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Wreckage when you attend the ice dive, dive, dive hole, or the technical activities such as diving, SCUBAPRO comprehensive cover is a safe and appropriate choice. SCUBAPRO fullface goggles, the second source for safe use, in the diving sewage or communication system using water, is a very appropriate solution. This product is light weight, wear comfortable, the quality is superior, widely used in military, fire fighting, and commercial diving etc. goggles Hong Kong brand-name products ACTION - QUEST. Choose highquality materials, produced in Taiwan. Excellent workmanship and design. Lens: high strength compressive resistance to water impact of toughened glass, the greatest possible to protect your eyes. Materials: silica gel, nontoxic, corrosion resistance to seawater, does not produce toxic substances to make facial ministry skin produce allergic phenomenon. Characteristics: a face, 100% leakage. Origin: Hong Kong accessories: with special plastic box, easy to carry process protective goggles mirror from scratching. Color: transparent, transparent blue, yellow, green, black, all black. Full potential

Goggles maintenance method 1. Should use clean after each use fresh water rinse and soak for half an hour or so, fully wash the salinity of the water and the material that has the effect that corrosion. 2. Rinse dried, unfavorable and exposure in the sun, in a cool, dry place for storage. 3. If it is transparent silicone material in front of the mirror, unfavorable put them with the black silicone mask.

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Q:When swimming, I suddenly feel the water in my right ear
I often have a similar situation, that is, when swimming, ears suddenly water, so that no matter what the sound is very vague, and hear their own voice is very large, I feel like deaf people.
Q:Can't you swim? Can you take scuba diving lessons?
Swimming and diving are different, ah, diving equipment, ah, of course, you can report ah, but for safety, it is best to first learn swimming lessons, not afraid of 10000, in case ah!
Q:The fastest way to swim is to dive
The breast stroke is one of the competitive swimming postures. The body prone water, arms at the chest symmetrical straight arm flexor side pull, legs symmetric flexion pedal water, swim like a frog. Breaststroke is labor-saving, easy lasting, high practical value, commonly used in hunting and fishing, swimming, rescue, water transportation, at the same time, is also the swimming beginners learning project. Competitions include men and women 100 meters, 200 meters, and so on.
Q:What's the effect of swimming for a long time?
3. arthritis. It is easy to induce arthritis if it is immersed in water for too long.4. excessive swimming is bad for your health and may cause muscle strain or something like that.
Q:How can I dive to swim under the water when swimming in a swimming pool?
Plunge on the shore: the basic water entry position is the same as that on the top, but the key to diving is more complicated and omitted here.3, March: after entering the water, always keep the body line (head can not carry on, always bow chin, the body cannot bend, realize the body like a dead in the water as a sliding feeling), using (1) large stroke breaststroke leg (2) freestyle leg (3) kick forward can.Note: (1) in order to overcome the buoyancy of water, swim into, you should understand the feeling of downhill travel. (2) swim into the process, to keep the body line, make full use of each line of inertia, inertia will disappear until the next movement began to do.
Q:How to dive empty handed while swimming?
Arm movement1 strokes: swimming strokes and the butterfly stroke is similar, but the distance between the two hands are a little bit bigger, and there is not much change in the direction of rotation of the palm, almost completely perpendicular to the surface.2, moving arm action: after the pull over and slide from hands on both sides of the thigh, abdomen, chest external rotation, along the reach, to the head, palms began to spin, the palm to turn down in Toumae Monobunao, preparing for the next stroke.Arm and leg coordinationWhen the arm is pulled and when the stroke is over, the legs naturally stretch together and make a gliding motion in the water. When the transfer arms legs, chest and arm to the forward end when the kick kick, arms straight
Q:Can't swim and dive?
Can't swim, still can dive. Diving is not as difficult as swimming, but it is the opposite. Is it possible to float, not because you can swim, but because you can use scuba gear?.
Q:Would you likWould you like to wear a long sleeved diving suit instead of a swimsuit in the swimming pool?e to wear a long sleeved diving suit instead of a swimsuit in the swimming pool?
Generally wet clothes are more common, wet clothing principle is fabric interlining, you can store a layer of water is not lost, so as to achieve insulation effect.
Q:Will swimming (not diving) drown in WoW?
Light swimming never diesSee if there's deep sea fatigueI tried to run into the deep sea with a ghost, and even the ghosts were tired to death!
Q:Swim or dive faster or swim faster on the surface?
Diving, snorkelling need not because upward force can be saved. And water spray can also affect speed.

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