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How to choose the right led ceiling lamp according to the room area?
Please consult the lighting manufacturer. Decoration general lamps do not bring!
Integrated ceiling is not equipped with embedded lamps, how to install led dome ceiling lamp?
It is with a hole, it is necessary to put the lamp base fixed tile several eye as well as iron and other materials. The key is to fix it on the keel. If it is only hung on the plate, it is not strong
Is the living room ceiling lamp LED light okay?
LED lights in the future is definitely the mainstream market category, energy-saving, durable, and color rendering, stability, lighting saturation is getting higher and higher, prices are slowly declining.
With a twelve volt transformer and led how to do small beads
If it is an inductive ballast, it also needs to be illuminated before it can be lit. At the same time, the effective illumination angle of the ceiling lamp is 180 degrees. For the 360 degree fluorescent lamp tube, about 1/3 of the light is wasted
LED ceiling light mounted in the living room, with subsection and remote control. The first paragraph (the first switch) all lights are blue (color change);
Finally how to solve, my same as you can only use remote control to open
LED ceiling lamp, why is the light still dark after the power is switched off?. Is this power consumption?
This kind of lamp is like this. What's so strange about it?
How does the LED ceiling lamp power supply match?
Change the lamp, the output 300V, accidentally, will give you a surprise, the old power estimation is bad, direct plus constant current driver or RC Buck Driver, do not use, is definitely fake products, if you have electrical maintenance capability, see the lamp string and the way to change. With a good supply, if there is no knowledge, forget it, or to spend money to buy, after all, LED is to use safety and environmental protection, get hurt yourself but not good.
How does the LED ceiling lamp mix with temperature?
Dimming and toning LED ceiling lamps, in fact, have 2 way outputs inside. All the way to warm light (3000K color temperature about), all the way for cold light (white, 7000K color temperature about). Each road is independent. By giving each path a different brightness, you can adjust the color temperature and adjust the brightness of the whole lamp. For example, A road is a warm light, color temperature 3000K, but only 10% of the brightness of light, while the B road is cold, bright brightness is only 40%, so, in the lamp body color of the hybrid may be only 5000K (not very cold white, also have a little warm white). That is to say, the true dimming palette can be adjusted from brightness and color temperature.