30 Inch Widescreen Monitor

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What are the screen saver tips?
In fact, really good electrostatic film on the paste the environment is not high, but in the wet environment will be less dust paste, more convenient.
What are the screen protector brands?
· Taiwan love eyes mirror mirror LCD screen
What is the material of the screen protector?
PET material protection film is currently on the market the most common kind of protective paste, chemical called polyester film.PET material protective film is characterized by the texture is relatively hard, more scratch-resistant.
What is a screen protector?
Coating, can play the role of scratch, the best screen protection film is involved in metal elements,
Notebook screen protective film how to paste?
The process of attention to love the notebook screen on it.
What are the relevant parameters of the screen protector?
Many protective film products claim that the "99% transmittance", in fact, is impossible to achieve, the highest transmittance of optical glass, the light transmittance was about 97%.