Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board

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Packaging Detail:In pallet for shipment or in carton box.OR customized Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board
Delivery Detail:15 DAYS AFTER 30% DEPOSIT


1.Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board 
3.Easy to cut and install 

Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board



fine fire insulation vermiculite board

size:various sizes

properties: heat-resistant,water-proofing

usage:widely use


Fine fire insulation vermiculite board



How to manufacture vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of boards that manufactured by expanded vermiculite and a certain amout of adhensives by hot-pressing or cold pressing.


What is vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of new inorganic material. The main raw material is vermiculite and some adhensives.



building roof insulation (weathering course)

low roof feather weight sunken filling

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

vibration absorbent

water leakage arrester

bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening



Vermiculit board sizes

common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request


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Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite for gardening other than online?
NEVER disturb the vermiculite. You must assume that it contains asbestos until it is proven that it does not. There is really no need to remove it, cover it with cellulose insulation to achieve the desired R value
Q:what is the difference between vermiculite and perilite.?
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Q:Where can I find organic Vermiculite?
good lord girl, the library was built for a reason. well garnets differ, they could be: Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3 Ca3Al2(SiO4)3 there are two others. but i guess you'll have to look those up for yourself
Q:lots of cornsnake questions?
I'd say it can't hurt and may give you good results. Just today I planted my tomatoes. Because we've had a lot of rain, the soil is heavy. I added a full cup of vermiculite to each plant. I'll have to wait and see what it does for them
Q:Turtle eggs hatch for vermiculite?
Suggest that you take 2-3 days' exposure to the purchased vermiculite before hatching, or directly use boiling water to adjust humidity.
Q:What does vermiculite look likes?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that expands at high temperatures. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates. Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil. In 2000, the total output of vermiculite in the world exceeded 500 thousand tons. The major producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United states.
Q:Please describe the peat, vermiculite, perlite, bark, sand characteristics and application in the garden?
Peat, peat and peat. It is the ancient marshy plants are buried in the ground, in the flooding and lack of air conditions, decomposition of organic matter is not completely special. The peat in Northeast China is high and cold area. The content of nitrogen and ash in peat is low, slightly acidic or strong acidity, pH value is 5.0---5.9, EC value is less than 1, and water holding capacity is high.
Q:we have some gladiola bulbs and vermiculite we want to store them for the winter can they placed in paper bag?
They are not the same thing ( e.g. chemistry or mineral origins) but sharing similar characteristics, they can be used for the same purpose as a soil density reducer/supplement.--usually for making potting soils lighter while retaining bulk. This makes transporting a shipment of potted plants much lighter. Either can be used as a light weight soil conditioner and should be fully exchangeable volume for volume. ...
Q:Can I germinate apple seeds in vermiculite?
I don't think vermiculite would be a good substrate for several reasons. I usually buy organic peat moss.
Q:homemade reptile incubator 5 *s for best ans?
Any good nursery should sell it, as it is used to overwinter bulbs indoors. Check with Lowe's, Home Depot and other big box stores, which are now laying in their fall merchandise.

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