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I'm having old (30 plus years), damaged slate tiles removed and replacing it with ceramic tiles. I've discovered there is cement underlayment under the slate tiles. I'm having this work done for me and so far the floor looks like grenades have hit it. There are pot holes. How in the world are you suppose to remove these slates tiles that have been adhered to cement?? And, how do you repair the flooring to eventually lay down cement board and ceramic tiles?? I'm sick to my stomach.
A thin layer of new mortar will fill in and cover the rough surface. Cement board shouldn't even be necessary.
Is the cement board a cement pressure plate? What's the difference?
Cement board and cement pressure plate is a product of the two names, in fact, no difference. Plate of cementitious materials are cement
How to do noise insulation how to deal with wall noise
I am the northeast, due to geographical differences, it is recommended that you still consult the local carpentry, the best way to deal with noise!
Home decoration ceiling with what plate is it?
1, gypsum board: is a building gypsum as the main raw material made of a material, it has a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other excellent performance. Gypsum board is one of the most popular new lightweight plates used in modern decoration. 2, mineral wool board: mineral fiber cotton as raw material, the biggest feature is a very good sound absorption, heat insulation effect, often used in high temperature and noise and other occasions, such as ceiling decoration, such as kitchen. The surface of the mineral wool board can also be patterned and carved, and more in style. 3, sauna board: is a special ceiling material, a dedicated log room for the sauna, to plug-in connection, easy to install. Sauna board is treated by high temperature degreasing, high temperature resistance, easy to deformation. Often used to the bathroom, balcony and other places, are high-grade materials. 4, silicon calcium board: from natural gypsum powder, white cement, glue, glass fiber composite made of multiple materials. It has a fire, moisture and noise characteristics, can absorb indoor excess water molecules, when the air is dry and can release the preservation of water molecules, commonly used in high-end decoration, to increase indoor comfort. In the choice of ceiling decoration materials and design, should follow the two materials, solid, safe and beautiful and practical principles, according to their own home environment reasonable choice ceiling material.
Composite foam cement board fire board grade and fire resistance limit?
ire rating B: B-class refractory grade is a flame retardant material, the general high-end public places are used in the use of this material decoration.
Replacing the cement board is not realistic, I don't know of anything that may be more flexible and not deteriorate so quickly.
there are some colored cement repair products that contain silicone that may work good, also you can just use white silicone or caulk just squeeze it in and let it dry have a rag handy for cleanup both are flexible and last a long time.
Can the Etch board be used for the bathroom?
Etch board belongs to fiber cement board. It is a fiber reinforced silicate plate (fiber cement board), the main raw material is cement, plant fiber and minerals, by the high temperature autoclave , Mainly for building materials. Ethe Group is a Belgian industrial group that manufactures and sells all kinds of high quality building materials and systems such as roofing materials, architectural trim panels, floor and wall materials, etc.
can a double drywall wall be replaced with cement board or backer board?
Usually doubled up drywall is a firewall. I'd check with your local code enforcement people and see what they say.