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Wreckage when you attend the ice dive, dive, dive hole, or the technical activities such as diving, SCUBAPRO comprehensive cover is a safe and appropriate choice. SCUBAPRO fullface goggles, the second source for safe use, in the diving sewage or communication system using water, is a very appropriate solution. This product is light weight, wear comfortable, the quality is superior, widely used in military, fire fighting, and commercial diving etc. goggles Hong Kong brand-name products ACTION - QUEST. Choose highquality materials, produced in Taiwan. Excellent workmanship and design. Lens: high strength compressive resistance to water impact of toughened glass, the greatest possible to protect your eyes. Materials: silica gel, nontoxic, corrosion resistance to seawater, does not produce toxic substances to make facial ministry skin produce allergic phenomenon. Characteristics: a face, 100% leakage. Origin: Hong Kong accessories: with special plastic box, easy to carry process protective goggles mirror from scratching. Color: transparent, transparent blue, yellow, green, black, all black. Full potential

Goggles maintenance method 1. Should use clean after each use fresh water rinse and soak for half an hour or so, fully wash the salinity of the water and the material that has the effect that corrosion. 2. Rinse dried, unfavorable and exposure in the sun, in a cool, dry place for storage. 3. If it is transparent silicone material in front of the mirror, unfavorable put them with the black silicone mask.

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Q:How to learn diving and swimming?
Swimming is a step by step approach. Don't worry about starting the water or making it look awkward, because the beginning of each swim is ugly, and it's not swimming at all
Q:There is a diving exhalation pipe
That's impossible. There must be an oxygen tank under the water, unless he's a superman or a mermaid
Q:Why Qiandao Lake can only dive, can not swim?
Even in midsummer, it is easy to have an accident. While swimming is a must wear a wetsuit, has the function of heat insulation and can withstand water under low temperature
Q:How can I learn to swim, like diving on TV?
As long as you learn a swimming (except diving), other positions you can be learned without teacher.Because you're not afraid anymore.Are you a man or a woman? If it's a girl, I can teach you without tuition fees
Q:What good is it for the little girl to learn swimming and fencing?
Swimming is the ability to move forward in the water by floating on your own and by your own limbs and body movements. Swimming can be divided into competitive swimming and swimming, swimming is one of the second major projects in the Olympic Games, including butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke (also called backstroke) and freestyle (also called crawl / freestyle) four strokes of the race, and synchronized swimming etc..
Q:The problem of choking in the nose when swimming or diving
The question of how to swim from the nose clip to swim without a nose clip is to let the nose breathe involuntarily. Is it controlled by thought, practice, or something special?. Because when swimming too pay attention to breathing will make body movement coordination, lost his balance but will be more easy to choke are generally do not wear, to tell the truth, I think these things are not so good. You back on the water to swim the sense of water is the most important. If you want to practice without a nose frame, that is to rely on personal practice to have a beginning. Have relied on up. Can you know the butterfly, I think it is off the wall by the waist and pull force force. This force is the same with the butterfly waist. Try to head down, after the hand to pull, push it is best to push to the side. In addition to roll when there is a moment of the nostril upward, this water will be pressed into the nostrils, I think you may not meet. Our approach is to keep out from the nostrils. The pressure roll out... This action is to be choked. Many Next. You'd better practice in the water first, then go back to practice. It can be practiced slowly. I really think water feeling is very important
Q:Can't swim? Can you learn scuba diving?
Yes, in theory. In fact, there are many people who are so learned. The coaches I know all say that they can swim, but many people can't dive, but they can't swim faster, so long as you don't panic.. However, for security reasons, I suggest you learn to swim, after all, this is in addition to humans, other animal instincts are born, live in the world, I think it is necessary to acquired through learning to master the skills of security..
Q:How do you learn to swim or dive faster?
Learning ventilation. On the floating foundation, the head is partial and the air can be changed.6, and then learn all kinds of swimming posture: in floating on the basis of learning freestyle hand movement, and with legs to fetch water, learned the freestyle, and so on.
Q:Why forbid diving on natatorium?
Diving in a swimming pool can affect other people and can also interfere with lifeguards.
Q:Why diving distance is not more than 15 meters in swimming competition?
Because the diving is very fast, if not, when the athletes in the game will take diving, but this violates the purpose of swimming (swimming, so improve the level of the game) not more than 15 meters diving

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