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Wreckage when you attend the ice dive, dive, dive hole, or the technical activities such as diving, SCUBAPRO comprehensive cover is a safe and appropriate choice. SCUBAPRO fullface goggles, the second source for safe use, in the diving sewage or communication system using water, is a very appropriate solution. This product is light weight, wear comfortable, the quality is superior, widely used in military, fire fighting, and commercial diving etc. goggles Hong Kong brand-name products ACTION - QUEST. Choose highquality materials, produced in Taiwan. Excellent workmanship and design. Lens: high strength compressive resistance to water impact of toughened glass, the greatest possible to protect your eyes. Materials: silica gel, nontoxic, corrosion resistance to seawater, does not produce toxic substances to make facial ministry skin produce allergic phenomenon. Characteristics: a face, 100% leakage. Origin: Hong Kong accessories: with special plastic box, easy to carry process protective goggles mirror from scratching. Color: transparent, transparent blue, yellow, green, black, all black. Full potential

Goggles maintenance method 1. Should use clean after each use fresh water rinse and soak for half an hour or so, fully wash the salinity of the water and the material that has the effect that corrosion. 2. Rinse dried, unfavorable and exposure in the sun, in a cool, dry place for storage. 3. If it is transparent silicone material in front of the mirror, unfavorable put them with the black silicone mask.

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Q:Is swimming good for fatty liver?
The benefits of swimming:(1) swimming exercise is to overcome the resistance of water, not to overcome gravity, muscles and joints are not easy to hurt.(2) as the exercise progresses, the goal should be to keep the distance from swimming longer and longer.(3) according to individual swimming ability difference, determine suitable exercise frequency and exercise intensity, and check two times of pulse at each exercise and end of exercise, don't exceed safety value.
Q:Which one is strong, swimming or diving?
The minimum resistance to climbing is greater than that of diving. Welcoming the small diving posture, always maintain the best, but is not long!
Q:Why does one ear leak when diving?
Under the water there is pressure. The deeper, the more obvious.. When the pressure feeling a sense of crushed ears. So I feel stressed out. The eardrum should be closed.. So I feel the sound is far away and lighter..
Q:Will swimming (not diving) drown in WoW?
Light swimming never diesSee if there's deep sea fatigueI tried to run into the deep sea with a ghost, and even the ghosts were tired to death!
Q:I want to go scuba diving in Phuket, but I can't swim?
This is mainly to see the landlord afraid of water itself, but also not necessarily asked to swim
Q:How do you learn how to swim? How do you swim? I can swim on the water now, but I can't move on
Another function of learning floats is to practice balance. A person's head is very heavy, and when the head is out of the water, the weight of the body is even greater. So you should learn to swim before swimming. The method is simple: stand in shallow water, lean against the pool wall, bend over, stretch your arms forward, head into the water, and then lift one leg back to the wall to smooth it out. Try to relax and relax, and gradually realize that water can float up. After losing speed, the legs gradually sink, and then slowly stand up. This gradually overcome tension, and cultivate hydrophilic.After a few practice sessions, you have confidence and feelings. After floating up and balancing, you can increase the breaststroke propulsion - arm pull and leg pinch. For beginners, these actions are simple and do not have to focus too much on it. After the initial swim, and gradually improve the quality of action.
Q:Do not swim can learn scuba diving Research Guide
Just let you float on the water and don't drink water. News often shows that divers drowned because of equipment failures and no swimming. Listen to me and minimize the risk
Q:What's the best way to learn swimming?
5) 4) based on the process of very skilled, you lie, try to kick off the bottom, and slowly swing, general foot swing up and down hand stretched out, up and down or swing around, pick your habit. You'll find yourself floating on the water, but your head is still underwater. You can control it. You can swim 90%. Practice more. Looking for the head to dive into the water, the body can completely do not touch the bottom of the pool feeling. 4., the surface generally reaches third steps, not difficult, just a process. Skilled in "head dive into the water, the body can not touch the bottom of the pool", then the action, the test head out of the water. Once you find that the body is sinking into the water, you put your head in the water again, and your body will come up again. This way, you will find the feeling, you can find it by hand in front of the water, one after a row, the legs hit the water one by one, you will slowly surfaced. 5. continue to exercise after surfacing. The next thing is to adjust your swimming posture, because you can put your body in the water. You can control yourself on the water, other baby swimming, butterfly swimming, freestyle, backstroke just pose, you like the problem. Slowly pondering in the water, imitate. The key is your running in with the water. Once you can float freely on the water, it should be OK to move slowly.
Q:Swimming dive position,How does a dive start in swimming? Is there a motion picture or video?,
The butterfly leg practice method is:The back wall is 15 cm, to drive chest waist and abdomen, waist to hips, buttocks to the thigh, calf and thigh leg drive, to end pumping strike as starting point, the next cycle of the cycle, be sure to exercise every body fluctuation, buttocks must touch the wall (important),The butterfly leg works as shown below:
Q:The difference between the goggles and goggles! Goggles when using goggles?
The nose diving will be covered by the lens is made of glass, some swimming pools are not allowed to use the mirror when diving goggles, afraid of being kicked the glass is broken will hurt people

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