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1, masks: for large Windows, Windows with polycarbonate lens material, with high transparency, high resistance to wear, have prevent mist function, mesh hood type wear, wear comfortable, convenient, colloid using silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, airtight performance is good.

2, a cylinder, for all the aluminum tank carbon fiber winding composite cylinders, 30 mpa working pressure, has the advantage of light quality, high strength, good safety performance, the cylinder valve with high pressure safety protection device. Bottle, bottle with

3 groups: take card is a quick CAM lock mechanism, and ensure the bottle is always in a state of a closed loop. Gas cylinders will not flip.

4, shoulder strap: made of flame retardant polyester fabric, adjustable straps with double side structure, make the weight fall on his hips, reduces the shoulder to the chest oppression, breathe easier. And the shoulder belt has wide elastic gasket, easing the oppression to the shoulder.

5, alarm whistle: chest, the alarm is easy to determine, small volume, light weight. 6, the pressure gauge: big dial, with night vision

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Q:Why do you open your eyes and see nothing in the swimming pool?,
It's bad for your eyes to keep your eyes open in the water.. The disinfectant in the pool hurts the eyes. In the sea, the sea water is higher in salt, equivalent to tears. When you shed tears, be clear
Q:There are 5diving pipesWhat's the use of a breathing apparatus for diving supplies?
That's impossible. There must be an oxygen tank under the water, unless he's a superman or a mermaid.
Q:Swimming dive position,How does a dive start in swimming? Is there a motion picture or video?,
The body is prowling through the water in a delicate, boneless, graceful position,Related videos, please search Youku, "Phelps" teaching video can be seen.
Q:I want to go scuba diving in Maldives. Do I need to learn to swim first?
No, you can swim! I can't swim if I play! I usually go scuba diving. Professional coaches teach you to teach you, and then you go into the waterGenerally only teach you some sign language, such as go up together what to go! ~ ~ diving, oxygen, under the sea, do not have to swim, ha ha, I wish you a pleasant play!
Q:How to breathe while swimming and diving?
There is always a misunderstanding about swimming and diving: when you head above the water, breathe out when you breathe into the water. It is very wrong! When ventilation should be completed in the water, and exhaled breath is very to be completed at the same time! Exhale when your mouth wide, or in the air is not much.The breathing of swimming is to let the mouth breathe out of the water. The process is like this: the mouth is breathing - - don't let the ruler enter the water - use the nose from slow to quick exhalation - exhale and breathe out of the water. Simply speaking, that is smoking - vomiting - vomiting.
Q:How long can you swim, dive, exhale through your mouth, or breathe out with your nose? How can you breathe?
Swimming and diving, do not know what you mean is not my child often do, is the breath, in the bottom of the swimming pool swimming. When the sixth grade primary school, I can breath underwater 20 meters. When I was a child, I swam every day during the summer vacation. And I contact long-distance running, learn to trumpet, so lung capacity is relatively good. Exhale, swimming is nose expiratory (to prevent water inverted choke water, mouth open breath)
Q:Why do you insist on diving and swimming?
SwimsuitGogglesBathing capJust OKNot recommended for nasal congestion or anything like that
Q:Does swimming widen the shoulders? Do you still have muscles?
This position can also play the role of chest expansion, summer cool little vest out, the most sexy is you!I want to back muscle, suggest that you learn the butterfly, but is really tired, master the right way and do what. Butterfly exercises take more parts. They have arms, shoulders, waist, legs.
Q:Diving in several ways, can not swim, which kind?
2- snorkeling, is generally wearing goggles and with the breath tube, floating in the water, can not swim in shallow water is good advice, in order to reach the bottom and free standing body depth of breathing.Scuba diving is not suitable for beginners, because not familiar with the water, prone to accidents.
Q:Swim or dive faster or swim faster on the surface?
Diving, snorkelling need not because upward force can be saved. And water spray can also affect speed.

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