 


*Color :silver vermiculite ,golden vermiculite


*Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,exfoliated vermiculite ,vermiculite powder,vermiculite board


*Vermiculite features :Non-asbestos  ,water preservation,corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, poisonless, odorless, low


*Size :20-40mesh 0.3-1mm 1-2 mm 2-4 mm 3-6 mm 4-8 mm ,sepecial size we can do as customer's demands






































1>.Construction :lightwight material ,light aggregate concrete ,heat-resisting material,wall material,bora firproofing ,fire mortar,fireproofing tile

2>.Heat preservation and insulation:sound-absorbing material,surken pipe ,greenhouse pipe ,heat preservation material ,in-built material indoor and tunnel ,wall of public and ceiling

3>.Metallurgy :clad material in steel,ironmaking ,foundry,bulk material of vermiculite

4>.Horticulture :lawn of golf,seed preservation agent,soil conditioner ,wetting agent,plant growth substance,feed additive

5>.Fishing industry of ocean :bait

6>.Others :adsorbent ,filter aid,active carrier of chemicals and fertilizer,sewage disposal,oil adsorption of oceanmcigarette filters,regulate density od explosive

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Q:I would like to ask what 5% cement stabilized gravel base material with how to count?
Raw material basic requirements 11 for the secondary and secondary roads, cement stabilized soil used in coarse soil, medium grain soil, fine soil Should meet the following requirements: 1 cement stabilized soil used as the base layer, the maximum particle size of a single particle should not exceed 53mm ①, cement stabilized soil particle composition should be listed in Table 3
Q:What are the new building materials? The What is the role? The (detailed)
From the functional points, there are wall materials, decorative materials, doors and windows materials, insulation materials, waterproof materials, bonding and sealing materials, and its supporting a variety of hardware, plastic parts and various auxiliary materials
Q:World of Warcraft orange stick when the sand in the Oulton, seeking detailed coordinates
In addition to the coordinates of the downstairs that in addition to the Fairview Valley can also buy when the sand ... ... Jinlian teach daily pavilion by the side of the seven stars, there is a NPC, selling the previous version of the single gong toilet clip Pigeon plantation Wonderful material, including the sand.
Q:Sand and stone report what needs, no longer try how to test? speed. The The
Must be re-examination, must be reported (post-test to provide a multiple trial on it).
Q:Zisha black diamond material teapot, cup, there is no such material? Is this material expensive? What is this material? Find out!
Configuration imitation mud that are all flourishing, flowers contend, Tao are made mud people eat rice bowl, even know that probably will not and you said, hit the bowl of rice that thing is The person in charge that really understand the formula and can be allocated with such an old man, but with such a must be rare treasures of the raw materials, determined to be used to do what the cup, and match to do it is everyone's Ming pot
Q:Housing construction, the sand, sand, sand and the relationship between the difference
Sand is not sanding sand, which contains a lot of impurities, not directly for the project in the concrete, with the cement molecules can be combined to increase the diffusion of cement molecules, the formation of cement slurry, to enhance the hydration of cement fill the gap between the stone particles, together with the stone together to play a skeleton role, improve the density and strength of concrete has a certain role in the lubrication of concrete to improve the workability in the cement hydration process, effectively reduce the cement hydration heat, inhibit the physical and chemical reaction volume changes when the cracks in all kinds of mortar play a role in aggregate, and can effectively save cementing materials in the expansive soil, frozen soil and other poor soil layer as a cushion, played a protective role
Q:1: 2 of the cement mortar, which is the number of materials?
1: 2 cement mortar is made with 1 unit weight of cement and 2 units of weight sand, actually ignoring the composition of water, usually around 0.. that should be 1 (cement): 2 (sand): 0.6 (water) The By the cement, fine aggregate and water, as well as the need to join the lime, active admixture or admixture in the field of the mortar, divided into cement mortar and cement mortar. Generally speaking, 1: 3 cement mortar is used in 1 unit weight of cement and 3 units of weight sand, in fact, ignore the water composition, generally about 0.6 ratio, which should be 1: 3: 0.. the density of cement mortar 2000Kg / m3.
Q:Ground construction, the environmental temperature of each layer should be consistent with the technical requirements of what
the use of mixed with cement, lime and the laying of materials and the use of taste Bai degree of fat mixed with oil asphalt cement paste, should not be less than 5 ℃;
Q:I am a gravel transit business I would like to ask the customer to sell gravel need to pay any tax?
9) stipulates that general taxpayers sell their own production and production buildings Materials used by the sand, soil, stone, can choose to follow the simple method in accordance with the 6% levy rate to pay VAT
Q:Why do you want to use sand and soil and gravel soil after retaining wall
After the wall with the permeability of the soil, the purpose of the lack of old mines to sink some of the rogue is a rapid drainage, reduce the rain, the formation of water pressure on the back of the wall to promote the role. Retaining the wall to set the drain hole, also for this purpose. Laying the drain hole, and each layer of the drain hole to set the impermeable clay layer is to make the water column is not too high, to avoid the water column is too high to increase the water pressure on the wall to promote the role and thus endanger the stability of the retaining wall. Unfortunately, now rough workmanship. Behind the wall is basically filled. Drain hole is not set, or set, but the bottom of the bottom impermeable clay layer is not set, or chaos, the drain hole blocked. So now the retaining wall is basically poor quality, short life.
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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