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2g yellow is a pigment or a dye?
Nature: dark yellow powder. Soluble in water was yellow, slightly soluble in ethanol, chloroform and lysosomal, insoluble in other organic solvents. In concentrated sulfuric acid was red and yellow, diluted yellow solution and precipitation; in concentrated nitric acid was yellow solution. Its aqueous solution, concentrated hydrochloric acid or concentrated sodium hydroxide solution, are yellow. Dyeing, the case of copper ion color slightly darker, the case of iron color is darker. Good discharge.
Tattoo paint which are several kinds of
According to the color of the color principle: ordinary color - in ordinary light to display their own color ordinary color. The general color of the material belongs to this. Fluorescent Pigment - does not display color under normal light, or displays a lighter color, and is excited by a clear color under fluorescence. Suitable for tattoo art at bars and other places. Generally not recommended, because such materials used by the raw materials harmful ingredients larger. But it is said that some foreign pigment has been using cutting-edge technology, each pigment will be a small particle with a layer of safe material wrapped up to form a protective layer, effectively prevent the pigment itself on the human side effects. In this need to emphasize that the traditional argument with animal blood or cinnabar, white powder and other tattoos, usually can not see, only to drink after the show, it is very dangerous! No scientific basis! Luminous pigment - generally in the human body to paint a temporary color material used, if the skin into the skin, the security to be certified. It is generally believed that the toxicity of this pigment is higher than that of ordinary colorants. - used to cut out the pattern on the skin of the pigment, mostly black pigment.
Latex paint just brush up for 2 weeks
I have done more than a decade of oil workers have not heard of oily latex paint ah, only the woody paint only water-based oily ah, and I asked the understanding of oil workers friends, they have not heard of oily latex You know your oily paint?
How to quickly remove the paint on the clothes
If it is oily, you can use alcohol bubble, and then washed just fine
Polymer cement mortar 1m3 how many kilograms
And ordinary mortar the same, but the polymer instead of the water only
Definition or condition or structure
POLYMER, is the name of the polymer compound when people do not understand the name of the macromolecule compound MACROMOLECULE, it is recognized that the structure of these compounds is actually a long chain branched structure of the molecular weight of the molecules of high molecular It is a huge molecule.
What is the difference between paint and paint?
General workers to wood paint and metal paint as a paint, while the wall paint referred to as paint
Is the waterproof paint a paint? If not, with the paint class, what is the difference?
First of all that it is not paint, because the waterproof coating ingredients are coating material configuration, which added to some of the polyurethane waterproof material. Paint is mainly used for wood structure on the material, and paint is used for wall paint material.