Exterior wall decoration fire insulation board

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Item specifice:

Thickness: 5mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,6mm Wildth: 20cm,25cm,30cm,50cm,60cm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling,Waterproof Ceiling
Color: White,Milky,Gray,Beige,Light Blue,Brown,Green Application: Exterior wall fire Exterior wall thermal insulation Exterior wall decoration,Office,Public Certification: ISO9001:2000
Shape: Rectangle Material: Organic polyphenylene plate

Product Description:

Insulation and decoration board

The insulation panel is composed of insulating materials, adhesion, veneer, anchoring and sealant. There are many construction schemes, which not only apply to the external wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also apply to energy saving and decoration transformation of old buildings. It is applicable to all kinds of public buildings and exterior insulation of residential buildings. It is suitable for buildings in cold areas in the north and in hot areas of the south. It's a new type of building material. Heat preservation to decorate a whole plate is placed in the building wall insulation and decoration on the surface of the system, the heat preservation effect is good and long term, less thermal bridge role, energy saving heat preservation effect is good, according to 65% of building energy efficiency design requirements, than the traditional energy-saving insulation heat preservation and heat insulation construction practice with more and better function.

 Each composition by heat preservation to decorate a whole plate bonding, such as mechanical, chemical or physical way between structure component of the similar or close to, therefore, even in temperature, sunshine, rain, frost, cold, heat, acid and alkali, such as under the bad environment, can guarantee the system stability.

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Introduction to product structure

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Act the role of surface.True stone paint, liquid granite, solid paint, fluorocarbon paint, aluminum plate, clay board, etc.

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Thermal insulation layer

AClass A fireSilicon polystyrene board, rock wool and so on   

 BClass B fire Extruded plate, polystyrene board, polyurethane, phenolic and so on

Installation method:

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation boardExterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Advantages of the insulation panel:

1 Convenient construction,

2 Decorative,

3 Security,

4 Fire retardancy,

5 Thermal insulation,

6 Weather resistance,

7 Waterproof breathability.


Engineering cases:

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation boardExterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation boardExterior wall decoration fire insulation board

Exterior wall decoration fire insulation boardExterior wall decoration fire insulation board

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Q:What kind of ceiling does the open kitchen do? Is it the same as the lobby to do the calcium silicate board, or do it?
Chinese kitchen generally recommended with aluminum slab plate or plastic plate, the most important is practical.
Q:Calcium silicate board can do office space wall decoration it?
It is best to use gypsum board. Calcium silicate board construction trouble, mainly the gap is not handled well cracked, drill holes can be on the screw no paper gypsum board good on the screw so rarely used to do home improvement.
Q:Does the calcium silicate factory pollute? What is the harm to people? Please know the big god reply! Thanks
There are dust, waste gas, waste water pollution, calcium silicate board used lime, cement, quartz powder, chrysotile asbestos (carcinogens, most domestic enterprises are still used) and other raw materials, in the feeding, finished sanding, cutting process , Many companies ignore the dust pollution, dust removal capacity and capacity does not match, asbestos,
Q:What is the difference between perforated calcium silicate wallboard and gypsum board?
Silicon calcium board was first used in high temperature furnace insulation. Such as "in order to improve the quality of shaft kiln clinker material, easy to coal blending and reduce clinker burning coal consumption, we must strengthen the kiln kiln body insulation.Often the practice is to use the internal insulation method, refractory layer, the total thickness of the insulation layer should be ≥ 650mm, near the kiln wall should be added ≥ 60mm calcium silicate board or aluminum silicate fiber mat ".
Q:Calcium silicate board The so-called asbestos board is really no asbestos?
180 is not fire ah. It is steam inside the autoclave. Wood fiber has been completely contained in the cement and quartz powder inside, and after the formation of this high temperature Toledo to stone. No asbestos for a lot of peers is indeed flicker, but not so, because the boss's social responsibility, as early as 2006 began all the production of asbestos, but other manufacturers are not the case. You need asbestos I give you asbestos board, you need no cotton I wash brush give you no cotton, so it can be said to be flicker.
Q:Silicon calcium board is mostly used for indoor decoration where.
Calcium silicate board is a kind of new kind of inorganic building material made of siliceous material, calcium material, reinforced fiber material and so on, which are prepared by the process of copying or molding, autoclaving and so on. Because of its high strength, light weight, has a good non-flammable, it is widely used in the ship's cabin, ceiling and construction of non-load-bearing walls, and fire safety requirements of the place.
Q:Silicon calcium board and gypsum board which is good There are calcium silicate board and security board. What are the differences between these boards?
Gypsum board and calcium silicate board have advantages and disadvantages, gypsum board is relatively environmentally friendly, easy construction, easy to crack, affordable, but not as good as watertight calcium carbonate board, bathroom available plaster board.
Q:What is the difference between calcium silicate board and gypsum board?
It is a high-quality high-grade cement as the base material, and with natural fiber reinforced, the advanced production process molding, pressure, high temperature steaming and other special technology and made, is a good performance of the new building and industrial Plate of its products fire, moisture, noise, insect moth, durable. Is the ceiling, cut off the ideal decorative plate.
Q:Calcium silicate board and magnesium silicate board which is better
Magnesium silicate board using magnesium oxide as the main raw material, produced by the decorative materials, the advantages are: light, good toughness; drawback is: low strength, low moisture resistance, soaked after the water marinade, destruction of the wall surface The
Q:Calcium silicate board sticky rock wool sandwich sandwich board what glue stick to live?
One-component modified silane glue can try HMS60, if polyurethane glue can also be

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