waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

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Product Description:


  • Heavy duty tuning light

  • 10pcs*5w leds, IP68

  • 25w/40w/50w/60w available

1. Model Number : JG-ND50
2. Led Quantity: 10x5W Cree leds
3. Led work light power: 50w
4. Brightness: 3900lm
5. Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
6. Operating Voltage:9-32V DC
7. Optional Beam: Flood / Spot   
6. Lifespan: 30,000Hours
9. Aluminum housing and stainless steel Screw and PC Lens
10. Size: 160*142*231mm

11. IP68 waterproof


2.LED work light Application:

  • Offroad vehicle,ATVs,truck, engineering vehicles 

  • Excavator,treedozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane, mining

  • Special vehicle,fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle

  • Forklift,trains,boat,bus,and tanks



3. Quality Control we did:

  • Low Temperature 

  • High Temperature Test

  • Temperature & Humidity Test

  • Thermal Shock Cycling Test

  • Dustproof Test 

  • Random Vibration Test

  • Mechanical Shock Test

  • Low Pressure Test

  • Drip Box Water Test


4. pictures


waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight



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Q:Bought a charging searchlight will not light, what's the matter?
LED lamp light but the brightness of the:A---LED lamp has been aging [plan] lamp replacementThe high frequency inductance of the B--- driver module is bad, or the output voltage and current are smallC--- Huarong BAD305 portable explosion-proof searchlight, when bright orange red lamp does not have high current output, at this time the lamp brightness is not high, belong to normal [design time, in order to extend the lighting time]
Q:Can the outdoor searchlights change the water lamp?
Absolutely. That's how I changed the lights. I have a good waterproof performance of outdoor LED light into a light blue, purple sea of fiji. Cheap and easy to use.
Q:Glare searchlights are not bright, how to repair and use notes
Glare searchlight maintenance method: a hand-held light searchlight, sometimes by the switch no response, and sometimes press to light, but not easy to switch off, the lamp holder is baked deformation. Open the lamp, the battery by visible light searchlights maintenance (6V/4.5A maintenance free dry battery) control panel, light bulb (6V/15W), is due to high power lighting, so the use of porcelain lampholder, charging seat reflector and the outside, in addition to the charging seat outside, other components into the sealing shell, are waterproof. The selection of weak light switch with a light button, or closed, with undervoltage protection function, which is suitable for factory, family and field use.
Q:How small is the battery capacity of searchlights now?
The battery capacity of the searchlight is not all small, but the battery capacity is set according to the power of the searchlight and the time of illumination. More importantly, the overall cost and profit of the searchlight are taken into account.
Q:What tests do LED lamps need to be tested?
LED lighting test is more specific, the basic parameters like, color temperature, color rendering index, beam negative, luminous flux, voltage, current, total power, temperature, humidity, and so on too much.
Q:Troubleshooting of power searchlight
I have this problem, too. The possibilities are: 1. Switch failure. 2, beads (if it is a lamp if contact wiring). 3. The electronic component is in the state of half breakdown. The original copy is very rubbish!
Q:What is the actual power consumption of 12v20w spotlights?
20 Watt spotlights, average work 50 hours, power consumption for once.
Q:What shape should the reflector of the searchlight mirror have before it can be fired by a point light source?
A searchlight is composed of a light source and a reflector, and generally includes one or more optical lenses in front of the reflector. The light is first gathered through a reflector (parabolic mirror or spherical mirror) and then controlled by different positions and combinations of optical lenses, and finally projected out.
Q:Is the searchlight light made from a point light source?
The searchlight is formed from a point light source.The composition of the searchlight: 2000W-5000w xenon lamp as a light source, 100 cm in diameter, rhodium plated disk concave mirror.
Q:What are the main ways of high power cooling for LED automobile lamps?
Air cooling, heat dissipation, contact surface, heat dissipationIn general, when the car lights are in use, the car is moving through the lamp housing and the wind enough to take the heat away

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