Acid Resistance Brick with Stable Quality

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Product Description:

Quality Acid Resistant Brick


Product Description:

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wood box packed with foam board

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High purity acid resistant alumina ceramic lining brick

According to different customers using environment, raw materials of the products are strictly managed so that we can ensure that the product not only has good wear-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, but also size rich. The service life can be at least five years, and has 15% higher grinding efficiency than a rubber liner. Also it decreases the pollution to the grinding material and increases the capacity of mill ball, lowering the cost. 


Alumina ceramic lining brick tile Product Feature 

Alumina purity as high as 99.5%. 

Fine grinded surface, 

Tight tolerance, 

High temperature  

Alumina ceramic lining brick tile specification/models 

10x10x1mm, 20x20x2mm, 40x40x8mm, 100x60x8mm, 150x150x12.5mm, 200x200x25mm etc. Can be made according to your requirements. 


Alumina ceramic lining brick tile chemical composition and technical data:  

Performance Index

92 series


Al2O3 (%)



Hardness (Moh’s)



Water Absorption Rate (%)



Fracture Toughness (Mpa)






Bulk density(g/cm 3 )

≥ 3.60



High purity alumina plates can stand 1700C at most, widely used in furnace kilns and other applications.  


Alumina ceramic lining brick tile advantages: 

1. The main material of our products is high purity quality alumina, which cause no negative effective effect to the grinded material.

2. High density and hardness, impact resistance, low loss rate, smooth surface and no contamination to product.

3. With high grinding efficiency which can reduce grinding time to reduce energy cost and being good for environment protection.


Alumina ceramic lining brick tile application 

Working in high temperature environment. 

Abrasive application etc


High quality Alumina Grinding Media (Alumina Ball and Lining Brick) are made from selected high grade raw material and fired in high temperature by advanced cool iso-static pressing technique and automatic molding process. We are working for customers' demands and offering the products with best performance price ratio. With advantages of high density, regular shape, easily classifying and assorting, superior milling efficiency and competitive price prior to natural pebbles and conventional grinding media, Alumina Ball and Lining Brick have been approved to be excellent for grinding processing of ceramic bodies and glaze materials in tile industries and surface polishing of the ceramic bearing applicant and surly the best choice to replace the pebbles. Based on different applying fields, we have developed the relevant grades and series, which meet the customers' consideration on the use and cost control, and have gained the good reputation from clients domestic and oversea.

Acid Resistance Brick with Stable Quality

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Q:What is a thermal insulation castable?
Good workability, strong adhesive force, initial setting time and construction of long operation time, fast increase of strength and impermeability, without acid treatment, easy to ensure masonry mortar joint compacting full, can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of chimney lining wall tightness, integrity and lining, is ideal for cementing materials of high chimney, high temperature flue and duct lining, can also be used in petroleum, chemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgical industries such as acid pool, such as acid tank engineering. Acid proof brick, acid proof daub fabric acid proof brick, acid proof daub fabric is developed by this factory can be in power plant boiler funnel of special refractory material, it has the acid corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, thermal stability and convenient construction.
Q:What are the standard specifications for acid resisting bricks?
First: according to the environment to determine the acid resistant brick specifications.Second: inspects the good acid resisting brick performance.
Q:Cleaning metal surface rust stain, is it better to weld sulphuric acid or nitric acid?
The principle of treating oxide skin with salt bath method has been introduced in the second article. When the oxide in the oxide scale of the metal surface has chemical reaction, because the expansion coefficient of the oxide layer and the metal matrix is different, the rust scale and the metal matrix can separate and fall off.
Q:Is acid proof brick alkali resistant?
See, he made up, if it is relatively stable, but also a certain degree of alkaline resistance, of course, may be prone to caustic corrosion
Q:What is acid proof brick
The main component of acid resistant ceramic tile is silica, which forms a large amount of andalusite under high temperature calcination, which is a kind of material with high acid resistance. The acid proof brick structure, low water absorption, so at room temperature are resistant to alkaline medium at any concentration, but not resistant to high temperature molten alkali. Acid resisting brick contains more than 70% silicon dioxide, and is made by sintering. It is used in acid chemical ditch, acid well, acid storage storehouse and acid loaded big impact ground.
Q:The acid resistance is 99.4%. Is this acid resistant brick very bad?
Bending strength, 39.2., water absorption, 0.5-2.0., quench, hot, 100du, cycle without cracks, peeling, etc. the quality of acid resistant tiles is mainly reflected in water absorption, the lower the water absorption, the higher the acid resistance
Q:Is it necessary to use sulphate resisting cement in alkaline areas?
The sulfate resisting silica cement is divided into two categories: medium sulfate resistant Portland cement and high sulfate resistant Portland cement. A suitable cementitious material with resistance to moderate concentration of sulfate ion is prepared by adding proper amount of gypsum in the proper proportion of Portland cement clinker, which is called medium sulfate resisting portland cement. Middle sulfur resistant cement. Code P & MSR. A cementitious material with high resistance to sulfate ion corrosion is prepared by adding proper amount of gypsum into the clinker of proper proportion of Portland cement clinker, which is called high sulfate silica cement. High sulfur resistant cement.
Q:How to clean the acid brick surface dirt?
Wash the bricks with a mixture of soap and a little ammonia and turpentine, and make the bricks more lustrous.
Q:How can acid proof cement be used?
When in use should be mixed after the finished product into the container, after adding water glass solution, mixing uniformly rapidly; usually with less than one hundred kilograms of stir, each tune into the product to be used within 50 minutes.
Q:Is there a construction picture for the acid proof brick in the pickle pond?
As the base layer, bonding layer and acid brick itself thermal expansion, cold shrinkage coefficient is very different, in 1-2 years of hot and cold tension failure, too dense paving easily lead to acid brick swelling, fracture and other issues

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