HD Wireless SDI/HDMI Video Transmitter COFDM by Camera Mount

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Item specifice:

Model Number: SG-HD105 Resolution: HD 1080P/1080I Dual V mounts: one is for camera mounted, other side for battery
Modulation: COFDM 2K QPSK HD interface: HDMI or HD-SDI Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!
Video compression: MPEG-4/H.264 RF Bandwidth: 4/8MMHz(adjustable) RF power: 1-5.5W adjustable
Video Format: PAL/NTSC(self-adaption) AV interface: BNC

Product Description:

Designed for use with both HD and SD cameras for electronic newsgathering, television outside broadcasts and studio applications, with low delay, the latest COFDM modulation technology and using the latest H.264 encoding that complete video audio transmission in high-speed motion and NLOS(non line of sight) conditions.What's more, the diversity receiving tehcnology greatly improves the receive quality in all working conditions, high definition picture quality and capability. The system has been widely used in many fields such as:police forces, first responders,security services, Fire services, Sports coverage, homeland security, traffice management, military command and controls posts, airport, border control, magior incident support and etc.

HD Wireless SDI/HDMI Video Transmitter COFDM by Camera Mount

Key Features:

  • Dual V mounts,one side for camera mounted and other side for Li-battery powered;

  • Convenient to be carried and installed

  • COFDM modulation and H.264 video compression

  • Aluminum enclosure with built-in cooling fans;

  • Great security by encryption of AES 128 bits

  • Modular design and highly integrated

  • Full hd resolution,1080i/P @30fps

  • Adjustable working frequency, LCD board displays the working frequency

  • Stable signal transfer in NLOS and high speed mosion

Product Parameters

Power supply

Working voltage V


Working current A


Video transmission

Frequency Output range

138-4400MHz(option),choose 100MHz space

Frequency  bandwidth

2/2.5/4/8MHz(adjustable),4/8MHz is for HD system

RF Power output

1-8W (adjustable)








QPSK,16QAM,64QAM optional


1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 optional



Guard Interval

1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4 optional


Full band≤2dB,8MHz≤0.5dB

AV input


HD input


Max speed rate


Audio transmission


Stereo L/R auido channel


Audio encoding

MPEG1 Layer2

Video resolution

Minimum 1280*720 50i

Maximum 1920*1080 60P

Video coding


Video bitrate





Working Temperature


Storage Temperature




180*65*110mm (without the dual V battery mount)


1.5kg(without the V battery mount)

Typical application:

  • Event coverage 

  • HEROCast   

  • Newsgathering

  • Sports coverage

  • Music concert

HD Wireless SDI/HDMI Video Transmitter COFDM by Camera Mount

HD Wireless SDI/HDMI Video Transmitter COFDM by Camera Mount

Our Service:

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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Outside, in order to quickly grasp the relevant knowledge, it is best to professional website (such as 1000 forum, public safety net) to look at others' questions and answers, and then to a security company to work, from the grassroots level, so you will quickly become a technical personnel security industry.Good luck!AI security, security industry 12 years experience.Yes, please. Thank you!
Q:How much is the security monitoring business profit?
Equipment distribution, here may be relatively small, about 20-50% or so, after all, now the market is relatively transparent, it is difficult to have huge profits
Q:Intelligent security and smart home profit space which big?
The security monitoring system, according to the different functions of system components, the whole security monitoring system is divided into seven layers: presentation layer, control layer, processing layer, transport layer, execution layer, support layer, data acquisition layer. Of course, because of the increasing integration of devices, for some systems, some devices may exist in the system at the same time as multiple layers.
Q:What's the difference between security and surveillance?
The scope of security is relatively large, out of surveillance, there are perimeter alarm, intrusion detection systems
Q:What do I need to do if I buy security products?
Draw a map of the range and pattern you want to monitor, and mark the distance roughlyMake sure you monitor the requirementsFor example, clarity or clarity?,Do you want to watch it in the evening, whether you want to watch it remotely via the Internet, or whether you want to look through your cell phone?Then go to the seller and ask him to design according to your request
Q:What are the sales knowledge and skills of security monitoring?
The industry trend is for customers belonging to the market level, the product features for the client and belongs to the technical level, also can go to a professional web site, such as Chinese network security, network security products, network security Chinese forum these are good sites. Grasp these points, in order to do security monitoring sales.
Q:What does security system include?
Gas fire fighting system(5) digital monitoring system(6) digital patrol system(7) parking management system;(8) perimeter alarm system;
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The use of QQ products for publicity into security, the market is expanding indefinitely, security products become hot, security salesman in sales on a variety of ways, and under the control of it! For security products sales, mainly take a few ways: first, QQ chat, QQ group which sends information. For individuals, QQ is the second most important communication tool after mobile phones. The use of QQ products for publicity has become the best choice. Of course, the benefits of QQ more, there is no monthly rent, send and receive are free, but also send pictures, send documents, communicate with customers immediately. One of the QQ group is security salesman who used to go to the place, some security clerk joined a few or even 10 several security group always sell their company's security products, QQ has become many security product sales field. The use of QQ and QQ group sales is also a drawback, because the characteristics of QQ QQ in the limited sales target has become extremely limited to product sales is relatively stronger for the use of QQ alone, for sales promotion for a customer, a very prominent role, and it is the manufacturer of the QQ group propaganda position. Inside the manufacturers and sellers are mostly, as a business area development and sales channels expansion is still possible.
Q:Will security monitoring work be dangerous?
Monitoring the construction of the project requires constant contact with alternating current;Power tools are required;
Q:How to promote security products?
You can go to add security or weak group, and then recommend to integrators, so you will be a lot of pressure to promote. To push it to give integrators sufficient profit space. Otherwise they won't help you push it.

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