Porcelain Tile For Wall 600X600mm

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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100 Pieces m
Supply Capability:
10000 Meters per Day m/month

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Product Description:

Porcelain Tile





Glazed/Polished Porcelain Tile

1, MOQ:20FT Container

2, Packing:8pcs/ctn

3, Port:China

4, Thickness:6-9mm

5, Color:all kind of colors

6, Payment terms:T/T,L/C

7, Delivery time:12days after deposit

8, Usage:Exterior&Interior

9, Size:300*300,600*600mm

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Q:How to tile building materials industry manager set sales tasks, commission and how to set?
High, the surface is bright, but with the water, the less will be more astringent slippery, but the dust will encounter slippery This can explain, hope attention, but as early as other European countries have launched antique brick Anti-slip effect is very good, but some of my friends, even non-slip, but also for the safety of the elderly and the children is not very good From this point of view, they chose the floor 2 Climate conditions, the northern winter climate cold comparison, the home has a warm, heat faster than brick flooring, solid wood flooring, but holding time faster than solid wood flooring, so Some people choose according to their own preferences 3 From the building, the tiles are easy to construct Among them, the direct leveling of non-uniform cement more points 4 Hot, hot tiled flooring than the winter indoor temperature may be slightly higher performance in the summer will be more cool and comfortable 5 watt better care than other building materials So, I suggest tiles for home decoration 6 price, the price to consider when choosing the product is very wrong, because the brand is not the same, you can not choose a product from their price 7 The process of environmental protection, both ceramic tile and tile flooring is more environmentally friendly because it requires high temperature firing, where if there is no environmental impurities dissolved, long burned, so the brick can be regarded as the building materials industry Environmentally friendly materials I suggest you choose tiles
Q:Is the material tiles in the building inspection? Do you want proof of material?
Seamless areas of the external walls of the ceramic tile need to do freeze-thaw test
Q:Recently saw the wood floor, visit the building materials market when you see a wood called the wood, it is what pattern rosewood, ebony, although it is said that it is tiles
Sen Wood is not a wooden floor, is now the sales champion of imitation wood tiles, because it looks very realistic, many people think that there is really a layer of logs in the brick. In fact, it is really tiles, waterproof fire performance is very good, and does not contain formaldehyde is environmentally friendly. Because now advocate environmentally friendly low-carbon life, and if you really use those precious trees to do the floor, then the resources will be more and more scarce, so the Italian Italian pottery company invented the forest is to replace the traditional wood flooring, The external compensation for the grass barnyard grass carpets, and then the United States and the United States and the United States, the second is not formaldehyde harmless to the human body, the use of life is relatively long.
Q:My world is made of round stones with stones (except when building materials)
Uses: Boulder is a basic building block, but also a lot of important tools and items of raw materials. Cylinders can be used to make furnaces, stone stairs, stone steps, stone tools, stone swords, drawbars, pistons, brewers and launchers. As the boulder has a good explosion resistance, will not be the end of the shadow away and rich sources, so commonly used in building materials. The boulders are placed in the melting pot to get the stones. Stone tools to facilitate the synthesis, making stone tools in the early stages of the game is widely used, even after the iron has been very practical. But the enchanting ability of stone tools is the worst, worse than wood tools. Attributes: Type: Solid Blocks Affected by Gravity: No Transparent: No Brightness: No Explosive Resistance: 30 Mining Tools: Reproduction: Yes Stackable: Yes Cooking: As Raw Material:
Q:Building materials on the market are divided into specific types of tiles?
Quintana Brick: This is a glazed porcelain tile that has good skid resistance and abrasion resistance Generally speaking, "anti-skid tiles" are mostly quintana bricks As this kind of brick price is moderate, popular consumer favorite Polished tiles: the whole body after polishing polished polished tiles, this brick is very high hardness, very wearable Tile: This is a kind of high temperature fired ceramic tile, is the hardest of all the tiles Sometimes polished tiles are scratched scratched Fu Fu Dilihuang Gao number of tenant copper roof expansion, the tiles are still safe and sound The Ceramic tiles: also known as mosaic, specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid, alkali, wear, no water, strong pressure, not broken, colorful and versatile Antique tiles: antique brick imitation of the past style to do the old, with a unique charm with classical people to attract people's eyes, to reflect the vicissitudes of life, the history of heavy, antique brick through the style, color, pattern, to create a nostalgic atmosphere tiles According to the function is divided into floor tiles, wall tiles and waist tiles and so on
Q:Now there is a kind of ground material directly attached to the name on the floor tiles
Your question is not clear, if you want to ask a new piece of tiles directly, then it should be tiles. Because the tiles are getting better now, so the water absorption continues to reduce the traditional cement and sand has been unable to meet the requirements of the tile, and the size of the tile is also growing, so more difficult to paste, so it is recommended to use professional Of the sticking materials, such as porcelain Lai stickers tile to tile. Porcelain paste paste tiles, not only the construction is simple, omit the traditional cement tile tiles of wet walls, immersion bricks, fixed and other steps, and sticking strong, not hollow, can not afford to brick, is a good performance tile Knot material.
Q:How much is the size of the sintered brick? Sintered brick specification
Sintered brick is the most used brick in the building, it is made by high temperature firing
Q:Paste the bathroom tiles with what material is not cement Gaza
Cement is not Gaza, paste with white cement covered with a good seam
Q:Open tiles shop, to the building materials market and they are a good, or their own a single good?
Business to have gas, popularity, in the building materials market is more concentrated, suitable for business
Q:Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
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