Fire Proof Clear Borosilicate Float Glass 4.0 with thickness 2mm-19mm

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Item specifice

Borosilicate Glass
Max Size:

1. Description:

Borosilicate glass, also known as high borosilicate  glass, is known as the "King of Glass". Its main  component is about 80% silicon oxide and about  10% boron oxide. At this time, both silicon  oxide and boron oxide can basically form microtetrahedrons. Framework (the more the micro  tetrahedral framework in the glass is, the greater  the ionic bond force will become, contributing to a  more stable performance), the other is about 5% of  stable oxide and about 5% of flux.


tempered glass 


can make as customers request

Glass Type

Tempered Glass

place of origin





Meet customer's personal requirement


clear blue green bronze grey pink


600*800 2200*1650 2440*1830 3300*2140 3660*2140 3660*2440


Wooden box


Acid Etched Glass, Bulletproof Glass, Decorative Glass, Insul

2. Actual measured parameters of Borosilicate Glass:

3. Main features:

4.  Advantage

Float Glass is superior in quality when compared to other flat glass and has the unique characteristics of excellent surface finishing, flatness, uniform thickness, high optical quality and bright appearance. The float process was invented in 1952.

Float technology has rapidly replaced plate and sheet facilities worldwide in recent decades. Float glass derives its name from the float process used where the molten glass floats on the top of molten tin.

5. Application Area:  Can be used in fireproof curtain walls, partition walls, platforms, day lighting roofs, smoke-proof vertical walls, railings, doors and windows, elevator shafts, rail transit platform screen doors, rail locomotive doors and windows and other fields. Equipped with water spray, it can be used to replace Class A insulation type fireproof glass system, which can be widely used in building atrium, pedestrian street fireproof glass and building fireproof partition.

6. Engineering Case

Borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass

1. Name: Xiongan train station

2. Max.size: 4000*2200mm

3. Glass structure: laminated, hollow


Borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass

1. Name: Shenzhen airport

2. Max.size: 3585*1915mm

3. Glass structure: laminated


Borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass

1. Name: Shanghai Center Building 

2. Max.size: 2694*1215mm

3. Glass structure: monolithic


More Applications: 

7. Process:

8. Packing and Shipping: 

All the glass will pack in strong export plywood crates, and load in container strong firmly, to make sure safety delivery.

9. Test Report:

10. Company Brief

11. FAQ:

Q1:What’s your MOQ?

A: Generally, there is 2 tons for MOQ ,   CNBM will  give you more discount if quantity more.


Q2:Can you send me some samples to check your quality?

A:Sure, CNBM Glass could send the free samples (except special deep processing glass) for you any time. we will refund the courier charge for you once we start business.


Q3:What's the fast production time you can do?

A: It depends on the quantity of building glass you need. Normally it takes 15-45 days after drawing confirmed.


Q4:How can you make sure the glass won't broken during transportation?

A: For all the glass from our factorywe will pack them into strong export plywood crates and load the crates into container with metal belt as stable as possible. If unfortunately by accident, the glass broken, we will have insurance to cover the risk, because for all the glass from our company, we will purchase the insurance to cover all the risk for customers freely.


Q5:How can i get the best price?

In order to offer our best price for you, please send all the details as below for us:

a. what size and thickness of clear float glass/tempered glass/laminated glass are you looking for?

b. How about the approximate quantity?

c. Do you have any special requirement like drill holes, cut notches,cutouts, acid etched, silkscreen?

d. When do you need those glass?

