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How do you hook up a TV to a LCD monitor to see the TV on your computer screen at the same time?Is this possible? :(
You don't. Not possible. Your LCD monitor does not have a tuner plus additional circuits to extract the signals from the incomming RF signal to display them on the screen. You could use a cable box with a Digital output or HDMI output, depending on what inputs your monitor has.
I have a lcd monitor of 19 inches and it works perfectly no problem with the display and resolution but there is another problem. whenever somebody do something with other electric things(switching fans,lights.fridgeetc on or off)it goes blank for 2 seconds and then works perfectly. so the problem occurs when i am in mid of any game and the screen goes black and i find it very difficult. To solve this issue i bought an stablizer and connected my pc to it but still it happens as it did before no difference at all. one more problem is that when i turn on the fan of my room the lcd monitor starts to show static lines that we usually see in a tv and that is very devastating. As soon as I swith the fan off(even if it is still revolving) the stat lines disappear. So tell me a solution because these things are very disgusting for me and in pakistan you cannot live without fans. Tell me the possible things that I may do to solve this issue.
Seems as the outlet maybe isn't getting enough power, if try new outlet or if that doesn't work get a new monitor the power circuit within is probably bad
i want to be able to plug my PC and my XBOX 360 into the same screen.Either i get a LCD Monitor or a LCD TV. i just want to know which one is better
I use an LCD tv for exactly the same purpose as the one you proposed. I love playing my xbox through it and my laptop works brilliantly through it as an extended monitor. It's a 23 LDC HDTV.
1, with spots of good or with a good line? 2, sell online writing is new, but will not be finished before too many times? 3, general warranty for a year, the quality should not be a big problem? 4, our company bought with the line, I have spent more than 2 months, and there is no problem. Does it mean quality is OK?
That's the picture tube problemDivide it...Wired, there are spots are aging phenomenon
From a range ofDell 17 lcd IN1720Acer 20 lcd V203HViewsonic 18.5 VA 1931WHICH IS THE BEST IF COMPARED BETWEEN PRICE AND PERFORMANCE And if any other product which u would like to recommended PLZ.My budget is 6800Rs. And I need 17-20 LCD monitor in this range.Thanks
I think u should go for dell product.
Hello everyone. Im having LCD PC monitor (TFT). Today morning I found that Its screen has got a patch at the bottom. Even the set-up bar is not visible because of it. The patch's hiding almost 1/4th of the screen. Its monsoon here.So Is It because of the moisture? If not then what else it could be? And most important what do i do now?How do i get my screen back?Thanks for helping.
Sounds like teh LCD panel has failed internally, causing the L (Liquid) in teh Liquid Crystal Display to flow. No way to repair I'm afraid, new Monitor time. Hope it was under warranty / insured
Can I use my LCD monitor as TV to play games, watch DVDs.Any Help will be useful please.Cheers guys
either your monitor supports vga, hdmi, or dvi. u will have to use either one of those. which ever kind of system you use if it goes hand in hand with the kind of input you have on your monitor you will be able to use it. for usage of component video or antenna on our monitor you are gonna need a tv tuner box. i watch direct tv on my monitor using one of these. you can get an ok one at about $60. the best ones are more expensive. only difference is resolution support. (better picture quality)
i have just got a new lcd monitor after a crt monitor, and the brightness is very high, is there a way i turn this down in windows xp, as i cannot on the monitor, its an Lg 22in monitor.
There should be brightness and contrast controls on the monitor. Turn down the brightness option first. If that does not provide enough range, then turn down the contrast.