Ceiling Lights/ LED Down Light/ Recessed Ceiling Light

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Product Description:




LED ceiling lights available for SMD/HP/COB LED


Technique specifications of Ceiling Light:


1. Power consumption: 12W


2. Size: φ135xH55   


3. Mounting size:115mm


4. Input voltage: AC85-265 V


5. Frequency: 50-60 Hz


6. Luminous efficacy >95lm/W


7. CRI: 80


8. Environment temperature: -10°C-65°C


9. 5W ceiling light long Life time: >35000hours


10. Bean Angle: 30°


11. Color temperature:2700-6500K


12. LED ceiling light: CE, ROHS approved.


Benefits you would enjoy:


Long lifespan >35000-50,000hrs

Instant start, no flashing

Solid state, shockproof

Save power more than 90% by ordinary bulbs

Long time working, 12 hours/day is perfect, product low heat

No RF interference

No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHS

Working environment -20°C to 56°C, suitable for unusual climate

Low maintenance cost

Installation: Convenient and efficient


Feature of Ceiling Light:


1) The best energy-saving Ceiling light for practical application

2) The best choice for sustainable develpoment 

3) High luminous efficiency 

4) transmittance over 90%, no glare 

5) 30° beam angle, no dark space 

6) New safe design, 100% no danger 

7) Instant replacement 

8) Any choice of correlated color temperature.

9) Fast reaction, without strobing 

10) No mercury, No radition, No UV 

11) Approval by CE & ROHS 

12) Lifespan is up to 50000 hrs. 

13) Operation Condition: Tempeture:-40°C-60°C   Humidity: 10%-90% RH 

ceiling light

ceiling light

ceiling light 

down light

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Q:The ceiling light is still flashing after closing
Reason: switch is not in accordance with the standard control of the FireWire, but connected to the zero line, FireWire connected to the light port, incandescent bulb will not flash
Q:What's the best material for the dome mask?
In general the translucent plastic mask up to 60%, while the acrylic can reach more than 90%, and by two the acrylic light stretching from the surface is very uniform, can not see the light, the plastic glass worse, even worse, if the installation is not solid, fall will hit people.
Q:LED ceiling light mounted in the living room of our family
all the lights are not bright, can only be controlled by remote control to open.
Q:Which brand is LED ceiling lamp good?
LED uses cold light emitting technology, which produces much less heat than ordinary lighting.
Q:How to choose the size of the living room ceiling lamp?
Living room ceiling size selection, the most important thing is the size of the living room and huxing. For example, if the lighting area is about 15 square meters, then the ceiling lamp diameter is better than 40cm; if the lighting area is 20 - 35 square meters, then the ceiling lamp chooses the diameter 60 - 70cm, which is more suitable
Q:Can you tell me what brand of LED ceiling lamp is good and how to choose LED ceiling lamp?
So, led ceiling lamp, what brand is good, here to recommend the ten brands, you can refer to see.
Q:The light range and the dead angle of the ceiling lamp
Show you the curves of several lamps: the first one is better than the second.
Q:How many tiles are there in the living room?
Each end of the lamp is provided with a filament, and the tube is filled with trace argon and thin mercury vapor, and fluorescent powder is coated on the inner wall of the lamp tube, and when the gas between the two filaments is conducted, ultraviolet light is sent out so that the fluorescent powder emits visible light.
Q:Excuse me, how can I remove the ceiling lamp?
Pay attention to electricity safety, be careful glass is fragile. There is a long time if connected glass ring, there may be loose, the glass will fall.
Q:The ceiling lamp in my house is broken. Taobao bought a new LED ceiling lamp. How do I get the line?
. According to the experience can be distinguished in the following ways: firstly the PE line, as long as the color line, are generally PE grounding line; the heat to find the color line, such as brown, yellow and so on, hot color lines are generally FireWire L; cool lines, such as green, blue, white and so on, is generally zero line N.
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