Shenzhen Ultra-thin Wholesale Used Laptop Computer 10.2inch Win7 Mini Laptop Dual Core Direct Bulk Buy Cheap Laptops from China

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$142.00 - 148.90 / unit
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20 Pieces unit
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1000 Pieces per Day unit/month
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Product Description  


CPUIntel Atom D2500 1.86GHZ
OSWindows 7 laptop
Memory1GB (DDR3)  ( 2G/4G optional )
Hard Disk160GB SATA ( 250GB/320GB/500GB  optional )
LCDSize10.2" WVGA Wide LCD Screen
Graphics CardSupport VGA, built-in GMA3150 Graphics Card           
3GSupport USB 3G
Network Card Built-in 10-100M Card
KeyboardStandard English 83 keys
VideoSupport HD Film Fluent Play
Mouse & Touch PanelBuilt-in Touch Panel Mouse
USB PortUSB 2.0*2
Card Reader&slot4-in-1 Card Reader support(SD/MS/MMC/MSPRO)
Camera1.3 Mega Pixel
AudioBuilt-in Stereo Speaker
Built-in MIC
Input / Output port* 1 x SD/MS/MMC/MSPRO port
* 2 x USB2.0 port 
* 1 x Power supply DC port
* 1 x Headset port
* 1 xRJ-45 port
* 1 x VGA port
Work Temperature(-30°C)to(60°C)
Gross Weight1.8KG
BatterySmart Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries, 3 cell: 2200MAH
AdapterInput 100-240v 1.0A 50-60MHz; Output 19V 3A.
AccessoriesDriving Disk, Battery, Adapter, warranty card, Certificate of Quality, manual.
ColourWhite, Black, Pink, Red


Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.


Q:Hi,I'm just woundering if you plug in a s-video can you watch tv on your laptop ??Can you watch tv with your tv off ??Can you record tv when its plug into your tv onto your laptop ??
The only s-video connections I have ever heard of for laptops works the other way; video from the laptop can go to an external TV. You can watch or record TV on your laptop by buying a USB TV receiver or PC Card type, depending on the interfaces built into your laptop.
Q:i want 2 buy a laptop.can anyone tell me what is the best laptop .i can buy
I got a free laptop from this site, I highly recommend it!
Q:I need a laptop in second hand. so what would the range of the laptop.
Second okorder
Q:am looking for used laptop.
What are you willing to pay and for what specs? I know someone selling theirs
Q:i need a laptop but i barely have any money does anybody know any really cheap laptops i can get not those netbooks i want a laptop ok.
Get okorder
Q:How to get Free Laptops Online
Some people throw out old laptops and list them for free on Freecycle or craigslist. At best you will get some ancient POS Pentium II or III with 128MB RAM and Windows 98.
Q:can you replace a motherboard in a dell laptop 1100 with a better one or should I buy another laptop
Laptops are pretty much custom tailored that way. Probably not. About the only thing you can do to upgrade a laptop is add more memory. Look into that: memory is much cheaper than a new laptop.
Q:I have been noticing my laptop getting pretty hot when I'm on it and I want a way to keep it cool if there is a way. The laptop is an HP ENVY m6 if that helps. Thanks to anyone who answers! :D
Get a PC laptops overheat all the time. With laptops you're paying double price to get the same specs as a pc in a little plastic thing. Try using milk bottletops on each corner of it?
Q:I had a 65 watt power chord with my laptop.But it broke.I just got the same number, but it is 20 watt. Will it still work on my laptop? Because the laptop lights aren't turning on so far to say they're charging!!
Most regular laptops use 40W just to run, then 60W to run and charge at the same time. 20W might be enough to charge but not enough to run it. If 20W is enough to charge, you can turn the laptop off, charge it, then use the battery to run the laptop. No, 20W will not be enough to run the laptop if it's regular laptop. Return the charger if possible, get a 65W or bigger rating charger.
Q:Hello I was wondering if I could upgrade the video card of my MSI laptop, the GT680R, which currently uses a GeForce gtx460M. And I was wondering, if it's possible, with what video card could I upgrade it and where can I buy laptop video cards?
Laptop graphic cards are very very hard to update if not impossible.sorry man

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