26 Inch LCD Cctv Monitor For Professional Use With Metal Case

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  26 inch lcd cctv monitor for professional use with metal case


Large LCD monitor series
1. The ultrathin super light narrow frame design, easy to use, beautiful appearance

2. Use A + professional industrial LCD screen
3. 5 ms fast response time, the picture really no trailing
4. Has the VGA state image reproduction rate automatic adjustment function
5. Using the latest 3 d digital comb filter and 3 d digital noise reduction technology
6. Intelligent temperature control fan design, environmental protection mute
7. Equipped with sensitive infrared receiving device, can remote control monitor each parameter
8. With automatic eliminate ghost function, protect the long-term use of liquid crystal screen
9. 178 ° wide Angle of view, display scale 16:9
10. 12 c bus latest control circuit, the stable performance


Model No.


Panel size


Display area(mm)/mode

575.6(W)×325.6(H)  16:9 

Maximum resolution


Display color


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Brightness (nits)




Visual angle 


Response time


Horizontal frequency


Vertical frequency




Input and output

Composite video input

3 (BNC×3)

YPbPr input

1 (BNC×3)

S-video-Y/C input

2 (BNCx2)







Composite video output 

2 (BNC×2)


Color system


Compatible HDMI/DVI input


3D Comb filter


Video reduction noise


OSD display( screen menu display)

Menu language



Power supply


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity



Body dimension(Lx W x H)mm


Panel color/appearance


Case Material


Net weight



 Wall-mounted, desktop(optional)



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Q:I have LCD monitor but options still does allow me to select frequencies 60hz to 75hz. Does changing frequency affect LCD somehow? Or games performance?
Frequency refers to how many times per second your screen refreshes, unless you know what you are doing, leave it on 60. Changing this CAN damage your monitor.
Q:I would like to use my LCD computer monitor by itself to watch a DVD played from a DVD player. With this work or does the Monitor have to have a tuner like a TV set.
First you need to know what inputs your LCD uses. It can be VGA, HDMI, other or a combination. Then find the output options on the player, on newer players, as well as, newer monitors HDMI is pretty much standard. If the output matches the input, no problem, just hook directly as normal. If there is no match, then you need a converter for one of the outputs to one of the inputs. Don't forget the sound, it usually uses another connection. DVD players usually have RCA jacks, Monitors (or computer speakers) mini-jacks. This just requires a simple plug you can get for less than $2 from radio shack.
Q:Hi ! Anyone knows the price of 19 an 17 LCD Monitors from LG?Urgent reply required I need price in India and not international
17 LG LCD Dualtone/Full Blk 9,100 19 LG LCD Dualtone/Full Blk 10,600 updated 23rd August '2007, ex-Chennai Delta Computers Ph.: +91-44- 28521607, 28521572, 28587158, 28547698
Q:Brand new Preview 19 LCD (2nd one) and its already starting to blink at me.last one just went black one day after blinking wacky colors for a few days. Have checked all the wires. Nothing seems wrong there.No luck in finding out whats wrong with it either. Anyone else have this problem with this type (Flat panel display) or any other type of Monitor? What was the problem? Can I fix it ?-[
At least it should still be under warranty. It is possible it is a display settings issue or even a power settings issue. You might try it on another computer to verify the problem is with the screen. It also might be your video card. The easiest thing to start with though is to set your new monitor on another computer, if it fails again you know it is the monitor
Q:I bought this used LG Flatron W1934s LCD monitor. When I connect it to a PC, the desktop shows up but system shows it as non-Generic PNP Monitor and doesn't show 16:10 resolutions at all. Moreover monitor goes to stand-by mode within 2 minutes. It turns black like it had no connection to system. I'm using a VGA cable through a DVI converter on my Nvidia Geforce 9600GT. I've even tried it on simple VGA port on different PCs but same result. LG says it doesn't need drivers to work properly though I've tried but no good. Any idea what's wrong?I'm using Windows 7 but I've tried Windows XP too.
Flatron W1934s Driver
Q:Hi,I bought LCD monitor for my computer, but when I try to use the msn messanger or camera to record my voice, I can't hear anything. Does the monitor have a mic. like the old crt monitors? Anybody can help???
Some lcd monitors have speakers, but I'm not aware of any with mics. Easiest way to know is if you plugged in a mic connector or speaker connector from your monitor to your computer. If not, then no.
Q:What does ITO mean in an LCD LCD?
A transparent conductive material.
Q:Hi, I have sensitive eyes, I interested in Samsung LCD monitor, but many people said Korean Monitor has sharper color than Japan Monitor (Sony, Toshiba, etc). How do u think ? Any suggest for buying the lcd monitor ? thanks :)
I have sensitive eyes Please consider seeing an optometrist first, They can prescribe you some glasses which can reduce glare. I fail to see how the country of origin affects the sharpness of monitors. but many people said Korean Monitor has sharper color than Japan Monitor (Sony, Toshiba, etc). How do u think ? That sounds rather ridiculous. The quality of the monitor depends on the quality of the LCD panel used. And who knows, Fujitsu (a japanese brand) also has manufacturing plants based in Taiwan. They may not actually produce them locally. If you buy a cheap monitor chances are you'll probably get a dodgy product. If you're in the market for a high end monitor you can get a Samsung LED backlit monitor or even a Dell IPS panel (specifically known as the Ultrasharp series) IPS panels are relatively expensive though, but they have color reproduction that surpasses the common TN monitors.
Q:i want to find an lcd monitor 26 to 30 inches full 1920x1080 display links would be appreciated best answer to the person who helps me outThanks
Do your self a want and do a little study. The handiest approach a pc goes to appear remotely like an HDTV is in case you set up a difficult middle video card like a nvidia eight sequence pci-specific x16 video card. Forget a pc with included photographs, a photographs card developed into your mainboard. They will by no means be as much as the challenge of processing HD content material the way in which it's meant to be obvious and regularly why you get deficient visible best. Either that, or you may have a not up to stellar photographs card within the laptop. Then you have to be certain your track reveals a minimum of 1920x1080 determination for precise 1080p HD determination. So here is the deal: Go purchase your HDTV and be certain it has both a RGB enter or a DVI enter. I usually steer clear of S-video seeing that in my revel in, it does now not appear as well as the opposite 2 I acknowledged. When you purchase your pc, be certain it has a separate photographs card NOT included photographs. Make certain you place the pc's computing device determination to check the television's. Most HDTV's are both 1368X720 (a 720p HDTV) or 1920x1080 (a 1080p HDTV) BEFORE you attach it to the TV. Then, easily plug your PC's RGB or DVI out into the HDTV, pick the corrct enter at the HDTV, and voila, ultimate everytime.
Q:I would like to know the approximate lifespan of LCD monitors. I have an 22-inch Samsung LCD monitor. They are expensive, so I hope they last at least for 2-3 years with say at least a couple of hours of use daily.I tried looking around, but couldn't find the answer. If anyone has experience, do share.Thanks in advance.
LCD monitors have a good lifespan.they can easily last 5+ years. i am using a LCD monitor for more than 4 hours a day for 5 years and it is perfectly okay.

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