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Originally installed in the house are ceiling lamps, is a rectifier, four holes straight into the kind of, and now want to switch to LED lights, such a joint of the lamp?
LED lamps have their own supporting power, it is best not to cross check, because the number of particles of different power beads requires different power.
Can you tell me what brand of LED ceiling lamp is good and how to choose LED ceiling lamp?
(founded in 1996, China's leading lighting brands, high-tech enterprises, lighting industry, one of the most valuable brands, OPPLE lighting, Limited by Share Ltd)
The ceiling lamp and the LED light off but the dark will power it
just part of the current loop generated by the light, it's power consumption.
What brand of ceiling lamp is good? What brand can you recommend?
NVC: a commercial lighting products for the lighting business owners, now have ceiling lamps. Objectively speaking, ceiling lamps market influence is not enough, but the product can not Bioupu difference, but no Oupuduo style, quality is also very good.
Can the light rod change the ceiling lamp?
to another fixed point as the installation point, but to lead a line (if you don't want to tick slot.).
How big is the size of the ceiling lamp in the living room?
15~20 square meters with a ceiling of about 60~70cm in diameter
Will the ceiling light fall off?
Ceiling installation, usually with expansion screws will place national ceiling lamps at the top of the wall, according to the size of the lamp, available more than three or more of the national expansion screws chassis, according to construction plans to install ceiling lamps.
How many watts of ceiling light does a 10 square meter bedroom require?
Warm white light: also called middle color, its color temperature is between 3300K - 5300K;