LED dimmable ceil light

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Product Description:

LED ceil lights

A whole series for 11'',13'',15'',17'',19'',21'' size.

Innovative Features:

1)Online voltage directly!No power supply!

(EXPLANATION:high intellectual chip to control

online voltage to fit for led working,no labour cost

needed for common power supply maintainance)

2)Non-polarized distinguish installtaion.



Shade:Plating brushed/PC

Special feature:

       1.120V LEDceil light

       2.Frost cover


       4.Can be usedin damp location

LED detailed spec

LED chip:Seoul/LG LEDS,

Output lumen:13W 900LM;16W 1200LM;

19W 1400LM;22W 1600LM;25W 1850LM;28W 2100LM



Color temperature:3000K

Assembled Dimensions (ht/width):

Φ11.0XH2.48Inch(13W, 950lm)

Φ13.0XH2.64Inch(16W, 1200lm)

Φ15.0XH2.83Inch(19W, 1400lm)

Φ17.0XH3.03Inch(22W, 1600lm)

Φ19.0XH3.23Inch(25W, 1850lm)

Φ21.0XH3.23Inch(28W, 2100lm)

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Q:15 square meters of living with the Duodawa number LED ceiling lamps
General: the chandelier diameter of not more than 1/4 of the width of the living room (if your living room is 15 square meters, I estimate is 4 meters X4 meters, so your living room is 4 meters wide, so the lamp diameter of no more than one meter, maintained at about 800 mm in diameter and so on it) if the ceiling. The 400X800, select the appropriate square. If it's round, suggest 600. And the size of the power, then the living room of the LED lights are generally around 20W on it.
Q:How many tiles are there in the bedroom?
Good morning, lz! The bedroom generally do not need to study so bright lights, even had time to need a hazy feeling, so the general configuration of the bedroom are 40W fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, of course, can also be a lamp, but the wattage is not too high. Some people like to read in bed, in this case, open the desk lamp can satisfy.
Q:How to make LED ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp commonly used in home decoration, and the energy saving light of traditional circular fluorescent lamp is lower
Q:My home led ceiling lamp is 3 color adjustable, but why every time the lights are about the same color, what is the way to solve ah?
3000K and 6000K are respectively provided with a + and a -, a total of four inputs, may also put them into a + and (called Yang), and - to a (common cathode). You can refer to the correct color of the connection over there.
Q:Led ceiling light is not fully lit. Where are the problems?
The lights can not be removed, to change the lamp to the few of the lamp holder to try
Q:Led ceiling light is OK?
Features of the LED ceiling is high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, easy control, free maintenance, safety and environmental protection, is a new generation of cold light, than the tube shaped energy-saving lamp energy saving, high brightness, light cast light, good performance, wide range of operating voltage, the light source through the built-in microcomputer controller, can the realization of LED seven kinds of color change, soft color, colorful, rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green environmental protection.
Q:What is the LED ceiling lamp? What's the effect of the LED ceiling lamp?
Ceiling lamp installationWhen the installation of ceiling lamps, roof should be considered the situation Home Furnishing, if it is a masonry structure of the roof, the pre buried bolt, or with expansion bolts, nylon, plastic plug plug is fixed, not with wedge. Usually do not put too many decorations on the lamp, or more than the carrying capacity will fall down wounding.Although the ceiling lamp clings to the ceiling, some electromagnetic reactions will still absorb dust in the air when the lights are turned on. Should regularly check lamps and lanterns, if the foot contact, or starter loose, etc., should be promptly re installed and adjusted.Cleaning of ceiling lampCleaning lampshade can be carried out according to material. If it is glass, use a soft cloth, scrub it carefully, or clean with some toothpaste. If it is a crystal lampshade, it can be washed with neutral detergent. The dirt on the lamp holder is clean. You can remove the dust on the surface first, then wipe it with some cotton cloth. Don't leave the moisture on the lamp holder.When scrubbing the ceiling lamps, should use light colored cotton or cotton hand is in your hand, gently wipe the lamp, do not arbitrarily mobile lamp shrink machine inside the www.shousuoji.cn components. If you want to wash your own ceiling lamp, then there must be two people to cooperate with, first off the power supply, but also pay attention not to use wet cloth to wipe the lamp holder, it is easy to cause leakage.
Q:Prawns: LED, when the ceiling lamp is switched off, what's the weak light?
Light, indicating that there is the circuit of electricity, static electricity that is impossible, should be carefully examined, long-term failure to solve, there may be security risks.
Q:Approach to LED ceiling lamp wiring method
Very simple ah, the inside of the ceiling lamp pulled out, respectively, with electrical adhesive tape wrapped separately on the line, there is no difference between the line of zero FireWire
Q:How do you choose the LED ceiling lamp?
First determine the number of purchased a house, you need to use the ceiling lights, respectively, living room, dining room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, etc.. Consumers should count the quantity they want to buy before they buy the ceiling light. Like bedroom, you can choose the same series of products; the living room and dining room can choose the products of mother and child series; and the kitchen and bathroom can choose the products with the same size of integrated ceiling

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