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Do not you dry the stone
Cement fiberboard, also known as fiber cement board. Is based on siliceous, calcium material as the main raw material, adding plant fiber, after the pulp, copy, pressure, conservation made of a new type of building materials. After the high-pressure production of cement fiber board, also known as fiber cement pressure plate, its performance is better than the non-pressurized cement fiber board.
Use the cement board to do the bathroom partition, how to do waterproof, with which waterproof material is better
Now the house decoration bathroom waterproof is generally not membrane waterproof, and the usual way is to use waterproof paint to do waterproof. Waterproof coating asphalt-based waterproof coating basically no, the two commonly used paint is: (1) synthetic polymer polyurethane waterproof coating (corner, etc. need to add polyester cloth, glass cloth, etc.) (2) polymer modified asphalt SBS waterproof coating (need to add carcass reinforcement polyester cloth, glass cloth, etc.).
I'm laying slate tile over linoleum that was installed about 6 months ago....the linoleum is in very good condition, very smooth with no rips or lifting. I've done some research and figured I could put down cement board and then lay the tile on that. The floor under the linoleum is cement. Is there a special drill/special screw necessary to attach the cement board to the cement foundation?
You will have to scrape off the linoleum cover and the adhesive as well which was used for laying the linoleum sheet in order to ensure that the laying of slate tiles however laid gets a bonding with the original floor without which the money you spend to get the best value of it will never be guaranteed.
I am in the Chicago area and it rained a few days ago.... I am also using molds and wood 4x4's
You can pour the cement one day and let it dry over night --You should be able to nail the boards onto it the next day. Wait for a day with (no rain) to pour cement. We just built a fence and poured the cement and it set up real well by the next day--but it was not raining. Good Luck on your fence
I just completely gutted my bathroom down to the wall studs and original plywood sub-floor. Which do I install first -- the new bathtub or the cement backer board on the floor? The original tile floor was over an inch thick. The new tub will be fiberglass, and I plan to put ceramic tile around the tub area as well as the main floor.
If you got the standard enamelled metal tub you will see that the top edge may have screw holes already in it. I don't think fiberglass was much different- maybe no holes and you have to drill them yourself as the tub is in place This is screwed to the studs. Can't see studs behind cement board.(Don't care if you have better than 20:20 vision) CB is just a board for tiling onto. Before that was Greenboard basically gypsum board with a waterproof coating. Before that it was just gypsum board. The Tile& grout is the waterproof layer. Many houses were done on gypsum board. Mine has been done that way because neither Greenboard or Cementboard were not invented yet. Mine has been up for 35 years not a problem at all.
What is the best thing to do with the top floor of the house?
When dealing with nodes that have been repeatedly leaked for years, you need to be deeper and wider. Fill more dense to be more times, you can ensure that after treatment no longer cracked again. Extra large gushing water plugging. You can apply for plugging partner at the same time, you can adjust to 2-5 seconds quick condensate plugging.
60 thick foam cement board Ⅱ how much noise
Product density is light, the volume of dry, the density of about 250kg / cubic, the board through the National Testing Center 1.5 million times the anti-fatigue vibration test, the board and the steel structure as a whole, can reach 9 earthquake.
i'm going to be putting in durock in my shower? what kind of screws do i use? do they have cement board screws?
Anodized drywall screws