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First: diving flashlight switch magnetic control switch, open the barrier pressure is limited, and vulnerable to the impurity of the water seepage, some o-ring seal even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth, generally within 30 meters, and the service life of the very limited! There is no switch, rotary switch, equivalent to strictly is basic to eliminate open Achilles' heel of the mark, is one of the highend and depth of waterproof diving flashlight universal use, waterproof depth is more than 100 metres.

The second: a torch light source Currently widely used CREE LED series, is the most used Q5 / R5 / T6 / SWC100W, lumen is a kind of light units, 100 lumens is approximately equal to high power 1 w! CREE Q5, brightness can reach below 230 lumens CREE R5, brightness can reach about 350 lumens CREE T6, brightness can reach 1000 lumens SWC100W, brightness can be up to 10000 lumens

Third: use the flashlight batteries, the brightness of the different types of rival battery and battery life have influence! The same number of different batteries also have very big concern, at the current market popular diving flashlight note ARCHON (the pupil) as an example. Note ARCHON D20, using two 18650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in 1.8 hours!!! Note ARCHON D22, using two 26650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in about 4.0 hours!!! Note ARCHON D33, using three 26650 batteries, battery life under low light of 1000 lumens in about 9.0 hours!!!

Fourth: tube body material plastic tube body: weight is light and flexible, but easy ageing, the time is long easy to seawater corrosion, and if not careful fall on the ground, scrapped a high probability of tube body, not durable. : aluminum alloy cylinder body weight is a bit heavier than plastic tube body, flexibility is a bit poor, but very corrosion resistant, resistant to impact. Price is more expensive, highend brand aluminum alloy 1.5 meters diving flashlight can free fall, and appearance

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Q:When swimming, I suddenly feel the water in my right ear
In view of this situation, my advice to you is: in general, the ear is not the water in the water, the water should be the time in your ears from the water, so you'd better not put my ear on horizontal plane
Q:Do you have to swim in diving?
So if you answer your question from a professional point of view, the diver will certainly swim!
Q:Why can't I dive when I swim, and I automatically float up?
Mainly the direction of swimmingYou swim in the water, not just head down, but all over your body, with both hands skiing behind you
Q:How to learn diving and swimming?
Self study is hard to work. It would be better to sign up for a training course. To the kind of church.
Q:How do you learn to swim or dive faster?
And we must first learn to breathe water, namely the head into the water out, head out of the water suction. You can practice when you wash your face every day, to avoid drowning.2, believe that people will be able to float on the surface of the water before they have confidence and courage.
Q:How to swim and dive?
1, select the water depth is no more than their own heart of shallow water for preliminary exercises; do the warm-up exercise before the water; wear good swimming clothing2. Go into the water, take a deep breath, take off the air, and do 5 deep breaths
Q:What should I pay attention to before swimming?
In addition, the swimming process requires whole body movement, and in water environment, heat faster, therefore, when swimming human energy consumption is very large, should be adequate intake before swimming Steamed Rice, noodles, bread and other carbohydrates and some egg, meat and other protein substances. Note that not too hungry or too full, too full to eat after swimming, affect the digestive function, prone to stomach cramps, and even vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms; fasting and swimming, energy storage, easy hypoglycemia, dizziness and weakness. Swimming is recommended 1~3 hours after meals.Last but not least, preparation activities are essential before starting swimming. Specific to do the following
Q:How to dive in the swimming pool?
Well, I've often encountered this problem. Actually, it's easy to overcome this. When you dive, try to lower your chin as much as possible, that is to say, your head must go down. Just pay attention to your chin!
Q:There is a swimming competition (it should be 50 meters freestyle). One player dives from side to side.
In 1956, fina special provisions "are not allowed to use the swimming race", and the original world record is not recognized, the reason is long time greater damage to the swimming athletes.
Q:What are the technical features of the swimming pool in addition to the wet heat pump?
Swimming pool heat pump and water pump is the same principle, pump water from low to high or the other end, the heat pump is the same, the air in the heat with the refrigerant reclaiming -20 DEG compressed into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant

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