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i wanna buy it but only have a laptop, its windows vista too.
yes okorder
How long can a laptop battery last?
Now the laptop, the basic are in the use of lithium batteries, the benefits Needless to say, we are very clear
do yuu know any proxi or unblocked websittes for a blocked laptop
The laptop itself may not be blocked. Many places use an appliance to block anyone trying to connect to certain sites. Libraries for example and schools have the devices to block anything. btw using a proxy without permission (in writing) of the admin is not legal!
I want to get as good a laptop as I can for around $500. I know that's not that much for a gaming laptop but that's all I can really spend. I just want to be able to play games resonably well. Anyone know a really high power laptop like this? Any help would be great :)
Well, $500 is a little bit low for a gaming laptop. Currently the lowest gaming laptop still costs about $700 or more but I wish you good luck !
How could i know if my laptop had bluetooth?
You can use Bluetooth USB for connection.
I play games like minecraft and sims and my laptop is getting slow and a really want a new cheap laptop :D
Are you playing Sims 1? Any laptop will run that. For The Sims 3, you should find something with at least 2.4 GHz. Check out Dell laptops, they aren't priced too bad.
About Laptops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best laptop FOR WHAT???!?!?!!? Best laptop for surfing the internet, storing family pictures, watching movies, and listening to music? Best laptop for playing games? Best laptop for editing movies? I mean, your choice of companies are not the best two for comparison. Sony. overpriced to say the least. Status symbol, since you can get better made IBM-PC based laptops for far less they just won't say SONY on them. And the Macbook. Great laptop, but completely different operating system thus a completely different range of available software and more importantly, there are fewer options available for Macbooks. Can you get one with the newest Intel Processor, the Core i series? Nope. If your intention is gaming is there a Mac version of the game you want to play? Who knows YOU DID NOT SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO USE THIS LAPTOP FOR! SO, it is impossible to tell you the best between those two choices. I mean, if you asked what the best vehicle with 4 wheels was, and I told you the 1989 Ford Mustang SSP Police Interceptor and you were REALLY looking for the best vehicle to haul wood my answer would be incorrect, now wouldn't it? end of line
do they have laptop at pawn shops and if they do how much would it be thanks
Im sure they do, I would visit or call your local pawn shop for pricing.