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I dont know how :o( they always taste funny when i make themAnd it's soooo messy!
definite you're able to do this yet OSB board or particle board is extra value-effective than plywoodThe puzzling question- is there a brilliant adequate establishing to get sheets up there? If no longer shrink it in smaller desktops.
Write an equation for the volume of the drum in terms of the radius.Can someone help me with this question? What are they asking for, and how do we solve?
What are they asking is a good questionSpecifying that the top is open sort of suggests that the bottom is not, so the aluminum to make the bottom needs to be considered as well as the cylinder's tube pieceAnd that yields different answers depending on whether you can use the 1 m^2 of aluminum in any way you want to as long as it sums to 1 m^2, or if you're stuck cutting the bottom circular piece out of a sheet of aluminum that's actually one meter by one meter, and you have to use only what's left for the tube, without melting it down and reforming itAssuming you get to use whatever totals to 1 m^2: SA 2 pi r h + pi r^2 1 m^2 Solve the surface area for h in terms of r, because we can substitute that into the volume formula to give volume in terms of r alone2 pi r h + pi r^2 1 2 pi r h 1 - pi r^2 h (1 - pi r^2) / 2 pi r V pi r^2 h V pi r^2 (1 - pi r^2) / 2 pi r V r (1 - pi r^2) / 2 V (r - pi r^3) / 2
Is there a good way to cook corn on the cob in the oven if you're out of aluminum foil?
I went to a party and the hostess did this: she lined a sheet pan with huge lettuce leaves and then placed the eggs on top of the lettuce, thus keeping them from sliding all over the placeit worked great.
a.Pure Gold b.14-karat gold with copper addedc.Chocolate milk d.A cast-iron frying pane.An MM cookie from Starbucksf.Carbon Dioxide – formula is CO2g.Tap Water containing chlorine to kill bacteriah.Graphite – all carbon atomsi.Diamond – all carbon atomsj.Neon – a colorless, odorless gask.Aluminum foill.Brass – a blend of zinc and copper, melted and mixed togetherm.Sucrose – pure sugar, sweet, sticky, dissolves in water, chemical formula is C12H22O11n.Table salt – a white crystalline solid, formula is NaCl
As a rule, rayon is not a stretchy yarnYou can do what people do for cotton socks, and work a thin elastic thread with the yarn for the top, where ribbing would beThat helps to keep it upJust don't pull the elastic tight when you knit! You can also make slouchy ankle socks with a ruffle, which takes advantage of the shiny-ness of rayon yarn.
I am going to be smoking weed wednesday nightI had an idea of smoking out of my clarinet mouthpeice as a pipeI don't want lectures on weed or smoking out of anything homemade because it's this or a foil pipeWill ABS plastic be worse to smoke out of or better than an aluminum foil pipeI just want that question answered nothing elseNo points to any other answerI did research and ABS plastic seems like it could be good or badJust answer that one questionAlso, WILL ABS PLASTIC HARM METhats all im looking forI havent used the clarinet in 10 years so dont tell me ill ruin it cuz i dont careJust answer questions with facts
Use HDPE foam (high density polyethylene) - possibly with a layer of aluminum foil sandwiched in betweenIt's also waterproof (polystyrene isn't).
I'm having problems in these hard economic timesI have a crappy job and a few child support payments and need to cut down on everyday costsWould saran wrap, freezer bags or aluminum foil be the best replacement for condoms? I can't afford to keep paying for hundreds of condoms a month.
i always preferred just telling the girl i was using one and notwomen will fall for anything (usually twice)what are they gonna do, just have the kid out of spite? bitches like that have no class at all
Will a lazy susan bearing be able to work vertically?
Lazy Susan bearings are not designed to support the kind of torque that would pry the ball bearings out of their racewaysTo properly answer your question I would need to know the horizontal distance from the bearing to the center of gravity, the precision of deflection in thousandths of an inch, if there is high speed rotation going on, and the expected life in terms of total number of revolutionsI would also need a full set of specifications of the bearing itselfBut from your incomplete description, I would guess that the bearing would probably hold the load and have reasonable lifeBut it's just a guess.
Does using aluminum foils make the food cooked more evenly? How did people bake before aluminum foil was invented?
Yes it does also helps keep the outside from burning or charingHistory shows that people used to ( and still do in some areas) cook in damp palm leaves or other dampened plant leavesThe moisture actually helps to steam the food cooking.