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What is information system integration? What do you include?
Data and information integration is based on hardware integration and software integration. It is the core of system integration, and the main problems to be solved are:? rational planning of data and information? reducing data redundancy? more effective implementation of information sharing? ensure the safety and confidentiality of data and information(4) integration of technology and managementThe core issue of the enterprise is economic efficiency, which enables all departments to work in harmony and achieve efficient operation of marketing, product production and management. It is an important content of system integration.
The security system includes a detailed analysis of what security system
At this stage of the more common subsystems include: intrusion alarm systems, video monitor system, entrance control system, electronic patrol system and parking management system (field) as well as proof of safety inspection system as the representative of the special system.
System integration, video surveillance, security
If there are different words, then should monitor security, do a more dedicated bar. If it's the same company, it hasn't changed much. If different companies, then each company's size, treatment is not the same, so it may bring you not quite the same change.
Does the hard disk recorder have an operating system? Can I run the program?
Hard disk video recorders are PC and embedded,The embedded system is Linux system of single chip microcomputer,PC generally uses XP and 2000 system operating systems,System integration of centralized monitoring without the need to install another system
How do digital video surveillance systems power?
Digital video surveillance system is divided into integrated power supply and single power supply. A single power supply is supplied by a dedicated circuit which is no longer powered by other loads. Integrated power supply is the collection of all monitors, the advantages are more beautiful and generous, there will be no exposed threads. Integrated power supply is now used.
Security monitoring, forest fire prevention, solar power supply system, principles and matters needing attention
The accumulator battery provides the input electric power for the inverter, through the function of the inverter, converts the direct current into the alternating current, and transfers it to the power distribution cabinet, and the power supply is supplied by the switching function of the switchboard. The discharge of the storage battery is controlled by the controller to ensure the normal use of the battery. Photovoltaic power plant system should also be limited load protection and lightning protection devices, in order to protect the system equipment overload operation, and from lightning strike, maintain the safe use of system equipment.
Monitoring centralized power supply problems
It depends on what kind of camera, if the power supply is normal or bolt with 1 hemisphere 12V/1OA enough, if there is an infrared camera of high power requirements, according to each infrared camera 1.5A-2A calculation.
How to view the importance of security system in smart home
The structure model of smart home security system has undergone a process from simple to complex, from decentralization to integration, and then to integration. From an early, single dispersed electronic burglar alarm system,Later to the alarm network system, alarm / monitoring system, developed to anti-theft alarm / video surveillance / entrance control (1 Ding ban) comprehensive prevention system.