Acid Resistant Brick CNS30

Ref Price:
$487.11 - 595.35 / pc
Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or L/C
Min Order Qty:
5 tons pc
Supply Capability:
1000 Tons Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

General Information of Acid Resistant Brick CNS30

Aacid resistance brick CNS30 is specially used as lining in reaction tower of chemical plants, fertilizer factories and sulfuric acid industries or inside the corrosion-resistance pool and ditch.


Feature of Acid Resistant Brick CNS30

Strong acid and alkali resistance

Size available as customer’s requirement


Application of Acid Resistant Brick CNS30

It is widely used in corrosion-resisting liner of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, food, chemical fiber, laboratory, pharmacy, papermaking, generate electricity, smelt, electroplating room, and the inner corrosion-resisting lining of tower, pool, pot, tank, etc. It is also used for sewage conduit and open-air floor.


Technical Data of Acid Resistant Brick CNS30

Acid Resistant Brick CNS30





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Q:What are the requirements for preservative products for aerated brick production line products?
Mainly as follows: First, the paint is necessary to have a processability, such as dipping with dip dipping, paint necessary to meet the storage time, at this moment, no subsidence, no agglomeration, no conjunctiva, , Can adhere to outstanding mobility and stickiness (PH ≥ 12) and high temperature (180 ~ 200 ℃), high humidity (full steam) effect, do not attack the powder, the flow of the powder, Transpiration, embrittlement, or other metamorphosis Third, the coating of anti-corrosion ability should reach the rules of the standard, that should have excellent impermeability, can effectively avoid the oxygen and other corrosive gases and substances infiltration, the steel is not corrosive Fourth, through the autoclave maintenance In the future, the coating should be firmly bonded with reinforced concrete and aerated concrete In the case of a cohesive force test, the damage should occur in the aerated concrete and not between the coating and the reinforcement or coating and the aerated concrete no matter what way dip coating, the coating must be very simple adhesion to the steel, and in the appearance of a layer of steel with a certain thickness of the strong coating to ensure that the coating in the steel mesh transfer and assembly process is not damaged The The elastic modulus of the coating should be much larger than that of the aerated concrete to ensure that the sheet has an outstanding layout function under long-term load effects The quality of the aerated brick equipment must be qualified before it can make the development of aerated brick equipment products faster, for the manufacturers to earn greater benefits
Q:How to tile building materials industry manager set sales tasks, commission and how to set?
High, the surface is bright, but with the water, the less will be more astringent slippery, but the dust will encounter slippery This can explain, hope attention, but as early as other European countries have launched antique brick Anti-slip effect is very good, but some of my friends, even non-slip, but also for the safety of the elderly and the children is not very good From this point of view, they chose the floor 2 Climate conditions, the northern winter climate cold comparison, the home has a warm, heat faster than brick flooring, solid wood flooring, but holding time faster than solid wood flooring, so Some people choose according to their own preferences 3 From the building, the tiles are easy to construct Among them, the direct leveling of non-uniform cement more points 4 Hot, hot tiled flooring than the winter indoor temperature may be slightly higher performance in the summer will be more cool and comfortable 5 watt better care than other building materials So, I suggest tiles for home decoration 6 price, the price to consider when choosing the product is very wrong, because the brand is not the same, you can not choose a product from their price 7 The process of environmental protection, both ceramic tile and tile flooring is more environmentally friendly because it requires high temperature firing, where if there is no environmental impurities dissolved, long burned, so the brick can be regarded as the building materials industry Environmentally friendly materials I suggest you choose tiles
Q:Will the construction of rural ordinary residential 1 square need the number of material brick reinforced concrete sand and gravel
This is the more complex key is to see how you want to design? Is brick or concrete pouring? And then you have a lot of things and your architectural design is a relationship you say is not it? The
Q:Paste the bathroom tiles with what material is not cement Gaza
Paste the bathroom tiles I suggest you make the arc of the guards of the corner of the hole with the workers with high-molecular benefit glue, ceramic tile binder is also OK, 2 are almost the same performance, than the simple cement Gaza to be firmly bonded, because the bathroom is resurgence And more humid, the use of benefits glue and binder can be bonded firmly, not empty drum off. You can go to look at the polymer benefits of clay products.
Q:I went to the building materials market to see tiles, I feel the price and quality can be, but the mud master said bad, how can I do?
Wagon said it was not good to ask him where? Brick flatness is not how or drops? These can be seen with the naked eye. The decision is that you, if the price quality is indeed good, tile workers also said that when he posted it bad not blame him like. It can be sure that the tile workers have a problem, he will certainly take you to his familiar can get rebate tile shop. I used to renovate the house at home, but also to meet the kind of thing, then buy the sun and the tiles. Tile workers say no injustice bad paste, and later the brick shop owner personally called me a bricklayer, just put him bad brick flat. That tile workers did nothing. I scolded a meal, directly told him to get out, no level also said people brick is not good, do not know whether it is intended or Chad. So the brick is good you have to look at yourself.
Q:Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
Q:Want to build a house next year .......... Will the building price increase after the Spring Festival? About how much will rise, when the cover is cheap and appropriate
Should not, and now the market price of building materials is not very good,
Q:Small building materials market 80 * 80 of the floor tiles 45 or so by a live? Large building materials supermarket is too expensive, and can not see what tricks. Where is the brand bricks?
80 * 80 tiles this price, the quality of the brick is not very good. You can go with a decoration worker and let them help you look at the quality of the brick.
Q:I would like to ask the shale brick is a refractory material, I have seen in a book shale brick is a good refractory, please elaborate.
Shale itself is not a refractory shale made Page 紶 紶 official flying out of reading Sao Saihai rock carving rock after a better insulation material can be used for 900 ℃ below the various environments of thermal insulation
Q:Toilet floor tiles with what to add a good barrier to waterproof material
This is actually strange to your bricklayer under the tiles are generally done again or twice the waterproof, but now that these are useless, the only possible way to have the effect is that you buy white cement and then mixed with a waterproofing solution should not use The glass glue that things dry too fast but I think the effect must also be very there you have the bathroom home to wear a lot of money to fight the turtles to kill the following may be the floor of the joints are inevitable less water it next time to remember finished Waterproof you all the water to see if the leak is leaked if you have to pay him tiles when the bottom of the scratch in a layer of water with a mixture of cement grinding up and then dry on the tiles
Our products are mainly mullite brick, high alimina brick acid-resistant refractory brick, phosphate abrasive brick and andalusite brick, with annual output of 20000 tons heavy refractory, the tunnel kiln with 80m in length is mainly for manufacturing of top quality refractory, such as corundum products, alumina products and spinel products. In order to promote sustainable development, we will insist on scientific development.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan, China
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value Above US$ 60 Million
Main Markets Mid East; Eastern Europe; North America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 31% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 36,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average