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equipments used for cement making?
Cement is a fine, gray powder made out of fly ash, dolomite, marl and other ingredients. Cement is used to make CONCRETE and I believe that is what you are referring to when you say cement. Concrete is made from cement, fine aggregate(sand), coarse aggregate(gravel) and water. Other admixtures can be added to make the concrete perform in a given manner, ie: hot or cold temperatures, water reducers, accelerators and retarders. To call concrete cement would be like going to the store for a loaf of flour.(flour is the main ingredient in bread)
want to know what i can put on my cement so it can look like its wet look! And something so i can remove it if i dont like it...cause what iv heard it looks like polythurene
Quick lesson.........cement is the powder in the concrete. To make concrete glossy, they have several sealers that will do the trick. Some are as simple as Thompsons water seal(junkie tho) and others are a 2 part sealer that has a reaction when you mix together. That is by far the best to use. Go to a local material supplier. Typically ones that deal with mostly contractor supplies have the best products. Ask them for a sealer that they'd usually use over an exposed aggregate sidewalk. That is what you want. Far as removal......once it's on, it's on. It'll have to be recoated to keep it looking fresh and new. If you want to remove it, it'll have to be stripped off and that is a pain.
how to make cement,,,,,,?
Head to the Home Depot or Lowes store and in building materials, they will have various cements to use. You can use ready-mix which you just add water. If you want color, you can use the paint for it. It's all based on what you need:).
i buried my two parakeets in a white cement tomb (2 compartments for the 2 birds) Since white cement is.. cement, will the stench of their bodies decaying inside be also smelled from the outside? They're just interred so I still don't know what will happen- will i smell the odor or not? and when I touch the cement tomb, is stick to my hand as duslike powder so it quot;erodesquot; away. Anyway I can stop this erosion of the cement? Thanks to the one who can answer my problem :) Hope you understand my love for my pets to make them a white cement niche even if it sounds weird :)
You must love your pets very much to make them a nice place for burial. How do you feel about painting the tomb? If you paint the white cement tomb you will not smell any odor and it should stop the erosion of the cement. A good paint to try is Kilz. They have a line of paints and primers that offer superior coverage, mildew resistance and tough stain and odor blocking. I am sorry for your loss. I hope this helps.
I'm doing a project wich required me to calculate the transfer rate of Barite Cement from tanks to tanks. I've run couple of calculation but i'm not sure it is the correct one or not. Please advise.
Cement is normally a dry powder if the system is a screw the rpm x the screw pitch volume will get you there. If you used a forced eductor use the ACFM x percent of flow /air per cent If you used a vac system and had head and lift and pipe loss and lots of other losses. Just add up all that and get a feasible answer..when you ask get specific... From the E
Unit Business: building materials, steel, cement, wall tiles, decorative materials sales, waterproofing works, municipal engineering construction. Is not the sales of value-added tax, the project to pay business tax? Is there a small-scale enterprise value-added tax is not changed to 3%?
In the territory of China to provide taxable services, the transfer of intangible assets or sales of real estate units and individuals, for the business tax of taxpayers
I know they grab onto wood and trellis' but, do they need some kind of support to cover a cement wall?
Those vines will grow if theirs any little cracks in the wall. But their very invasive plants, and will eventually cover, the wall completely. At least mine of a similar variety did. Even broke down the wall some over a few years.
I've been icing it and elevating it since i hurt it 3 days ago. I had been running on cement a little over 3 miles. Its already starting to feel better so does that mean i can get back to running soon?
KHFDRF DON't RUN ON CEMENT, RUN ON WATER XDDDDDDD That Is Healthier :) OR Your Knee CAPZZZZZZ!!!!! >.< I Am A Doctaaaah! Trust mehhh x