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What is a chemical that softens rock and cement?
Hydrochloric acid softens cement. You can buy large containers of it for removing cement from brickwork. It will also attack some types of rock, especially limestones. Be careful with it though!
dimension of a standard cement bag?
50 and 40 Pounds cement bags Most dimensions of a cement bag that weighs 50 pounds are 20 inches in width and 30 inches in height. It has a thickness of 4 inches. Some cement bag measurements are smaller and weighs 40 pounds. They usually have an easy-tear sewn top that runs the entire width of the bag. Some bags are enforced with plastic sacks for protection.
I have recently built a brick bbq and the cement/sand between the brick has gone really dry and a very light grey colour - nothing like the colour of the cement between the bricks on my house. I think it may be because I have too much cement in the sand to cement ratio, which is approx 3:1 respectively. Can you help?
It takes awhile for cement to cure completely but it really is hard to get colors to match especially if there is an age difference between the house and grill. Aged cement will always be a different shade than new cement. The sand used can affect the color as well as water and mortar mix. A concrete stain can be used to give a different color. There are stains for dry and stains for wet concrete so watch what you buy.
estimate the heat-flow rate for a solid cement wall of a typical-size house. assume the wall is 5.0 m wide and 2.5 m tall.please show work and equations if possible! thanks everyone, i appreciate it!
42 W/m degC as a thermal conductivity value for light concrete. This means that .42 W will flow through a concrete wall 1 meter thick if the temperature difference on opposite sides of the wall is 1 deg C if the wall is thinner or the temperature difference is bigger then more will flow this makes sense, if it is hotter outside and the wall is thinner more heat comes in so, if it is 30 deg C outside, and 20 deg C inside, the temperature difference is 10 deg C if the wall is about 8 inches thick (or say .2 meters) then our flow is .42*10*(5*2.5)/.2 W/m-degC m*m/m = 263 Watts if I didn't make an arithmetic mistake, then then that should be a reasonable estimate
Describe and Differentiate Portland Cement and Pozzolonic Cement?
The common variety of cement is known as normal setting or ordinary cement.It was called Portland cement because it had resemblance in its colour after setting, to a variety of sandstone which was found in abundance in Portland of England.Pozzuolana is a volcanic powder which can also be processed from shales and certain clays.The % of this in cement is 10 to 30.This cement is used in marine structures ,sewage works and foundation under water.
I'm tiling a kitchen w/ a plywood subfloor. Is that metal lath reasonable to use or do I need to apply a cement board?
We usually use cement board. It has marks for screws.
Last week before the St. Pete Indy race here in Florida an oil tanker crashed killing the 47yr old driver on the freeway overpass. The fire was reported to have exposed the original frame. Do u feel it was bad building codes that were passed long ago, bypassed? Did the cement melt?In need of a brainiac please.TY
The cement didn't melt. It heated up, which caused it to expand. Since it had nowhere to expand TO (the concrete itself was hot, concrete around it was not, high expansion, no place to go), it crumbled. If you go to the overpass site now, you'll see a sizable pile of scorched black cement dust and rubble below the fire site.
A 20 pound bag of Economy brand cement mix contains 25% cement and 75% sand. How much pure cement must be added to prduce a cement mix that is 40% cement?
x+20(.25)=.40(x+20) x+5=.40x+8 Subtract .4x from both sides: .6x+5=8 Subtract 5 from both sides: .6x=3 Divide .6 from both sides: x=5 5 pounds of pure cement.