Rechargeable LED Search Light

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Product Description:

1. Superiorities:

1) Inner Battery: sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery, free maintenance, up to 2500 mA, can be recharged for more than 300 times.

2) Inner PCB: made of brand-new and high-capacity electronic components, longer using lifespan.

3) LED: superbright, pure white, energy saving, durable, luminous range up to 100m.

4) Outer Plastic: completely new ABS, strong, waterproof, anti-weathering, smooth feeling.

5) Charging Plug: stainless steel,round pin .

6) Charging Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC, 50/60Hz. One time of full charge can offer 30 hours continuous lighting.

7) Widely utility. Not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor activities such camping, mining, fishing, hunting and so on. Not only used as a searchlight, but also can be used as an emergency lamp.


2. Instruction:

1) Please charge it for 10 to 15 hours before using it for the first time.

2) To charge it, please push the plug-pins completely out and plug them directly into 110VAC/220VAC socket, the charging indicator will be on. One full charge needs about 15 hours charging time.

3) Push the switch to be 1st gear, the LED will be on, push the switch to be 2nd gear, it will be brighter.


3. Caution:

1) Please charge it in time when the light is weak.

2) When charging, please do not turn it on so as to avoid burning out the inner circuit or LED.

3) When charging, keep it away from inflammable and explosive materials.

4) The continuous charging time should be not more than 15 hours.

5) Please charge it one time for each three-month stock time so as to keep the battery function properly.


4. Guarantee:

Six months guarantee time counting from shipment date. Any product with manufacturing defect can be replaced with good ones.


5. Pictures :


Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light

Rechargeable LED Search Light




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Q:Power supply circuit for spot lamp switch
Yes, 35W spotlight switch, the power supply voltage is how much, greater than 24V on the line, equal to 24V better, direct power up.
Q:What kinds of LED lights can be divided into?
Street lights: road lights are mainly used for night lighting.
Q:What is the actual power consumption of 12v20w spotlights?
It's 20W.In general, such lights are equipped with electronic transformers step-down, electronic transformer efficiency is higher, so the transformer loss is very small, can be ignored.
Q:What's the name of that spot that lights up in the sky at night?
It can use a mirror or lens to focus the injection beam in a very small solid angle (usually less than 2 degrees) to obtain a larger light intensity.Role: first, pilot lights, to prevent aircraft hit high-rise buildings; two is to decorate the city's beauty.
Q:Is the LED lamp specially illuminated? No other use?
And the city lights you see, those are LED lights. And the lights at the big supermarket. Searchlight, miner's lamp, and so on. How many products?.
Q:What light does the construction lamp around the tower crane use for lighting?
A large beam of light can be obtained by concentrating a beam of light in a very small solid angle (usually less than 2 degrees) with a mirror or lens. Considering the size, weight and ease of operation of the device, most of the searchlights are equipped with a tripod or movable carrier, and large searchlights even have special trucks as carriers.
Q:Which brand is portable searchlight good?
Shenzhou moon is aimed at the outdoor market, so most of their products are developed with lithium batteries as the mainstream. Shenzhou moon products, the appearance of relatively conservative, style is very calm, processing and assembly skills are solid, product control and consistency are very strong, quality is quite stable. The Shenzhou month in recent varieties of flashlight in the field of development efforts, performance is very strong and aggressive. When it comes to variety and product lines, it's probably the most comprehensive among the brands. The Shenzhou moon in China is of great quality, but the design has always been said to be relatively conservative and not bright enough. Of course, this is just a simple statement of sharing, and its excellence will not be covered by a couple of flaws. Of course, its waterproof performance is first-rate.
Q:LED light is lighting 60 meters high?
Now the technology is very developed, you can search Baidu on the Internet, can find you satisfied.
Q:Is the cicada powerful 5W powerful searchlight or 10W high-power searchlight good?
LED searchlights should be near 30~50W, at least. Such as the LED flashlight above the market, this is a narrow version of the searchlight ah, the power is basically 3W.
Q:1000W searchlight astigmatism effect
Modern searchlights are mainly used for ship navigation (such as ship searchlights) and signal signs. With the shortening of lighting distance, the searchlight will develop to medium and small scale. Middle and small searchlights generally use halogen tungsten lamp as light source, its filament brightness is high, luminous volume is small and near point, light source can instantaneous point out, but the light source life is short. There are also ultra high pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp and ultra high pressure xenon lamp as the light source, it has higher arc brightness and smaller luminous body, and the starting characteristics are related to the performance of light source and trigger.

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