100% Brand New 15.4&Quot; Laptop LCD Assembly For Macbook Pro A1398 Mc975 Mc976 With Retina Display Model

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$50.00 - 300.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Day pc/month
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   Wholesale LCD Screen Full Display Replacement For MacBook pro 15"  A1398


ModelFor MacBook pro  15" A1398 LCD Full Display Assembly
QualityAll goods are tested one by one before shipping.We classify the goods quality ,then offer different quality goods to let us customers choose.
Size15.4 inches
CompatibleLCD Diapaly Assembly For  MacBook air a1398
Condition Brand new
Material LCD Display
VersionFor  MacBook pro LCD Full Display Assembly A1398
AdvantageBest Price, High Quality, Fast Delivery, Good Service, Responsible Salesperson
PackingBubble bag+Bubble chamber+Suitable hard carton
PaymentT/T, Bank transfer ,western union ,  Others can be in consideration.
ShippingDHL,FedEx,UPS,HK Post Air Mail,EMS,ePacket and so on.
Warranty 60~180 days
ApplicationReplace your broken LCD screen full display for MacBook pro 15.4" A1398
Latest PricePrice changes quickly,please contact us directly with your order quantily.
After-sales serviceIf you have any problem about product, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 12 hours.
MOQ1 piece or Sample order will be available.


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Q:i need a lcd monitor which is black has a contrast ratio of 1000:1; 22 and is below ?200 with a resolution of 1680 by 1050.thank you
OMG. okorder
Q:I want to buy LCD monitor. I want to use it as a monitor as well as TV. I suppose to see HD Movies in it. so, i require HDMI or HDPC?
If you want to hook up the monitor to a digital High Definition cable box or watch HDCP-protected media like Blu-Ray movie discs in high definition, you need a monitor that supports HDCP.
Q:i got a 19 gateway monitor but i just wanna know what the best settings are for the contrast and brightness ratio. So my eyes don't hurt and so u can actually read stuff ? right now its 60/70 Please help me
unlike crt monitors, LCD's dont make ur eyes hurt as much as crt's do. so i dont know why ur eyes hurt.maybe too much computer time. anyways it all depends on what kind of lcd u have. sum are brighter than others some arnt. i wouldnt change the settings much. i got same settings ps.get a new BETTER moniter u poor as s
Q:I was cleanin a barrel of a bbgun and accidentally pulled the trigger while it was facing my monitor and now its really distorted on the bottom right almost if something cracked inside and theres a bunch of colored lines left and right it looks really ******.I was just wondering, can this be repaired or i have to buy a new one? sucks.
if you clean your bb gun while its loaded well, i smell natural selection
Q:Brand new Preview 19 LCD (2nd one) and its already starting to blink at me.last one just went black one day after blinking wacky colors for a few days. Have checked all the wires. Nothing seems wrong there.No luck in finding out whats wrong with it either. Anyone else have this problem with this type (Flat panel display) or any other type of Monitor? What was the problem? Can I fix it ?-[
Q:I have an HP LCD 19 inch wide screen monitor which came with HP desktop. I'm using DVD-to-VGA adapter and VGA cable to connect the monitor to the Nvidia graphic card.Some games does change the refresh rate of my monitor. Each time when I run or exit some game which will change my refresh rate, my monitor go blank. I have to turn off my monitor and turn it on again to see the screen.Why this problem occurred?Is there any solution?Don't summarize your answer. Give as much details as possible.
The screen only has so many refresh rates it supports, if it's going black it's likely you have hit one that it doesn't support. When it does this you can try either power cycling the display or unplugging it and plugging it back up. This may cause your video to reset to it's default rate and solve your problem until the next time it gets reset. You can figure out what rates your computer thinks are supported by your display by going into the Display properties window, to the setings tab and hitting advanced. Then hit the Monitor tab and the down arrow on the screen refresh rate should show you all that are available. This also gives you the Monitor type at the top, make sure it has the right monitor selected, sometimes you can end up with the wrong one and get strange results, unlikely since it came with it but check it anyway. One other thing,, the problem could be the video card and not the monitor. You might check the specs on both and see if they can handle 70hz, which is likely the problem rate.
Q:Hello everyone, and thank you for viewing my question. My monitor, a Dell LCD has this problem (I'm using Windows XP by the way). Whenever I turn it off (the monitor) and then turn it on, the monitor would black out or dim out. The screen would go incredibly dark and i would need a really bright light source and to look extremely close to the monitor to see the desktop.This computer this about 4 years old, buying it in mid-2005. Please and thank you.
Yes, it's definitely a back light problem. Since your monitor is more than 4 years old, you might start to see some dimness in display. If it goes completely dark, then it's a clear indication that the backlight has failed and needs replacement.
Q:I am looking at building another computer and was wondering if I could use a LCD tv for my monitor? I quickly looked at some of the 24 inch monitors and noticed compared to a LCD tv they were more expensive. I could get a much bigger LCD tv for the same price as a smaller widescreen monitor. Any suggestions on which TV's work the best. Im looking at around a 26 inch.
LG's are sweet, check to make sure it has the correct connectors. Since you are building the system also consider a dvi card so that you can do the HDTV thing.
Q:I just got a new computer and upgraded from XP to Vista, I attached my LCD monitor and the color is messed up for example the yahoo answers banner at the top of the page is bright yellow I have it set to the highest bit and have it at 1280x1024 which is correct for a 17 monitor anyone know what is going on?
check your color settings on your monitor which is most likely the cause.
Q:Hey,There have been a few power failure in the last few months which ruined my power supply a bit.Until today the dans barely worked and needed time to work properly.Today there was another power failure, but this time my LCD Monitor became dark afterwards, but I still could see the screen and log in to Windows (7).I guess its the PSU, is there something I can do to make my PSU work as before?
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