Spray-proof Soft Power Cable

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Product Description:

Model Spray-proof Soft Power Cable   and Model AJYFGR Heat Resistant, Spray-proof Soft Power Cable  

Product Description


This product is used in power or control circuit of furnace bulk for iron and steel plant, copper smelting factory, continuous casting machine, uncorking machine and thermal power generation plant, also used in power or control line of high temperature and radiated heat resistant near metal solutions such as molten steel or iron, and anti-spraying of solution.

Executive Standard

Q/AHXYLY05.4-2009 Standard, burning Test as per IEC331

Technology Performance

(1) Cable operation temperature:-40°C~ 500°C,-40°C~ 800°C.

(2)Cable working voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV and 450/750V.

(3)Model AJYFGRP cable has heat resistant coating for protection and steel wire intwined coating. Practice proved that metal solution has in effect formed another outer protection coating, which is favorable for cable protection after spraying onto cable surface in dots.

(4)Cable belongs to a mobile soft cable.

Code and Definition














Silicone   rubber

Soft   core


Product Structure


1. Conductor copper, pickle core

2. Fluoride insulation jacket

3,4,6 Insulation coating and jacket

5. Mica paper

7. Outer shield sheathed

Specification Size

Product Delivery

Minimum length shall be 200m for delivery. Length tolerance shall be no more than 2.5% while quantity shall not exceed 10% of total delivery length.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:

international wooden drums   or according to your requirement.

Delivery Detail:

In 15days or as the quantity   you required

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Q:Dell Vostro PC won't turn on if power cable left in overnight. Why is this, and how do I fix?
It really sounds like a hardware problem, you shouldn't have to unplug from the power supply and plug it back in after ten minutes to get the pc to power on, swap out the power supply and the power cable that hooks to it , also make sure the power cable 24pin cable is in the motherboad good and tight and the option cable 4-8 pin is hook to the motherboard a connector above the cpu if the motherboard has one.
Q:Can the Belkin Standard Power Cable be used with Xbox 360?
Yep its the same thing as the 1 that came with the Xbox 360 but not made by Microsoft. Only problem is you'll still need the power block that came with the xbox 360.
Q:my alpine amplifier power cable got ripped out while it was on, and now it just blows fuses and wont work?
Check your wiring, you have a wire cross if it bows when turned on. Also you might be using the wrong fuse, what is the rating of your amp (15 amps = 1800 watts). Or you are diving the amp too hard and prevent it from damage and blowing the fuse. Upgrade the fuse to 25 amps and see what happens.
Q:Universal laptop power cord...can somebody recommend a good but inexpensive universal power cable for a laptop?
Laptops each have different power cords, because they have different connections to the laptop itself, so there's no one universal power cable. However, you can easily buy generic powercords for your specific laptop that are cheap. Just go to a site like OKorder and search for your laptop name.
Q:Where could I buy a power supply cable for Antec NeoHE 550?
I okorder.com/... That is an exact replacement part for the Neo Power supplies. On a side note, not too many people are aware that Antec doesn't actually make power supplies. Antec sells a lot of power supplies, but they are all made by other companies. If I knew who made your specific Neo model, I might be able to find an exact replacement part sourced from whoever made that power supply, also.
Q:How do you run the amp power cable through the firewall in a 1994 Mitsu Eclipse?
If your car is an automatic, you can go through the plug that seals the hole where the clutch would be. If you have a clutch, you will need to drill a hole in the firewall if there are no other available plugs.
Q:When i want to connect two SATA hard drives do I need some power cable on slave or just to connect it with sat?
first, your HDD needs power in order for it to work, that's a fact,after you have connected all necessary cables(cables and powersupply of HDD), next go to bios setup(press delete button at start up) and configure your HDD in STANDARD CMOS FEATURES, put your primary HDD in IDE CHANNEL 0 MASTER and your 2nd HDD in IDE CHANNEL 1 MASTER, save and exit set up, then your good to go :D
Q:Replacement power cable for printer?
It is the same kind of cable for your pc power supply, just find it in computer shops.
Q:Why cross bonding in power cable?
If so, the answer is: By tying multiple cables together, the current carrying capacity of the total cable is increased without having the total cost increase in proportion. In other words -- using the picture as an example -- tying 4 equal sized cables together increases the current carrying capacity by a factor of 4, but the cost of this multiple-wire cable is less than the cost of a larger single cable that would carry an equal amount of current. .
Q:how to install 8600 gts power cable?
Some specialized power supplies have the power cable built-in and you can plug that directly into the card. If you don't have one of these, then the card probably came with a cable that requires you to plug in two 4-pin power cables (same type that plugs into your CD drive off your power supply) and then the other 6-pin end snaps into your video card.

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