Q:How do I see whether the raw material of tempered glass is made of float glass or standard glass?!
Float glass surface flat, good brightness, no tumor and bubble (less).The surface of the lattice is not very smooth, and the ripples can be seen from the side. Uneven thickness
Q:What is quartz made of?
4, the construction of concrete, cementitious materials, road test material physical properties of materials, artificial marble, cement (cement standard sand) 5, chemical silicon compounds and water glass and other raw materials, sulfuric acid tower filler, amorphous silica powder 6, the main raw material of mechanical sand casting, grinding materials (sand, hard abrasive paper, sandpaper, emery cloth etc.)
Q:What is glass fiber reinforced nylon?
GFR-nylon adds a certain amount of nylon resin in glass fiber reinforced plastic (FR-PA) and can be divided into long glass fiber reinforced nylon coating prepared (fiber and plastic particles equal, generally about 10mm) and the short cut fiber after mixing, or continuous fiber guide short glass fiber into double screw extruder continuous shear mixing of reinforced nylon (glass fiber length of about 0.0.7mm. 2.) belongs to the nylon polyamide amine in its main chain. Amino is polar, due to the effects of hydrogen bonding and attract each other. So the nylon easy to crystallize, can be made into high strength fibers. Polyamide as translucent cuticle toughness or white crystalline resin, often made of cylindrical pellets for polyamide plastic with molecular weight ranging from 15 thousand to 20 thousand.
Q:The main raw material for the impact of float glass cost?
About the 70% main components of float glass is silica, the main raw material is corresponding to the sandstone or silica sand (sand), the raw material price level will seriously affect the glass manufacturing cost.
Q:How can the invisible gauze of screen window increase its pressure resistance (glass fiber material)?
There's no problem with fiberglass mesh.
Q:How to seal the glass fiber reinforced plastic mould?
Considering the type of FRP mould surface is different from the rubber mold so complicated, is generally flat front, so it is recommended to do a Z type mold, pre buried iron screws for back. As long as the screw is properly distributed, it will not leak. Can again, in the mold a good brush coat, also a little gel in the mold parting surface, or glass glue or strips of clay on a concave groove (note the hardness of sludge in winter). The old mold leaks in detail and the sludge is blocked.
Q:Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a new type of composite material. What is the raw material?
Glass fiber reinforced plastics have the advantage of high strength:Ordinary glass is a brittle material of low strength. If fused glass is made into very fine glass fiber, its properties change greatly. Glass fibers are soft and can even be woven into cloth. At the same time, the thinner the glass fiber, the higher its strength. The strength of GRP can be compared to that of reinforced concrete. In reinforced concrete, the main force to bear external force is steel, but concrete is indispensable, it will bond the steel as a whole, not only gives the building components in a definite shape, but also increase the strength. In glass fiber reinforced plastics, glass acts as reinforcing steel, while bakelite acts as concrete. The combination of the two makes glass fiber steel an amazing strength.Glass fiber reinforced plastics not only has high strength, but also has excellent corrosion resistance, thus becoming an important corrosion-resistant material. Lead, once a corrosion resistant metal material, is resistant to sulfuric acid, which is highly corrosive. The reason is that the formation of Pb and concentrated sulfuric acid to dissolve lead sulfate, become a kind of protective film on the surface of the dense metallic lead, so the chemical reaction kettle and lead lined pipes used, can also be used for enamel liner. If fiberglass is used, the corrosion resistance meets the requirements. Also used for glass steel valves, pumps, fans, suitable for the transport of corrosive liquid tank car and train tanker, waste acid waste liquid pool in the village and a large area in the storage tank, chemical plant production storage corrosive liquid corrosion on the ground. The corrosion of petroleum is also very strong, and glass fiber reinforced plastics can be used instead of steel pipes to make oil pipelines and oil trucks, which greatly saves the steel.
Q:Is acrylic organic glass?Which is more expensive, acrylic or plexiglass?
Acrylic has high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, a "plastic crystal" reputation. And has excellent weather resistance, especially in outdoor applications, among other plastic crown, and with good surface hardness and luster, processing and plasticity, can be made into various required shapes and other types of sheet products. There are rich colors (including the translucent shade guide), the other is characterized by thick still maintain a high level of transparency.
Q:Is glass a recyclable resource?
Glass ceramic material: glass ceramics, hard texture, high mechanical strength, chemical stability and good thermal stability. But at present, the cost of traditional materials used in glass ceramics is higher. Glass ceramics made from float process and fly ash from power plants have been used to replace glass ceramics to produce glass ceramics successfully.
Q:How do you make the glass, please? What is the raw material?
You can melt the sand and then try to remove the magazine and turn it into glass.

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