waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

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Product Description:


  • Heavy duty tuning light

  • 10pcs*5w leds, IP68

  • 25w/40w/50w/60w available

1. Model Number : JG-ND50
2. Led Quantity: 10x5W Cree leds
3. Led work light power: 50w
4. Brightness: 3900lm
5. Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
6. Operating Voltage:9-32V DC
7. Optional Beam: Flood / Spot   
6. Lifespan: 30,000Hours
9. Aluminum housing and stainless steel Screw and PC Lens
10. Size: 160*142*231mm

11. IP68 waterproof


2.LED work light Application:

  • Offroad vehicle,ATVs,truck, engineering vehicles 

  • Excavator,treedozer,road roller,bulldozer,crane, mining

  • Special vehicle,fire engine,police cars,rescue vehicle,communication vehicle

  • Forklift,trains,boat,bus,and tanks



3. Quality Control we did:

  • Low Temperature 

  • High Temperature Test

  • Temperature & Humidity Test

  • Thermal Shock Cycling Test

  • Dustproof Test 

  • Random Vibration Test

  • Mechanical Shock Test

  • Low Pressure Test

  • Drip Box Water Test


4. pictures


waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight

waterproof 50w led work light heavy duty searchlight



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Q:The LED series lights have no searchlights. How far is the range?
Automobile signal light is also an important field of LED light source applications. In 1987, our country began to install high brake light on the car, because the LED response speed (nanosecond), we can let the driver of the vehicle as soon as possible to know the driving conditions and reduce the rear end crash.In addition, LED lights have been used in outdoor red, green, blue, full-color display, key button micro torches and other fields.LED lamp parameters: brightness according to the use of the environment and other factors, the wavelength of red light: 620nm-625nm, green light wavelength: 520nm-525nm, blue light wavelength: 465nm-470nm.
Q:LED light 15W is not bright
General indoor ceiling LED lights are 3W, 15W, you say bright? But it depends on what you do, when the remote searchlight is probably not enough.
Q:What searchlight is better for fish pond lighting?
Product features:1 、 the lamp housing is made of cast aluminium, with high strength and light weight;2, high strength tempered glass, high temperature resistance;3, excellent spotlight effect, effective range of up to 2000m4, HID xenon light source, high brightness, brightness up to 15000lm.5. This product supports hot start. It can be opened again after use without cooling.
Q:What tests do LED lamps need to be tested?
Test temperature and humidity of several kinds of equipment, such as: LED constant temperature and humidity test box, LED hot and cold impact test box, LED high temperature aging test box, etc..LED constant temperature and humidity test chamber: it is used to test the performance of materials in various environments and to test the properties of various materials, such as heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance.
Q:How to transform the lighting circuit diagram of electric vehicles so that the lights do not burn?
I recommend the use of LED led, long life, save electricity.
Q:Troubleshooting of power searchlight
Go by boat ratchet for Gnome repair, we can not cover the craft of Azeroth's goblin!Feel the goblins too dark can also go to find Gnome repair gnomeregan. The engineering is absolutely satisfying to you,
Q:Led searchlight fault, please advise
The control circuit is broken. Take a look at it. You can change to the electronic market
Q:Searchlight circuit principle and maintenance
Principle: by means of a mirror or lens, a beam of light is concentrated in a small solid angle (usually less than 2 degrees) to obtain a greater intensity of light.
Q:Why does my 220V high voltage MR16 connector LED spotlight go up and burn out after one or two days?
Because I do not know the specific parameters of your lines and components, so you can only be the speculation, there are two reasons: one is the estimated LED spotlight you is the capacitance of capacitor step-down, while the voltage is selected 250V.
Q:Warsun 200W ultra super bright portable xenon woersen outdoor explosion-proof searchlight glare flashlight how
Usually with 4.2 volt lithium battery, flashlight recommended tank007 strong light LED flashlight oh.

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