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"oxygen", is actually a highpressure cylinders. Scuba diving filling gas is usually not oxygen, but high pressure air. If you directly take charge of pure oxygen cylinders to scuba diving, easy to cause oxygen toxicity.

Regulations in our country more than 20 meters diving forbids the use of pure oxygen.

So not the bottle problem, but the inside of the bottle gas problem. You don't need modification, replacement of the gas inside. Generally use 12 to 16 l l bottle, basically see you can back up.. Physical nature can carry a larger.

If the bottle capacity is small, can hold two cylinders. Large capacity of the bottle or a diving time short enough.

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Q:Why forbid diving in natatorium?
Diving in a swimming pool can affect other people and can also interfere with lifeguards.When you dive, people don't know when you're coming up and you can't swim
Q:If you can't swim, can you dive?
Can dive. As a result, the beach diving is a coach in the side of the protection of guidance, and secondly, there are oxygen equipment, so there is no problem.
Q:Why do I swim, my ears get water, and my nose is very uncomfortable
No The ear because the ear on the surface of irregular waves encounter his ears out into the air, should lift your head high; the nose is uncomfortable because the old choked water caused by the water head and outward jet; diving time is out of practice, to adhere to.
Q:Does the diver want to swim?! I can't swim. Can I go scuba diving?
Does diving need swimming?In theory, diving does not require swimming, as long as the equipment is ready. But can not swim to diving, there may be water in the water and psychological, self-help ability is relatively weak, the relative risk of dangerous people to swim.
Q:What's the effect of swimming for a long time?
3. arthritis. It is easy to induce arthritis if it is immersed in water for too long.4. excessive swimming is bad for your health and may cause muscle strain or something like that.
Q:What's the best way to learn swimming?
Surfaced early training and try to let your body float in the water when closed. Methods: 1) hold dive in his body forward, don't be afraid. Because you have to believe in yourself. The standard of the front is to allow your body to lie prone in the water. A) in the water you can hold your breath for more than 20 seconds and 20 seconds, so it is very safe for you. Even if you're on the 5000 meter sea. B) where you train is much shallower than you are. 2) do not need to use too much action, let oneself emerge, because if you force, action will be more open, more quickly, your body's oxygen consumption in the water more, just had real can hold your breath for 20 seconds, then you may be less than 10 seconds you head floating water. Hold the gas. 3) when lying prone, the body will generally sink into the water, don't be afraid! Even if you sink to the bottom, you don't have to be afraid, because you can squat under the water at the bottom of the water at first, but this time you squat down to the bottom of the pool. 4) there is a phenomenon. As long as you lie slowly, your body will float in the water in 10 seconds, and people will not sink into the water. Remember! The body must never be stiff, relax and natural. You're so lazy, just lean on the water. Don't be afraid of anything. Only when you can't hold your breath. Head out again. Such training. If you do this, you will be able to swim, and you will have 30% more.
Q:How can I dive to swim under the water when swimming in a swimming pool?
Entry action:(1): water dive down with chest, chin to chest, arms and arms horizontally by chuck head lead body below the diagonal into the water (about 45 degrees), head into the water after the big arms back arm to push the water into the water with the trunk, limbs natural floating body to form a streamlined, complete the next dive.
Q:Why, when I'm swimming, to be exact, I'm not afraid of water
Leg movements:1, leg: knees, legs, heels to the hips close, the calf to hide behind the thigh, slow leg, so that you can reduce resistance. The end of the legs, two knee and shoulder width, legs and feet vertically in the water near the surface, cheng.2, double foot: distance greater than two feet from the knees, feet valgus, toes outward, feet round back, legs and feet of water inside align, like the letter "W English".3, clip tread water: the process is actually straight legs (Qu Kuan and knee), by the waist and thighs while power to the inside of the leg and foot pedal and water, first out, backward, downward, inward, and then to the top of the tread water, just like painting half a circle. The outward push and the inward clamping of the water are done continuously, that is, even with the strap. When the clip is finished, the legs are stretched together, the feet are turned inward, and the toes are opposite. Pedal water speed should not be too fierce, to slow down to the rapid acceleration of water, two legs nearly stretched, close together when the pedal water speed is the fastest.4, stop: legs close together, unbend in a short glide (1-2 seconds).
Q:Can not swim people can go diving to play?
Yes, as long as you are not so afraid of the water, listen to the diving teacher
Q:The difference between free diving suits and gas cylinders, diving suits, swimming suits
Free diving suits, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses, with tops and pants. Keep warm, keep cold.

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