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I have a aluminium boat and want to put a fish finder on it but if i drill holes for the sensor wont it leak?
Knitting board? A common brand is Knifty Knitter.
Rectangular sheet of aluminum foil is 50cm long aand 20cm wide and weighs 5.4gramsWhats the thicnkness in cm?
Volume length X width X height Density mass/volume Density of aluminum is 2.7g/Cm^3 2.7g/cc5.4g/v2cm^3 2cm^3 50 X 20 x H 1000H 2 H 2/1000 or .002cm
Aluminum has a density of 2.70g/cm^3What is the mass of a rectangular block of aluminum measuring 11.1 cm by 22.2 cmby 32.3 cm?The answer is 21.5 kg, but how do you figure the problem out to get the answer? I know Dm/v, so 2.7g/cm^3 m/v that is as far as I can getThank you for your help.
Find the volume of the block of aluminum by multiplying its dimensions together: 11.1 cm X 22.2 cm X 32.3 cm 7959 cm^3 Then, multiply the density by the volume to get the mass: 2.70 g/cm^3 X 7959 cm^3 21490 g Finally divide that by 1000 to convert grams into kilograms and round to 3 significant figures to get 21.5 kg.
Photons with a frequency of 3000000000000000 Hz shine on a piece of aluminum (work function 4.1 eV)What is the energy of the ejected electrons? in JoulesWhat is the de Broglie wavelength of the ejected electrons? in nm.I am pretty much lost on how to do thisI cant find it anywhere in my book.
It's best to use standard form for large numbers, so f 3x10^15Hz (3 and 15 noughts)Work out energies in joulesThe photon energy, E hf 6.63x10^-34 x 3x10^15 1.99x10^-18 J The work function 4.1eV 4.1 x 1.6x10^-19 6.56x10^-19 J The photon energy is used to knock the electron out and any left over energy is given as KE to the electronThis gives Einstein's photoelectric equation: Photon energy (work function) + (KE of electron) KE (Photon energy) - (work function) 1.99x10^-18 - 6.56x10^-19 1.33x10^-18J This is the maximum KE of the electrons, as they can lose some of it on the way out, bumping into atomsSo max KE of electrons 1.33x10^-18J deBroglie wavelength is given by h/mv (mv is momentum, pmv), so we need electron's speed Since KE mv^2/2, v sqrt(2KE/m) sqrt (2x1.33x10^-18 / 9.11x10^-31)) 1.71 x 10^6m/s deBroglie wavelength h/mv 6.63x10^-34 / (9.11x10^-31 x 1.71x10^6) 4.3x10^-10m Multiply by 10^9 to change to nm, giving 0.43nm.
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inside diameter of 13mm and outside diameter of 16.5mm
1.) use a magnet cause iron filings are magnetic but aluminum isnt 3.) a filter that allows sand to pass through, but gravel would be too big to pass through 3use acetonepolystyrene dissolves in acetone but not sand4.) get a bunch of antsants will eat and take the sugar, but leave the salt5heat themalcohol vaporizes at a lower temperature than water6 ol them down to below -183 degrees C; oxygen turns a liquid but nitrogen stays as a gas
You have been given a 12.0 inch X 12.0 inch square of aluminum foil that cost $2.89 for the roll of aluminum foilThe total area of the aluminum foil is 6.96 square metersCalculate the cost per atom of aluminumYou need to use Avogadro's number.
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I need to attach a aluminum disk to a electric motor shaft, but this has me stumped the shaft is 7]16 and not completely round has a flat end something like the letter quot;D How is this shaped made in metal?
You would need to mount a bushing to the plateThe bushing would have a 7/16 hole with a set screw that would lock down onto the flat side of the shaft.