golden yellow expanded/exfoliated vermiculite for agriculture

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In 12kg PP or PE bags for shipment.
Delivery Detail:Around 10-20 days after confirm the order.


golden yellow expanded vermiculite for agriculture/ horticulture 
Bulk density 105-115kg/m3 
Impurity 2-4% 
only TVA in Asia


Product Description



ColorGloden yellow

Non-combustible,natural refractory properties,low density,good thermal insulation,poisonless,corrosion-resistant,etc





BuildingLight weight materials of light weight concrete aggregate
Heat preservation heat insulationUnderground pipes,greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation material
MetallurgicalSteel and molten slag
Agriculture/horticultureSeed preservation agent,soil,wetting agents,plant growth regulators on the agent,feed additives
Sea fishingErbrium fishing

Packaging & Shipping

Expanded Silver Vermiculite

1, In 10kg PP/PE bag.

2, Shipment time: Around 7-20 days after confirm the order.

3, Quantity: 8MTs per 40'HQ container.


Our Services

 1, Prepare samples freely.

 2, Draw 20-40% samples to test quality for each shipment.

 3, Take pictures for customer's reference.

 4, Issue testing report for customer's custom clearance.

 5, Provide related techenical data sheet if necesarry.

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Q:My chinese water dragon has laid a clutch of eggs, can i just incubate the eggs in the soil they were.?
the female will take no part in incubating the eggs. She trusts the soil to do that for her. The soil would have to stay a constant temp for hatching water dragon eggs. The humidity has to stay fairly constant as well. As far as care for the eggs, don't turn them. When the egg is laid the embryo inside attaches to the egg wall. If you turn or tilt the eggs too much the baby inside drowns. I would find a good web site for hatching reptile eggs and follow the directions to the word. After so many weeks of the incubation length you might be able to candle the eggs.
Q:How to grow a date palm plant without vermiculite?
If the eggs are not pitting and they are all showing veins, they should be fine. Hatchlings can break through the shells of their eggs, they will have no trouble getting out of the vermiculite if they have to. The gray color should be fine as well. And I would not slit the eggs personally. Premature slitting can result in unfortunate decay in the egg. Until you have survived your first clutch I would just let things occur naturally. Observe first, then experiment :)
Q:this is about my res turtle mating thing?
Your male may not be so much interested in mating as he is in declaring dominance. RES have a reputation of being very territorial, especially in a too-small tank. You need a larger tank for them. The male could occupy a 40-gallon tank by himself but would soon outgrow it.
Q:How much water content should i have in my vermiculite for cactus seed incubation?
Q:i am trying to breed my corn snakes and were would she lay her eggs ?
Q:do i need an incubator to hatch panther chameleon eggs?
Panther chameleon eggs seem to tolerate a wide range of temperatures during incubation. These temperatures seem to influence the duration of incubation: from 180-365 days. In the incubator, the eggs should be kept in vermiculite with an average moisture of 0.7 parts water, and 1 part vermiculite. Too much moisture can cause egg bursting and death by suffocation. Incubation of panther chameleon eggs kept at the same moisture ratio stated earlier at a day-to-night fluctuation of 65°-78°F hatch in 7-10 months. If you can match these temperature and humidity conditions in your home, then there is no need for an incubator. To be safe, I would get one until you establish a breeding method that you feel 100% comfortable with, if you plan to continue breeding. If you incubate at about 72-73 degrees, you should see hatching between 8-10 months.
Q:What is the average cost to breed leopard geckos?
not too sure for snakes, but for my bearded dragon i used cactus soil. it was reccomended b/c the soil holds in moisture.
Q:Is vermiculite helpful to flowers?
Vermiculite is not a good thing. It does not contain any nutrients and easily atomized powder, after the soil has poor permeability, easy to cause rot. Usually it is only suitable for cutting.
Q:Can I put unfaced batt insulation (R30 Value) over old fluffy loose insulation in the attic?
ver·mic·u·lite [ vər míkyə lt ] noun Definition: a compound used in growing plants: a hydrous silicate of aluminum, magnesium, or iron. Source: altered basic rocks. Use: insulation, lubricant, growing medium in horticulture. Etimology: [Early 19th century. < Latin vermiculus little worm (see vermicular), because of the way flakes of it expand and writhe in long shapes when heated]
Q:Information On Red Eared Slider Turtle Eggs !!!!!!!?
1. Darker egg by itself does not mean much. Over time, the eggs should darken. 2. Signs of a bad egg are shrinking or shrivelling, and smell. As long as the egg is not doing this, incubate it. 3. Just as an FYI- if the eggs were laid in water, they are probably infertile. Also, if the eggs were turned or disturbed much the embro might have detached- a common problem when moving the very sensitive eggs. 4. Often, the first few clutches from a female are not very productive- infertile, bad, etc. This is OK- that she laid eggs at all is usually a good sign and she'll probably do it again.

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