Polished Tile 800x800mm

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Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 Pieces m²
Supply Capability:
10000 Pieces per Day m²/month

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Product Description:

Ceramic tile



3)Size:different size

4)Usage:wall and floor

Ceramic tile

1, MOQ:20FT Container

2, Packing:8pcs/ctn

3, Port:China

4, Thickness:6-9mm

5, Color:all kind of colors

6, Payment terms:T/T,L/C

7, Delivery time:12days after deposit

8, Usage:Exterior&Interior


1,Made in 1200°c high temperature fire

2,High intensity and persistent wear-resisting

3,Low water absorption

4,Different types for your choice

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Q:How to reduce weight? Understand the building materials into ~ ~
Slag, fly ash. For the time being, and where else you are there.
Q:What is the material between the wood floor and the floor tiles?
A kind of T-type copper, you can very good solution to this excessive gap. T-type bar has a lot of size, according to the size of the gap, to determine the size of the purchase. In addition, it should be noted that, T-shaped l, must be embedded in the gap, so the thickness is still pay attention to the need to buy their own first good measurement, so as not to buy to make changes.
Q:What kind of material is good, is the floor is good or tiles good! What is the material?
Floor tiles, to see you in that place, and in the north of the floor to warm the best tiles, radiators, then use the composite wood to bite the shame of the shame of the blanket at the side of the board, the use of solid wood is not good maintenance. Strongly recommended tiles, good maintenance, good cleaning,
Q:Tile floor tile brick how to calculate the square? Is there any way?
tile area tile can be sold on the block, or sold in square meters
Q:A porcelain factory and building materials distribution department to purchase tiles purchase and sale contracts, the provisions of the same year before the end of November all supply. Because of the year to engage in basic construction, tile into
Article 51 of the "Company Law" provides that: "limited liability company, the number of small shareholders and smaller, you can set up an executive director, no board
Q:I heard that there is a waterproof material that does not hit the floor tiles, I need, where is there? Because i do not want to hit my floor tiles!
I heard that there is a waterproof material that does not hit the floor tiles, I need, where is there? Because i do not want to hit my floor tiles!
Q:I went to the building materials market to see tiles, I feel the price and quality can be, but the mud master said bad, how can I do?
Yes, the main thing is that the sale of tiles did not give the mud master chef, all in his eyes is not good.
Q:Want to build a house next year .......... Will the building price increase after the Spring Festival? About how much will rise, when the cover is cheap and appropriate
Should be prepared in advance, prices will only rise will not drop,
Q:Is the building material in the building covered with tiles and composite wood?
Building decoration materials, also known as architectural finishes, refers to the laying or painting in the building surface decoration and beautification of the role of the material Building decoration materials is a material, technology, modeling design, aesthetics in a material, it is an important material foundation for building decoration works The overall effect of architectural decoration and the realization of architectural decoration functions are influenced by architectural decoration materials, in particular by the decorative characteristics of decorative materials such as gloss, texture, texture, patterns and patterns Therefore, but familiar with the performance of various decorative materials, features, in accordance with the use of buildings and the use of environmental conditions, the rational use of decorative materials, in order to do their best to make the best use of the design intention, and with other indoor support Products to reflect the architectural decoration by material classification: plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, wood, inorganic minerals, coatings, textiles, stone and other types by function classification: sound absorption, insulation, waterproof, moisture, fire, mildew, Naisuan Jian, pollution and other types according to the decorative parts of the classification: the external walls of decorative materials, interior decoration materials, to ridicule cans to drink Intuit considered Gui Taiwan sound field decoration materials, ceiling decoration materials
Q:What are the materials needed for the renovation of the tile?
I am renovated last year, the new house, this is still a better understanding of it, I give you to share the material needed under the floor tiles: coarse sand (remember to use coarse sand), because the hard performance is better! Cement: cement with 32.5 hardness on it! How much this can not be directly described! Because the thickness of the cement cushion when the brick is uncertain, will change due to changes in indoor height difference, so buy the material when you do not buy too much, run out to buy, so waste, Buy a sealant to fill the gap, the specific color of what should be based on personal interest in Shanghai, hope this helps! 3 cm thick cement cushion, then a pack of cement plus one third of the sand can shop three to four square!
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Company Certifications GB15892-2003

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