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How about the quality of FITOK valves?
It's made in China. It's also made of foreign brands!Swagelok, Hoke, Parker, these three are foreign brands!
What's the sewage treatment valve with?
Sewage treatment system valve requirements are not high, the use of butterfly valve is one of the most cost-effective.
How can you replace the other valve when the main valve is not closed and no water is stopped?
Not recommended against the flood to repair the valve, first you have to be repaired, second may be more complex, it is not easy. I have a bad experience this, take the valve, because it is plastic, and aging, the thread is broken, the new is not on do not have to flow out of the water, get it is. To find the valve, the mess!
There is a rectangular hole in the valve core, which the heating company repairman gives to the bolt. Rest assured, I do not want to heating, but my indoor temperature is low, I suspect that the repairman mischief, deliberately give me lower temperature
The valve has a device resembling a cylinder lock without a dedicated key. However, your home heating is not hot, the valve does not have much relationship. As long as the hole on the valve is parallel to the pipe, the valve is fully open.
What is the diameter of a general pipe valve?
What a big pipe? The normal valve clearance is 1cm
How about leaking water pipe valve?
What specific circumstances, I teach you repair what valve, how big, which seal leaks
What are the main equipments for valve production?
Press machine, CNC lathe, instrument lathe, drilling machine, machining center, assembly line, pressure test bench, plane, measuring instruments, etc.
Where is the valve used?
Generally in the pipeline above, such as the government to improve people's livelihood, engineering, factories and so on the pipeline above, Wenzhou essence valve factory