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I live in a three story condo (I'm on second) and the building was built a year ago. I would like to hang my projector from the ceiling, but do not have a stud finder and can't find a stud. I've poked numerous holes in the ceiling and have only come across a couple pieces of metal, so I moved over to where the next stud should be and there was also metal.Would this be metal studs?
every building three stories or taller will have metal studs
What is the paint keel
Every day, the so-called paint keel, that is, iron paint keel, aluminum keel can also be called aluminum alloy keel, but for convenience, it said a few words, like the same as the United States, like short. So paint keel refers to the iron paint keel, aluminum alloy keel is called aluminum alloy keel. In the production of materials, the two different, paint keel, the raw material is iron. Aluminum alloy keel is made of aluminum. In the process, the two are different, paint keel relative to the aluminum alloy process is more simple, but its production of the machine is very strict requirements, the same is beautiful, support. As a ceiling material, with supporting the calcium calcium board.
In the decoration of light steel keel + blockboard + gypsum board + latex paint this practice? I think with light steel keel is like a gypsum board is like, and now the construction side that there is no way to let the sky keel will be down one meter, can only do with light steel keel. I think they are not lying to me. Please know the big friends help out
Do not all the same, first nailed the wood on the wall, then the wood keel fixed in the above, and then pull down a few wires from the ceiling hanging keel is not on the line? But the gypsum board brush latex paint is very lacquer, brush out the gypsum board sound-absorbing breathable characteristics of the no
the condensate detail shows a 15 dirt leg, then to a tee, then horiz. strainer, valve then steam trap which drops it another 4 . With just going straight horizontal out of coil then the trap I am 3 above ceiling grid will this work ok?
no. you need the strainer inline before the trap.
I hate yellow bulb lights . I like those whitey white white rows of Long rectangular lights that they have at work place/ office etc on the ceiling. I want to install one at home as I find them less depressing and Also I can see better and don't get headache in those lights.What are those lights called? Where to buy?how to install in the house?
OMG you like those?! their called flourescent lights and you can get them anywhere but lowes or home depot would be best. their easy enough to install but you would probably need a surface mount one which would look hideous. most offices have drop ceilings so the lights just drop into the grid but at your house since you probably have drywall you would have to screw a surface mount fixture right to the drywall.
Installation of light steel keel edge keel with wooden square fixed and no wooden square fixed what is the difference?
With the wood side is simple and quick construction Oh
Here is what I have...a wire that looks like a regular cord for a plug in and a copper looking wire I assume is the ground. In the drop ceiling I have two wires that seem to have been been cut from electric cord and hard wired into another track lighting. I have had a light up here before but have not ever previously hooked electric up. I know it can handle the electric current. There are caps at the end of the wires so I am assuming (love assuming) that I can attach the wires from the light to these wires and recap. Then I need to ground the cooper wire, but what is a good ground? It is a drop ceiling so can I attach to the grid or wires holding the drop ceiling? Of course the electric will be off! I am wondering is it possible to cross the two wires and have a big boo boo happen? I appreciate the input. I am really needing to get this completed shortly so please anyone with some expertise respond!
Ignore Andrew. He has dangerous misinformation. First off, the hot and neutral are not interchangeable. If you don't have white and black, there are other ways of identifying them. The white is neutral, which can also be indicated by ridges on that side (for lamp cord style wire). There are also less common ways, but the bottom line is they are not interchangeable. For the ground, no the ceiling grid is not a ground. If you are in an older house, you may not have a ground available. The best thing then would be to use a fixture that doesn't need one, if you can find one.
does anyone know what those things are installed in commercial open-ceilings.. they are like foam materials used as insulation? I need the exact name and need to find a ceiling contractor asap, thanks !!
I think you are reffering to what is called a drop ceiling or sometimes a grid ceiling. If that is the case the panels are made from mostly fiberglass now and some older ones are made of fiberglass and wood fibers ( cellulose ) .home depot can find a good installer at a reasonable price in your area. IF you are near northeast ct I know of several contractors that do that type of work IM me for more info