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i have ready mix cement that you just add water to & i want to make my own bricks.what is the easiest way to make a mold.thanks for any help
Just stack the bags of cement on top of each other, wet them down, they will harden where they lay.
How about wood wire cement board? Is it environmentally friendly building materials?
The combination of lignocellulosic and Portland cement produces a non-toxic building material plate that does not contain any volatile toxic substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde. Wood fiber cement board will not produce any harmful substances, excellent environmental performance. Wooden cement board contains 71% Portland cement, 19% mineralized wood fiber, 9% moisture and 1% binder. Wood fiber cement board conforms to ASTM E 136 non-flammable building materials standard, excellent structural performance. Soaked in water is not layered, stable uniformity. Wooden cement board can be cut, planing, grinding, drilling, threading, and can be fixed with nails or screws
should I use cement board or a leveling compound for my tile flooring?
You can use either. As long as the self leveling compound is poured a minimum of a 1/2 This way or 1/2 cement board, properly installed, will meet both ATC and TCA tile hand book guidelines.This being a minimum of 1 1/4 minimum total substrate for tile base. By the time you use a primer on the floor for the compound , it isn t very cost effective, but you will have one nice hard level floor. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
I'm trying to install tiles on the back of my stove's wall, so grease won't stick on the wall and it can be easier to clean the tiles versus the wall. I've read the DIY instructions in the internet, but since I'm not installing tiles in a wet area, is it necessary to get green drywall or cement back board? Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
No greenboard necessary Its mostly used in the tub- bathroom area. But be sure when you put up the tiles you are using wall cement and not floor cement. When you purchase your supplies a clerk from the store should answer anything you are unsure of.... thats what they're there for
We are remodeling our Bath and have put cement board around the shower which we will tile. My question is, do I continue to use cement board around the remainder of the bath or put up green board. The cement board in only 1/4 inch. Can I get greenboard that is 1/4 in. thick? I don't want a ridge between were the two meet. The tile will run half way up the wall and the other half painted in the remaining part of the bath.
If you are installing ceramic tile then you definitely need to use cement board in the shower/tub area. Green board with ceramic tile would be okay for other parts of the bathroom walls, but not in the shower/tub. Green board is water resistant, but it is not really waterproof and should not be used in a shower. Cement board is not affected at all by water so it is great to use in shower.
We're trying to get inspiration for this project. We want something less expensive than a regular bed frame and easy to move, in other words as easy to break down and load up as possible. We have already bought a queen mattress, 9 cement blocks, and four 40x30 inch three-quarter thick plywood boards to do a basic platform bed. But after getting the materials I realized how short this bed is going to be. I want it more traditional height. I could go get 9 more blocks to make it 8 inches taller but really the first round of blocks are more than I want to fool with when we're moving.So after googling, I found the milk crate & board foundation idea. But by the time I buy enough crates, and considering the money I've already spent on all the cement blocks, we could buy a traditional frame.Anybody have ideas on something else to use? Lightweight but sturdy. And cheap? Or know of any place to buy the rigid crates less than $10 a piece?Thanks
You can buy a bed frame new for about $50. You can go to the second hand store and get one for about $10.
I see pictures of peoples' dorm rooms where they have heavy pictures and bulletin boards to stick on their walls and I could never find any sticky stuff at the store that was strong enough... help!
I tapped some nails in. But I don't recommend it. It took a long time and you'll probably get charged for the damage it does to the paint. I found some sticky, puffy stuff from Duct Tape. It's double sided and it's waaaay sticky. For my heavier stuff I just doubled/tripled up and it hung right up. This is what I did for my full length mirror. Also they make those clear plastic holder things. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what they're called. But they have sticky on one side and you stick that to the wall and then there is a hook on the other side. They work great too and are cheap!
We are redoing a small bathroom and I want to redo the old tile and also add some additional tile around some of the other walls. We are planning to use cement board around the tub, but do I need to rip out existing wallboard around the vanity and other walls where I want to add new tiles and replace it with cement backer board? Or should I just add the cement board on top of the existing wallboard in the places I want to add new tile ( I was thinking about maybe tiling halfway up some of the other walls). Thanks!
Cement board is only needed around a tub or shower, Adhere the tile with a modified thinset adhesive. Use mastic (glue made for tile) on the existing drywall rather than thinset on the rest of the room.