Qualified AR Glassfiber Spray Roving

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Description and Specification of High Quality AR Glassfiber Spray Roving:

AR fiberglass roving is an AR glass chopping roving designed to use in manufacture of GRC composites by manual spray method.

ARC15-2400L ZrO2 14.5%+TiO2 5.5%>19.2%.


Properties of High Quality AR Glassfiber Spray Roving:

-Easy chopped;

-Good integrity ;Excellent


-Alkali resistant;

Storage of High Quality AR Glassfiber Spray Roving:

AR Fiberglass Spray Roving should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.


Properties of AR Glassfiber Spray Roving for Cement and Concrete:

  1. Easy chopped

  2. Good integrity

  3. Excellent dispersibility and alkali resistant

Technical Characteristics of AR Glassfiber Spray Roving for Cement and Concrete:

linear weight of roving(tex)

Sizing content(%)



Breaking strength(N/tex)












Products Available of AR Glassfiber Spray Roving for Cement and Concrete:

AR Glassfiber Spray Roving is designed to be unwound internally. They are protected by a shrink-wrap polythene film which should not be removed when used. Each roving is identified by an individual label and packed in a carton. AR FIBERGLASS SPRAY ROVING 14.5% is white colored but an orange color is used on labels and shrink-wrap to aid identification.


Packing specification(mm)

Characteristics of cheese



Net weight(kg)







Pallet Packaging of AR Glassfiber Spray Roving for Cement and Concrete:

  1. Each pallet has 3 or 4 levels ,16rolls /level.

  2. The complete pallet is enclosed in polythene and identified with two labels.


Level per pallet

Total number of cheese





Net weight(kg)





















Shipment of AR Glassfiber Spray Roving for Cement and Concrete:

For sea transport, a maximum of 20 pallets (on two levels) could be loaded in a 20 foot container, giving a total net weight of approximately 17-20 tonnes.

Qualified AR Glassfiber Spray Roving


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Reinforced,It is a real alkali resistent glassfibre enterprise of largest scale, most advanced technology and highest outupt in China. After the newly broadened AR glassfibre tank furnace with production capacity of 10000 Tons/ year being put into production, we will be the China largest, world second largest AR glassfibre professional producer in total output.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hubei,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Main Markets Southern Europe 10%
Northern Europe 10%
Central America 10%
Western Europe 10%
Eastern Asia 10%
Mid East 30%
Africa 20%
Company Certifications N/A

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai PORT
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range 示范:High;Average