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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-maki

Acid resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-making, chemical fertilizer, agriculture, pesticide, chemical fibre, textile industry, smelting, and power-generating plants etc., and anti-corrosion inner liner of tower, pool;, pot, sinks, what’s more, it also plays leading anti-corrosion role in waste water treatment and open air working grounds. Acid-resistant ceramics can resist most media except hydrogen-arc acid, thermal alkali and thick, and has better anti-corrosion effect in moist chlorasalt, hydrochloric acid etc. and any alkali under normal temperature.

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Q:Do not tear tiles in the bathroom to do waterproof methods and costs. The The The Urgent demand
There is a special waterproof material can be achieved without tearing the tile to do waterproof, you can consult a professional waterproof company.
Q:What are the requirements for preservative products for aerated brick production line products?
Mainly as follows: First, the paint is necessary to have a processability, such as dipping with dip dipping, paint necessary to meet the storage time, at this moment, no subsidence, no agglomeration, no conjunctiva, , Can adhere to outstanding mobility and stickiness (PH ≥ 12) and high temperature (180 ~ 200 ℃), high humidity (full steam) effect, do not attack the powder, the flow of the powder, Transpiration, embrittlement, or other metamorphosis Third, the coating of anti-corrosion ability should reach the rules of the standard, that should have excellent impermeability, can effectively avoid the oxygen and other corrosive gases and substances infiltration, the steel is not corrosive Fourth, through the autoclave maintenance In the future, the coating should be firmly bonded with reinforced concrete and aerated concrete In the case of a cohesive force test, the damage should occur in the aerated concrete and not between the coating and the reinforcement or coating and the aerated concrete no matter what way dip coating, the coating must be very simple adhesion to the steel, and in the appearance of a layer of steel with a certain thickness of the strong coating to ensure that the coating in the steel mesh transfer and assembly process is not damaged The The elastic modulus of the coating should be much larger than that of the aerated concrete to ensure that the sheet has an outstanding layout function under long-term load effects The quality of the aerated brick equipment must be qualified before it can make the development of aerated brick equipment products faster, for the manufacturers to earn greater benefits
Q:Inside the wall to buy skills to identify brand skills is more important
Inside the wall is currently on the market in the high frequency, the vast majority of consumers in the purchase of the brand-based, for a strange field we can only look from the public to start the brand
Q:The price of 50 yuan or so the best brick is the brand of brick budget is not enough and dare not use the building materials market, so the choice of brand brand in the more affordable models
To see what brand ah `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` `` ` Fine, the more dense and harder and less impurities, the better the quality. There is gloss and flatness, take two pieces of brick directly attached to see if they are not fully fit, there is no gap .
Q:Paving tiles need auxiliary materials are as follows: 1, cement, ordinary silicate 32.5; 2, river sand, with sand; 3, caulking agent, or US sewing agent 4, cutting tools, cutting machine, cutting knife, Machine, hammer; 5, auxiliary tools: level, reticle, rubber hammer, ash bucket, shovel, basin, etc.
First of all need to explain, waterproof materials are mostly in the cement surface construction, so in the tiles above the construction is no waterproof effect, so the proposal is to first knock on the tile, and then do waterproof again. Bathroom waterproof, the standard approach is to do all the ground to do, the wall at least to do 1.8 meters, it is recommended to do full high. If it is a lightweight wall, then the wall must be done full of high. As for the use of materials, more than 80% of the seepage of the bathroom are concentrated in the yin and yang angle, pipe, sanitary ware, floor drain and other places around, so when doing waterproofing these places need to carefully brushing, first with quick fixation mortar Repair and then strengthen, and then waterproof waterproof slurry as a whole to do waterproof, special materials dedicated, better waterproof, waterproof life is more durable. Of course, the standard construction is a good effect of the guarantee, it is recommended that in accordance with the Ji muscle irrigation can kill Jiu Gui snow hand grinding construction requirements, strict control of the deployment ratio, brushing thickness, interval time.
Q:Building Materials What is Positive Pressure Fly Ash Brick and Shale Brick
Fly ash brick with autoclaved fly ash brick and steamed flour and fly ash brick two
Q:I would like to know what the tiles are producing raw materials
Clay makes the ceramic quite plastic, so that it can be made into a desired shape before heating. Powdered Quartz Quartz is a kind of silica, which is usually extracted from quartzite, sand or rock. It is ground into a very fine powder, as a filler added to the tiles to make the final product of clay with the desired performance.
Q:Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
As long as the non-clay brick in principle can be considered.
Q:Want to ask which building materials market to buy tiles cheaper? Is the building market in the Mona Lisa Tiles cheaper?
Store the price should be unified, right? The most expensive decoration company
Q:Eleven to the building materials market selection of tiles, tangled ah, Shun Hui Dong Peng compared to which good? Waiting for it.
Two brands are their own factory production, unlike some high-end brand products to OEM. Dongpeng brand more ringing, but the two brands to protect the potential of the waste of the red Gandhao Gondo the quality is about the same. Cost-effective personal feel Shun high point.
Our company has the advanced technical process, strict management measures, complete quality testing methods and high quality products. Our company stays in good status in all circles, and owns fixed user group and perfect sales net. We sincerely welcome your inquiries and good solutions!

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