Flexible Lightweight Vermiculite Fireproofing Board

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Packaging Detail:Box, Fumigation-free pallet ,plastic stretch film,paper corner,Wrapping Tape
Delivery Detail:25days,urgent order will be sooner


2.The fireproof grade is A 
3.high bending/compressive strength 
4.Xinjiang vermiculite.

Flexible Lightweight Vermiculite Fireproofing board

Product name:

1) Vermiculite heat insulating board (section) 

2) Vermiculite Sound insulating board (section)

3) Vermiculite Fireproof board (section)

4) Vermiculite Fire insulating board (section)

5) Vermiculite Heat retaining board (section)

Natural, harmless, environmental, high-organic innovatory materials----excellent vermiculite board building materials, and heat insulating materials for industr


1. The fireproofing grade is A grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour. 

2. When the vermiculite board(brick) face to fire or high temperature circumstance, it is non-deformable. 

3. Water-tolerant, insulate against heat and sound. 

4.The shape: According to your enquired, even the irregular shape. We can produce the vermiculite board(brick) in our range of specification by your detailed inquiry.


1. Fire resistant core for fire doors

2. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

3. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

4. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

5. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 


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Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
Horticulture, vermiculite can be used for flowers, vegetables, fruit cultivation, seedling raising, etc., in addition to potting soil and regulators, but also for soilless cultivation. As a nutrient base for growing potted trees and commercial beds, it is especially advantageous for the transplanting and transportation of plants. Vermiculite can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable.
Q:did vermiculite is good for attic insulation?
They've grown for thousands of years without vermiculite, so I'd say yes.
Q:Is vermiculite a good choice for insulating my exterior walls?
If the egg is deflated looking, try covering it with some moist vermiculite/perlite. Some breeders have also suggested placing a moist paper towel over it. It could be that the humidity is not high enough. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for it to inflate again after being too dry. If the gecko JUST laid it today, give it some time to start checking to see if it's infertile or not. Sometimes you can't see red veins right away, so I'd give it a couple of weeks before checking again. I made my incubator with a styrofoam box, heat mat hooked up to a thermostat, digital thermometer, bowl of water on the heat mat, and a box of eggs in moist vermiculite (wetted the vermiculite then squeezed out the water). For leopard geckos...temperature was set at 83F for mine, but you can have a range of 79-83 for mostly females and 88-90 for mostly males...or in between for a mix. I'd still incubate the egg until it either completely deflates or starts smelling bad.
Q:I tried to root some african violet leaves and want to know what went wrong...?
the best thing to do would be to call a home inspector. They know all the dangers to look for in the entire house, not just the insulation. (Mold, rot, waterdamage, termites, mildew, etc)
Q:how do i mix vermiculite and perlite into my soil?
Compost might help, but id add soil as well
Q:we have some gladiola bulbs and vermiculite we want to store them for the winter can they placed in paper bag?
They are not the same but they have many oft the same uses. Perlite is a type of volcanic glass, hydrated to some degree. Vermiculite is made from different micas, also hydrated minerals. When they are heated they expand (sort of like popcorn and for the same reason). IT too is used to loosen soil. FOr your square foot garden either product will work. The perlite will stay perlite and loosen your soil longer. THe vermiculite will very very slowly break down, adding a natural clay to the soil. Over years.
Q:homemade reptile incubator 5 *s for best ans?
Any good nursery should sell it, as it is used to overwinter bulbs indoors. Check with Lowe's, Home Depot and other big box stores, which are now laying in their fall merchandise.
Q:Will leopard gecko eggs be ok if they were laid in water?
Im guessing you mean perlite? Perlite is fine for incubation and some people even prefer it. Iv never used it myself for incubation but im guessing you would have to make sure it stays humid. Perlite doesn't hold water like vermiculite. In fact, when they use it in potting soils, it's used as a sort of gravel to put air and space into the mix. Vermiculite is for holding and storing water. Just make sure, whatever you use, that it does not have chemicals in it.
Q:What in nature has the most insulating and all seasons durability characteristics?
Crumble up newspaper and wrap them and put them in a box or paper bag. You just want to keep them from touching each other. In addition to what Helritch said also store them in the coolest part of your home. A dry basement shelf of some other cool place.
Q:Plant fertilizer ?
Hello, 1. Okay I use Vermiculite for breeding crickets,this is used for Tarantula or snake bedding. You need to soak dry Vermiculite for up to 24 hours,although it may be more costly than other beddings,you don't need to use much,as it expands when soaked. This creates a perfect egg laying ground. 2. You can buy a small heat mat,for reptiles etc,but I find room temputure is perfectly suitable. Hope I helped.xxx ADD: Yes I forgot to say,Peat moss is also ideal a few people use plain play sand,reptile sand is better as it won't contain possible bacteria. A tub is fine,as long as they do get some light. Ensure they aren't over crowded as this will 'breed' bacteria. I wouldn't of thought a heat mat could melt plastic,they generally don't get hot enough. My lizards have heat mats,which they sit on! Remember,since the tub has limited ventilation using a heat mat may be too much. :) x

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