Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

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Product Description:

1. Product Description of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

A Vermiculite panel is a good choice as a fireplace panel because  they not only hold heat in, but they also reflect the heat so that the fireplace  is even more powerful. The material vermiculite is fast becoming very popular to  use in fireplaces because it can be made in a mold to fit almost any size,  pattern or shape of the interior of a fireplace. They are also considered to be  an affordable solution as a replacement fireplace panel and will help to keep  the fireplace running optimally for years to come.

2. Specifications of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

Density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

3. Application of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Building roof insulation (weathering course).

Low roof feather weight sunken filling.

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

Vibration absorbent.

Water leakage arrester.

Bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening.

4. Technical Data of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

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Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
Horticulture, vermiculite can be used for flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, seedling raising, etc., in addition to potting soil and regulators, but also for soilless cultivation. As a nutrient base for growing potted trees and commercial beds, it is especially advantageous for the transplanting and transportation of plants. Vermiculite can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable.
Q:Leopad gecko laying box?
It probably doesn't matter too much, especially if you're using rooting hormone. If it were me, I would use a mixture of something porous, like large-grain sand, pumice, vermiculite, or perlite mixed with potting mix. This way, the medium will retain the right amount of moisture, not dry out too quickly, and contain some nutrients.
Q:Storing Dahlias?
I'm not sure why you are using anything in the bottom of your chimnea. i am guessing maybe it's something to do with it being terra cotta. If so, vermiculite is volcanic ash and will be ok for fire. If terra cotta, keep water from getting inside in the freezing temps, it will crack.
Q:If I mix per lite soil, Kellogg's soil, Sta Green soil and Gardener soil all together in one pot.?
Mites are bad news. Buy some ZooMed Mite Off or Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray Some veterinarians offer care for reptiles.
Q:Mushroom Substrate?
Q:Could I mix Perlite and Vermiculite to get the same effect as Peatmoss and Vermiculite?
This is really bad for your baby. ! I see here this happened about 30 minutes ago. have you noticed any change in her behaviour? really you need to call a vet now. but until one gets there, just pour some corn-oil over her feed and this will give her the 'run's'. then the Poison will get flushed out of her. there is another way, by tubing down her throat in the outer throat-pipe. but unless you have done this before it's too dangerous to even try. so get the vet feed her now with the feed topped with oil please! thanks!
Q:What is the water:vermiculite ratio in incubation for red eared sliders?
You may not be able to find peat moss as some countries have put a ban on using it in garden compost. Vermiculite should be no problem it might just be a language thing.
Q:will leopard geckos lay their eggs in the humidity box if they dont have an egglaying box?
i was going to say pretty mutch what he said
mica windows were generally installed on furnaces (way back when) sheet mica has no place for water to collect - but in the case of vermiculite - Vermiculite is a general term applied to mica-like platy minerals that contain up to 4% water, chemically trapped between the mica sheets. Upon rapid heating to temperatures in excess of 900°C, the trapped water changes to steam, forcing the mineral sheets to expand, forming an expanded vermiculite product. My text follows - Mica can be treated with high pressure steam (400 psi) , then immediately passed through a high heat environment 900-1000C - resulting in expanded mica a.k.a. vermiculite. Silicon popcorn, with a dash of potassium and fluorine for 'flavor'. At 1200C this can be fused with ceramic materials yeilding a surface that has to be seen to be appreciated.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite(Not on the internet, looking to buy it today in person?
Hatchrite is perlite. And perlite and vermiculite are only dangerous if eaten, which a hatchling snake won't do since they don't take their first meal until after their first shed.

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