expanded vermiculite for agriculture

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Packaging Detail:50L or 100L per bag
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1.Color:golden,silver vermiculite 
2.Size:2-4mm 3-6mm6-12mm 
4.We have manufacture experience over 10 years



1.In color,vermiculite can be indevided into silver vermicultie and golden vermiculite 

2.Type:raw vermiculite ,partially expanded vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

3.Size:20-40mesh 40-60mesh 150mesh 200mesh 325mesh 400mesh 0-30um 0.3-0.65mm0.65-1mm0.3-1mm1-2mm, 2- 4mm3-6mm4-8mm

4.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 

5.Bulk density after expansion :90-270kgs/m3 

6.Sample is free within 1kgs 

7.Vermiculite quality certificate:MSDS ,SGS ,non-asbestos testing report ,chemicals testing report 


product information :


Vermiculite, chemical formula M g × (H2O) [Mg3 × (AlSiO3O10) (H2O)], is a magnesium water inclouded aluminum silicate 

secondary metamorphic minerals of layered structure. It likes mica in form, and usually come from weathered or hydrothermal 

alterated black (gold ) Mica. It will present a deflection shape after heat expansion and water loss, liking a leech pattern in form ,

 so it gets the name vermiculite .


Vermiculite features 


Raw vermiculite will be expanded to many times when heated at 850-1100 °C, 


poisonless, odorless , corrosion-resistant, Non-combustible , natural refractory properties , Good thermal insulation , low density , Heat-resistant ,sound-proofing .fire-proofing etc .



Vermiculite chemical :











Content %











Main Property of Expanded Vermiculite


Bulk Density


Thermal Conductivity




Temperature in Use


Water Absorption




Sound Absorption


Corrosion Resisting







The parcicle size has no change,when it is freezed 15 times under -20°C.





Raw vermiculite is widely used for Foundary Insulation and Steel Industry

Expanded vermiculite is used in various industries as a packing material due to its highly absorbent nature. It is also a lightweight 

aggregator for plaster, proprietary concrete, compounds, fire stop mortar and cementious spray fireproofing. It can also be used as

 loose fill insulation and can be molded into shapes, bonded with cement and other bonding materials for insulation, refractory 

insulation, fireproofing of structural steel and pipes industries. Exfoliated vermiculite is also widely used as a component of the

 interior fill for fire stop pillows, and is also used in commercial hand warmers. 


Vermiculite is used for Horticulture :lawn of golf,seed preservation agent,soil conditioner ,wetting agent,plant growth 

substance,feed additive ,any other applications 


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Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite for gardening other than online?
either have the seller deduct cost of removal from house or remove yourself. wear a mask to be safe and you can put it out with the trash just be smart about it
Q:why is vermiculite added to potting soil?
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Q:what substrate do you place ball python eggs on while in incubation?
You should lay them on their sides and make a pit with your finger to gently place the egg in so it doesn't move around. The more eggs the more pits but you do not need to cover the entire egg with dirt. The soil should be kept moist and heated but not muddy. Are you creating an entire incubator with a submersable water heater and all? Thats a good temp...I'm not sure how chicken incubators are made but with lizard eggs they need to be kept humid all the time so they don't dry out. I've used a styrofoam cooler with a small critter carrier in it on a stand with a submersable water heater in water that came up to the top of the stand. I setup the dirt and eggs in the critter carrier and put the cooler lid on to keep the moisture in. The water inside keeps the incubator nice and humid and I would mist the dirt once day. It's so cool when you can candle them...you're in for some fun surprises! Good luck!
Q:I have a south american vermiculite snail and he is having breathing problems?! Why? How can I help him?
The okorder.com
Q:corn snake about to lay eggs should I incubate in moss or vermiculite?
Q:Can I put unfaced batt insulation (R30 Value) over old fluffy loose insulation in the attic?
ver·mic·u·lite [ vər míkyə lt ] noun Definition: a compound used in growing plants: a hydrous silicate of aluminum, magnesium, or iron. Source: altered basic rocks. Use: insulation, lubricant, growing medium in horticulture. Etimology: [Early 19th century. < Latin vermiculus little worm (see vermicular), because of the way flakes of it expand and writhe in long shapes when heated]
Q:what is the temperature and humidity for bearded Dragon eggs?
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Q:what material would you use when starting plants vegetatively?
Vermiculite is generally used outdoors for moisture retention and soil conditioning. Perlite is best used in potting soils for houseplants. I don't believe either is appropriate for compost. Compost should be made up of organic matter only.
Q:What stores sell Perlite and Vermiculite ?
I okorder.com
Q:What can vermiculite do?
Moisturize, improve soil texture, and increase breathability.

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