Fireproof Insulation Vermiculite Board

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:In 15kg or 100L plastic bags
Delivery Detail:Within 5-10days after get the confirmation for the order


1.ISO9001-2000 company 
2.major draftsmen of JC/T810-2008 in vermiculite standards 
3.High reputation in China 

1. Specs and Details:

Type (I) , Fe2O3 content 5-13%:gray-silver-white, similar in colour to South African material

Type (II) , Fe2O3 content 16-22%:golden-yellow, similar in colour to Australia and India etc



Raw Golden/Silver Vermiculite








In 1/1.2 MT big bag for shipment

Loading quantity

20-24MTs/1*20'ft container


Within 7-15days,also depends on your quantity





Expanded/Exfoliated Vermiculite


120-20mesh powder,0.3-1mm,1-3mm,2-4mm,3-6mm,4-8mm


As desired, normally 80-200kg/m3




In 100liter/15kg/0.8m3/1m3 plastic bag

Loading quantity

For your refer: 72m3(12MTs)/1*40'HQ container


Within 7-15days,also depends on your quantity


Agriculture,Horticulture,Lightweight Concrete Mixing,Fireprotection,

Brakepads,Thermal Insulation,Construction Boards/Materials



Table A: Typical Chemical Analysis 












% by weight














Japan and Korea

European and America

Other Specs







4,Asbestos Free

5,Samples Free











Quality is certified by ISO9001-2000 Quality System and same with confirmed samples,another MSDS report to show free of Asbestos, besides special QC department check the quality through whole process

(1,before production;

2,Within production;

3,Before transport;

4,Before shipment).


Some test by the third party is available if necessary for you.

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Q:How to make Composit and healthy dirt? What to grow?
Outdoor soil has many micro-organisms which makes it unsuitable for starting new plants from cuttings and seeds. You should start them in purchased bags of peat moss and vermiculite and/or perlite. About equal amounts of each. Note the absence of soil as it has fertilizer and this should not be in contact with the seeds at first. Later transplant into soil when big enough to pick up. Outside soil DOES have micro-nutrients, so is needed for good fruiting later. Compost is rich in micro nutrients too, so it is the best helper to poor soil, but outdoors. Don't waste money on compost accelerator. I did. A shovel full of outdoor soil spread as a thin layer between other layers, then mix from time to time is far better. Allow air circulation, and some moisture to get in too. Avoid sawdust as it consumes the nitrogen needed to hurry compost. you can throw in a high nitrogen fertilizer like for lawns and you will not loose it fertility after it breaks down the compost. Then work it into the top 4 inches of soil before planting, or add on top any time of the year.
Q:Ggrow magic shrooms???!!?
Typical store bought spores are of the culinary or medicinal variety. The only way to get your hands on the spores you're looking for would be to find a private grower, or the more dangerous route of picking them from the wild. I would not suggest the latter unless you have exceptional knowledge of Mycology, and the former is illegal in many areas.
Q:should i use aps or perlite for my crested gecko eggs to incbate in?
Not all vermiculite contains asbestos. I would leave it in place and blow more insulation on top of it. If it makes you feel better have some tested, and if it contains it, hire a remediation company. I lost my dad to asbestos in the lungs I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
Q:Leopard gecko incubator issue?
either transmission fluid or gear oil and not many are sealed to where you can add fluid to it or drain it some of the new car have sealed auto ones but most manual have gear oil and can be drain and added to easy
Q:is clay cat litter good for growing microgreens?
No, clay cat litter is not a good choice for growing microgreens. When clay becomes saturated, it loses its pore space. Clay is the smallest part of soil. Clay particles can only be seen individually under an electron microscope. The other components to soil are silt, which are medium sized particles, and sand which are large particles. Good soil needs all three in certain amounts. This is soil science and can get pretty technical. To grow microgreens, you'd be better off with a good growing soil that holds some water but drains easily. It will have a good mineral base with a good amount of composted organic matter. The compost will supply basically all the nutrients the greens will need.
Q:Bearded dragon egg incubation questions?
Do not use aspen or wood chips if you want your eggs to hatch. The Wal-Marts in my area do not carry vermiculite, but they do carry perlite, which is another good choice. I buy vermiculite from small plant nurseries.
Q:Breeding a bearded dragon?
if you are only looking to produce one clutch every now and then, i suggest you get a hovabator, they work great, and arent terribly expensive for the small breeder. Once you get a hovabator, you should also get either vermiculite or hatchrite, many people debate on which is better, i preffer hatchrite but i think you should make the decision for yourslef. then all you need is a laybox big enough for the female to fit in very comfortably. Fill it with moist eco earth when she is gravid. Then one day you will find her in the box digging, she will lay the eggs. Let them sit for a few hours, then set up your hovabator, and eggs trays with vermiculite or hatchrite, then take the eggs out of the lay box very carefully, and make sure that the same side of the eggs is always facing up, because if you put an egg into the eggs trays upside down or on its side, the baby will die. Then just put the full egg trays into the hovabator and let them grow. I hope this helped
Q:Can i use vermiculite to insulate existing stud walls?,What is the R velue on it in stud walls?
Q:What grows best in pots ?
Try some cut and come again salad leaves. They are usually sold as seeds mixed with vermiculite so that you can spread them on a pot with all purpose compost and they will grow, quite quickly. Dwarf french beans, in another pot. Fruit is hard to grow this way but there are special pots for strawberries. You do not say where you are because it depends on the weather where you are, what you can grow. Some things are 'delicate' like tomatoes. There are varieties which will grow out doors in cool northern hemisphere so long as there is no chance or any frost. People grow peas upside down from hanging baskets, these can be snacked on, straight from the pod. If you live in a warm area peppers and chillis are happy in big pots. Courgettes will grow on very rich soil, in a pot. You will never grow enough to feed yourself from pots, plants need to have room to spread and want to be in deep soil to grow properly, but you can play at it and enjoy the taste of freshness. Forget trees, they are available for patio growing but will yield very little for the outlay. If you add where you live exactly, it will be more helpful to advise.
Q:There is vermiculite in the soil. Can you eat the vegetables grown?
It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates. The crystal structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by the hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.

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