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Respirator filter type is only at home and abroad the latest development of new type of filtration equipment.

role It can filter out more than 0.22 um liquid particles and bacteria that have high filtration precision, fast transition, adsorption, dielectric loss, naisuanjian corrosion, high temperature resistant, convenient operation, etc. Application has been widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, beverages, fruit wine, biochemical necessary equipment for water treatment and environmental protection industries.

Is mainly used to prevent the impurities in the air and harmful bacteria, microbes into the tanks, such as production lines, sterile room, etc., caused by changes in water quality, product and sterile room environment.

Common model parameters of the material: 304, 316 l filtration precision (um) : 0.22 100 filtering capacity (t/h) : 0.2 filter length (m/m) : 5 inches, 10 inches work pressure (Mpa) : the temperature range of 0.1 to 0.6 Mpa (℃) : 1-60 filter material for: polypropylene filter

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Q:People who swim frequently have higher frequency of water entry, such as diving. How can they prevent water inflow and get otitis media?
It's easy to use! Silicone, plug ears, waterproof effect is particularly good!
Q:What do you have in your mouth while swimming?
When a man dives into the water:(1) when the submerged air tube, one breath, therefore, to go into the water.(2) when the suction pipe is out of the water, the person must blow and blow the water out of the pipe.
Q:When swimming dive, suddenly feel the right ear into the water, and then the right ear to listen to the sound is very vague, do not hurt, just get ashore, just fine
I often have a similar situation, that is, when swimming, ears suddenly water, so that no matter what the sound is very vague, and hear their own voice is very large, I feel like deaf people.
Q:Can you open your eyes underwater? Is the water in the pool harmful to your eyes when diving?
A non humans then clear the water, underwater visual horizon but 3 meters and the water will stimulate the corneal ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ long time under water will reduce the eye uncorrected vision.
Q:Can a diver not swim?
Scuba diving can not swim, as long as you are not afraid of the water on the line
Q:When I dive, heart in a few seconds, count to 30 seconds, his nose started a bit uncomfortable, as if to choke water, then I will not hesitate to raise his head to breathe (vital capacity is not very good, I) what method can improve my diving time???. I was swimming and diving, soon choked water nose
The nose uncomfortable is normal, to maintain a mouth before diving in suggest you inhale the smoke filled lungs and then to blow a balloon to drum up the mouth, feeling to choke the water to slowly blows so you can maintain for a period of time in the mouth blowing without you can look up the ventilation when diving, do not believe you try this is my experience.
Q:Why do people say diving is not necessary to swim?
Swimming is not difficult. Diving, especially diving in the sea, there is no wind, three feet of waves, it costs a lot of energy. The landlord or practice swimming, as long as you can swim 200 meters, regardless of speed,
Q:How can you dive deeper in swimming? When I dive, I float up. How can I dive down?
People who can't swim feel submerged when they dive, and they swim when they feel like they are floating. If you want to dive longer, it is recommended to take a small weight diving
Q:Diving in several ways, can not swim, which kind?
The following are for your referenceDiving Snorkeling and diving gas respectively, scuba diving (carrying oxygen diving)
Q:How to swim diving ah, I dive down immediately, and seek expert advice, it is best to have video, online copy of the answer does not
3, open the stopwatch, take a deep breath, start time, stop time in their own good time to breathe, record the time, repeat the above steps, the 5 time according to the time after taking the middle value for breath under water standard time

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