Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

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China main port
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10000 roll
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30000000 roll/month

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Describtion:Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Masking tape is using crepe paper as backing material and coated with natural rubber adhesive

Standard size: 24mm*30, 48mm*30m,0.99m*1800m,1.22m*1800, etc.

Application : widely used for painting masking, furniture, shoe material production, auotmobile painting.


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Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Pakaging & Shiping

Packaging Detail

standard packing / genuine packing / as per customer's packing instruction

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15 ~ 30 days after receiving the deposit

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

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Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape


Company Information

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

CNBM International Corp., established in 2004, is the business entity fortrade and logistics of CNBM Group, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of People’s Republic of China.

Adhero Technology is the adhesive tape division of CNBM International Corporation. Over the past decade we have been developed into a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes in China. We mainly supply various kinds of adhesive tapes as BOPP packing tape, cloth duct tape, double sided taoes, PVC tapes, Aluminum foil tape etc.

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape

Automobile Spray Painting Masking Tape


FAQ: What are your company advantages? 

  1. Stable financial status and sound reputation as a state invested corporation under the direct administration of the State Council of PRC;
    2. CNBM’s worldwide influence as one of the 500 global fortunes specializing in building materials including adhesive tapes;
    3. More than a decade’s exporting experience and technology in adhesive tape industry;
    4. Preferential shipping channels, with a separate team dealing with shipping.



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Q:Why is the front bumper of the car plastic?
In order to protect pedestrians on the road, in case of collisions with pedestrians, the impact of plastic smaller than the metal, will not cause excessive harm to pedestrians;
Q:Is the inside of the fender lined with lint or plastic?
The leaf plate, also known as the fender, includes a rear leaf plate, a rear leaf plate lining, and a rear fender. The leaf plate is the outer panel of the body that covers the wheels. It conforms to the fluid mechanics, reduces the drag coefficient, and makes the vehicle run more smoothly. In accordance with the installation location is divided into the front leaf plate and back leaf plate, the front leaf plate installed in front of the wheel, because the front wheel has steering function, so you must ensure that the front wheel turn
Q:How do you remove the plastic paint from the car?
Hello, this requires special cleaning agent. There will be a shop outside
Q:Are there any domestic companies producing modified plastics for automobiles?
Dongguan Jia Yan Plastics Co., Ltd., their company specializes in PP modified. (bumper frame, seat frame, PP for automobile flame retardant parts). I went to their company to buy some material. Y good company size is big.
Q:Can automobile panels be made entirely of plastic instead of metal?
Toughened PP, which is mainly made of elastomer, has a high impact strength and low temperature toughness. It is mainly used to make automobile bumpers, and adding toughening agents can achieve good results.
Q:What are the 5 major engineering plastics in the world? What's the use of him?
(PC) not only has the strength similar to that of non-ferrous metals, but also has both ductility and toughness. Its impact strength is extremely high. It can not be damaged by hammering with a hammer and can withstand the explosion of a TV screen. The transparency of the polycarbonate is excellent and can be applied to any color. Because of the excellent properties of polycarbonate, has been widely used in all kinds of safety lamp, signal lamp, gymnasium, stadium lighting glass, a transparent protective plate, high-rise building glass, car mirror, windshield plate, glass cockpit, motorcycle safety helmet. The most expensive markets are computers, office equipment, cars, glass and sheets, and CD and DVD discs are among the most promising.
Q:What's the plastic casing behind the car?
The front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, known as plastic bumpers. The plastic bumper of a general automobile is composed of three parts: an outer plate, a buffer material and a cross beam. Wherein, the outer plate and the buffering material are made of plastic, and the cross beam is punched into a U groove by a cold rolled sheet; the outer plate and the buffering material are attached to the cross beam.
Q:The car on the plastic imitation mahogany how to paint color change
Yes, you can change the color, depending on your location of the paint, there is no scar, if there is no scar, you can directly polished, sprayed with plastic primer, you can spray your favorite color. If there is a scar, you must smooth it first, spray the plastic primer on it, and then spray the color you like. Another method is that you can use self painting, which can also be solved,
Q:Why plastics are used more and more in automobiles?
Now the mold industry is relatively developed, plastics instead of iron and steel products is a development trend.
Q:How can I repair the broken plastic parts in the car's water tank?
With epoxy resin, it is resistant to oil, water and high temperature

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