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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles

1.all kinds of sizes.



Acid resistant ceramic tiles

Specific gravity


Water absorption


Bending strength


Urgent cold and heat resistance




Chemical features of Acid-resistant Brick








Acid resistance









Specifications and Types





Standard brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate




Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Horizontal wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Horizontal wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Vertical wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Vertical wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate



1. One side trough, glazed and non-glazed types of acid-resistant ceramic plates.

2. Any size and shape of brick

















Can be customized to meet user requirements.

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Q:Tang River building materials market Xin Zhongyuan floor tile is good
Water absorption is an important factor affecting the quality of floor tiles, high quality tiles, water absorption is generally low Higher water absorption of the floor tiles due to the more easy to absorb, after the cold shrinkage after the expansion of the surface will lead to cracking and tiles of brick tiles, if the brick is not marked with water, you can use tea or water droplets in the back of the tiles, the number Minutes after the spread of water droplets, the more water, that is, low water absorption, better quality As raw materials are natural stone, floor tiles are generally radioactive According to the national environmental standards, the radioactive level of decorative materials is divided into A, B, C three categories, A class of decorative materials production and use of the scope of unlimited, for indoor tiles, the best choice of Class A products, Check the floor tile environmental monitoring report, see what kind of product belongs In addition, the polished tiles must have a national mandatory product certification (referred to as 3C), select the polished tiles when the attention of the Shanghai workers and senior management for the report check the tiles of the load-bearing: the tiles can be tilted place, and then stand up to adults, after a period of time, see the tiles have no obvious signs of cracking Good tiles should have a good load-bearing; check the floor of the wear resistance: In general, the floor tiles are very hard wear and tear, you can use the key and other hard objects in the floor tile surface, see is to leave obvious traces; , Check the stain resistance: tiles need to have a strong stain resistance, you can use water pen on the floor to write, and then wipe with a damp cloth to see if the left handwriting
Q:What are the requirements for preservative products for aerated brick production line products?
Bubble brick production line products are very popular building materials, aerated brick equipment products production process a little trouble, but the face of considerable income will feel that everything is worth it
Q:How to tile building materials industry manager set sales tasks, commission and how to set?
High, the surface is bright, but with the water, the less will be more astringent slippery, but the dust will encounter slippery This can explain, hope attention, but as early as other European countries have launched antique brick Anti-slip effect is very good, but some of my friends, even non-slip, but also for the safety of the elderly and the children is not very good From this point of view, they chose the floor 2 Climate conditions, the northern winter climate cold comparison, the home has a warm, heat faster than brick flooring, solid wood flooring, but holding time faster than solid wood flooring, so Some people choose according to their own preferences 3 From the building, the tiles are easy to construct Among them, the direct leveling of non-uniform cement more points 4 Hot, hot tiled flooring than the winter indoor temperature may be slightly higher performance in the summer will be more cool and comfortable 5 watt better care than other building materials So, I suggest tiles for home decoration 6 price, the price to consider when choosing the product is very wrong, because the brand is not the same, you can not choose a product from their price 7 The process of environmental protection, both ceramic tile and tile flooring is more environmentally friendly because it requires high temperature firing, where if there is no environmental impurities dissolved, long burned, so the brick can be regarded as the building materials industry Environmentally friendly materials I suggest you choose tiles
Q:Visiting the building materials market, fancy the Iraqi Hermes retro brick, do not know how the quality?
Design-oriented, all products and matching in the Italian TUSCANA ceramic design institute completed
Q:I actually in the home of the North Fourth Ring shop to buy tiles, but also to other building materials market to see the same brand with the same type of brick, than I bought a lot cheaper, how can I do?
Actually home to buy brick to the money more than the flustered, or else someone else to bring. Are you in that place?
Q:Bathroom tiles gap seepage with what material blocking gap effect good
If it is from the ground up against the water, just blocking the tiles gap is no helium ingot melon berry cover every meal, the water or from other places out, the most fundamental is to find the leak point for processing. If the ground water leaks through the tiles to other places, indicating that the ground waterproof to do bad, blocking the floor seam is useless, if you can block the tiles can be waterproof, then do not require ground waterproof, so still To start from the ground waterproof, from the fundamental waterproof.
Q:Now there is a kind of ground material directly attached to the name on the floor tiles
Tiles of new materials called ceramic tile paste treasure, is not cement mortar. If you have more questions, you can click on ID consultation.
Q:Self-built two-story building 300 square, what materials, how much use each
Cement 28 tons of brick .000 reinforced 6 tons of gravel 5 cars or so lime a car more buildings, refers to two or more layers of the house. Different from bungalows. Cement: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material. Add water after mixing into the slurry, can be hardened in the air or better hardening in water, and can sand, stone and other materials firmly cemented together. The word cement is developed by the Latin caementum, which is the meaning of gravel and stone. The mixture of early lime and volcanic ash is similar to that of modern lime volcanic ash cement, which is made of cemented gravel concrete, hardened not only with high strength but also against fresh water or salt water. For a long time, it has been widely used as a kind of important cementing material, which is widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense and other projects.
Q:Kitchen wall in addition to the tile there are no other materials can be used?
Waterproof coating, metal plate, Asian ridiculan cans liver Feifei Gui ten oyster ginger board. Can be used in the middle of the cabinets exposed, do the backdrop. Bathroom or tiles good.
Q:What is the material used in the brick wall of the TV wall? How to build?
[Horizon designer's answer] S: look at the figure, the practice is estimated on the next few 1. Directly with the so-called red brick, puzzle, shape out. On the foundation of the base Ji Ji Gui perturbation ghosts devil Wei Weijia. Not approved, and then find the white lime paint master spray gun to spray white. The color of their own choice. And finally in the black, or to the color of the place to deal with. 2. There is also a piece of gray on the wall to find the master of the gray ash, in the dry under the premise. Use the tool iron to calculate the scratches. Need carpenter master with. Make the desired shape. But more effort. But the practice is more flexible. I only know this method. Hope to help with your problem.
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