golden yellow expanded/exfoliated vermiculite for agriculture

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In 12kg PP or PE bags for shipment.
Delivery Detail:Around 10-20 days after confirm the order.


golden yellow expanded vermiculite for agriculture/ horticulture 
Bulk density 105-115kg/m3 
Impurity 2-4% 
only TVA in Asia


Product Description



ColorGloden yellow

Non-combustible,natural refractory properties,low density,good thermal insulation,poisonless,corrosion-resistant,etc





BuildingLight weight materials of light weight concrete aggregate
Heat preservation heat insulationUnderground pipes,greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation material
MetallurgicalSteel and molten slag
Agriculture/horticultureSeed preservation agent,soil,wetting agents,plant growth regulators on the agent,feed additives
Sea fishingErbrium fishing

Packaging & Shipping

Expanded Silver Vermiculite

1, In 10kg PP/PE bag.

2, Shipment time: Around 7-20 days after confirm the order.

3, Quantity: 8MTs per 40'HQ container.


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Q:where can i get.?
I bought a big bag of VERMICALITE from a Garden shop in Blackwood Gwent UK, but all good Garden Centres should stock it.
Q:Do you think this will work for me?
Select an incubator that is wider than it is tall with side access. It should be large enough to hold the size and number of eggs the female laid. Place small plastic containers inside the incubator. Fill each container with three inches of damp vermiculite. The vermiculite should clump together when you squeeze it. Remove the eggs from the mother. Peel the eggs apart and separate them into small groups. Don't separate each individual egg. It's alright if some stick together. Nestle each group of eggs inside the small plastic containers in the incubator. Place the eggs about 1/3rd of their diameter deep in the substrate orient the eggs in the same direction the female deposited them. Don't put too many eggs in each container. Place heat tape, a heating pad or light bulbs inside the incubator. The temperature shouldn't vary by more than one or two degrees. Regulate the temperature inside the incubator with a thermostat. A proportional thermostat monitors the temperature of the heat source to maintain the set temperature. Run a small fan inside the incubator. Some parts of the incubator are warmer than others. The fan circulates the warm air throughout the incubator, maintaining the temperature balance. Monitor the humidity levels within the incubator. If the eggs partially collapse, add water to prevent further egg collapse
Q:Common Florida Snapping turtle eggs?
Keep them warm but not above 90 degrees F. Keep them moist but don't submerge them. Best set up is a platic box with vermiculite and water in equal amounts. Put eggs on top of vermiculite. If dents develop in the eggs in a few days, the egg is losing moisture and water must be added. Do not use tap water if it contains chloramine. Use bottled water if at all possible. Keep the container floating on top of a half-filled aquarium with an underwater heater and the thermostat set to about 85 degrees F. If weather gets too warm, put some ice cubes in the water to cool things down. Keep the lid covered so that flies cannot get in to lay eggs. Some flies can lay eggs and the larvae can burrow into the egg and eat the embryo. In a couple of months or perhaps a bit longer you will hopefully have some baby snappers.
Q:My Leopard Geckos Layed Eggs recently. Im not sure what kind of flooring to put them in, sand? WoodChips?
that sewer pipe junk technology will do nothing for you/the only thing it will do is mess up your gas mileage/you have efi system that is actually 3 systems /cold start/warm up and final run/the cold air junk keeps the first two on longer as the ecm trys to warm up the system/also no known tests show any advantage of that trash helping anything/some guys report getting water in them and thats engine by by time---water does not compress/save your money
Q:What are my chances of developing mesothelioma?
Are you talking about nesting material or incubation material. For nesting/humid box, I use bed-a-beast and spagnhum moss. For incubation, I use Hatchrite. It is available online and comes ready to use. Just open the bag, put it in a container, put the eggs in it, and incubate.
Q:i have a question about baby lizards?
you need to really specify what sort of lizard eggs they are. and if you flunf them in the wild then put them bac - as i cant see how you could just stumble across some without finding them outside - put them back ASAP
Q:I have 44 days old leopard gecko eggs and today I saw a dent in a side of one!! What should I do?
Most likely getting about ready to hatch. At the 80deg range they take a lil longer to hatch. Somewhere in the 45-60 day range. When they do get ready they will start to dent in and get small droplets of water on them. At that point they the baby can cut the egg with its egg tooth. Keep an eye on the sinking egg and make sure its not going bad. You can also VERY carefully take small flashlight (I use a key chain mag lite) and candle them to see if they have a red hue to them or yellow. Red is good yellow is infertile at later stage that is. When they are first lay ed they all appear to have a yellow hue until they get vascular formations. If the baby is getting ready to hatch you will also see them move inside the egg. Good luck!
Q:did there is any side effects for vermiculite insulation?
I thought white button mushroom, I assume the common one sold in stores, is grown on some kind of compost. There may be recipes using those but it should be substitutable with compost.
Q:How do I plant a habanero plant?
I thought they just hated working on their own It's kinda like bringing your work home with you. : P
Q:is cork, cellulose or vermiculite?
Have you tried Vermiculite or Perlite for substrate? the beauty of this, is when they poop, you can just scoop it up. I think you find with coconut husks, if your beardy dont eat all the crickets/locust ect, they can hide well down beneath it. I tried sand and it was just to messy, but the vermiculite is great for cleaning and it looks nice as well.

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