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What is the difference between artificial wet spray concrete and mechanical wet spray concrete?
A higher degree; artificial spray can not reach the site where the collapse is occurring, mechanical jet just deal with such dangerous situations, give full play to the advantages of spray
What is the use of concrete wet spray machine
1, greatly reducing the machine and the nozzle outside the dust concentration, eliminating the harm to the health of workers.
Does the concrete wet spray machine need to be equipped with an air compressor?
The domestic Xuguang Group New Construction Group, China Railway Construction Jiale, etc., imported wet jet cars are now supporting the Italian Matai vane air compressor, unique shape, machine integration control, compression efficiency is higher, and
What is the difference between pouring concrete and shotcrete?
In hot weather conditions, the temperature of the concrete into the mold should not exceed 30 ° C.
What is the working principle of concrete wet spray machine?
In the second beach, Xiaolangdi and other large water conservancy projects used, such as Switzerland MEYNADIER company's Robojet041 type concrete jet
What is the difference between dry spray and wet spray?
Mechanical or manual feeding) Strong vibration hopper for wet spray machine - Compressed air supplied by air compressor
What should you pay attention to when spraying concrete with a wet spray machine for tunnel works?
And then put the gap between the two arches put steel mesh and welded, lateral also into the bolt.
What is the difference between concrete wet spray machine and dry spray machine?
Wet spray machine is at home and abroad to reduce dust, reduce the rebound, saving materials and other comprehensive performance better anchor spray support equipment.